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  1. I use an old Mayonnaise jar I found on Funk and Wagnalls porch with water and a little Dawn detergent. Seamus
  2. The top five are Plainsman ready. .50 Maynard (capping breachloader) .50-70 Sharps, .45-70 Trapdoor Springfield, .577 Snider, .50-70 Rolling Block. The 11mm Mauser 71 and Gras 74 don’t make the cut unless match allows bolt action. I really like single shot carbines. Seamus
  3. Last gun I auctioned was only 20% at Milestone Auctions in Ohio. I was lucky too because at least two people musta wanted it bad because it went about 40% over what I expected. Seamus
  4. Opinel is a very underrated knife and one of the most economical values available. The No. 6 is a great size for EDC and very light for its size. Seamus
  5. Some of the auction houses will pick up the guns from you if you are selling a large enough collection. Seamus
  6. I have no sympathy for this guy but in this case it appears they actually wasted time doing this since there is a clear path away from the vehicle going where the hose is headed. Hopefully it wasn’t too much of an emergency. Seamus
  7. Why reload on the clock? As someone noted above the seven shooter Nagant is legal so just pair one this 62 and, Voila, six plus four equals ten Seamus
  8. I recall that back in the day the Cow Palace Gun Show cost $8 to attend and always gave out $2 bills as change. Seamus
  9. Impossible for me to imagine why someone who is apparently so desperate to live in this country would choose to protest in such a manner, maximizing their disrespect for the nation they want to live in. This behavior clearly shows they do not deserve to immigrate here and only serves to hurt the cause they allegedly support. People! Seamus
  10. Yup, they have. Any one holer is now legally required to be Unisex. Seamus
  11. Some of that stuff looks pretty cool but I just bought a $3 bag of BIC razors that will last me at least a couple of years. $2 can of Barbasol will last six or eight months. That’s shaving the half my face not permanently covered by whiskers every few days. YMMV. Seamus
  12. Ya mean we’re being invaded by LUTHERANS! God save us from the Jello scourge! Seams
  13. Was in St. Petersburg on a cruise and at one attraction as we exited there was a small band playing Anchors Aweigh! Seamus
  14. Know a victim. Girl I went to high school with was the only survivor of a serial killer. He’d killed a number of young women but shot my friend and left her for dead. Badly injured but she survived. Lovely girl. He ended up dying in prison after finally being convicted of one of his crimes. Total scum based on his deeds but I never met him. Hopefully he’s barking in Hell as Mattie Ross would say. Seamus
  15. If we’re listing calibers: 12g, .38 S&W, .44 Special, .45 Colt, .45-70, .50-70, .577 Snider, .11mm Gras, .11mm Mauser. Seamus
  16. I have shot exclusively Frontier Cartridge ever since I began to reload my own ammo. It’s certainly more fun and authentic as everyone stands back in anticipation of the noise, smoke and flames as well as the lengthy duration of my typical stage run I also am a Civil War Skirmisher so I was already using black powder well before beginning with SASS. If real black powder gets too difficult to find I’d be OK with using a substitute but fortunately I’ve not needed to do so for some time now. The real stuff really is the best. Just remember what the villagers used to say in the old horror movies: The Old Vays are Alvays the Best! Seamus
  17. They were there but as very unwilling participants! Seamus
  18. But does that Burnside really exist unless we see pictures of it here in the Saloon? Let’s s see ‘em! Seamus
  19. If you try the nail and dowel method, you can obtain Fiocchi brand shells already primed from Midway at a pretty reasonable price. This saves the priming step and the need to obtain shotgun primers. Seamus
  20. Don’t forget the Brigade Major! Seamus
  21. Shows what you can do when you have near total air superiority. Similar to the pictures you see of German vehicles draped with big Nazi flags during early blitzkrieg advances. Clearly no worries about ground attack from the enemy, only friendly fire. Seamus
  22. Brave man, he could have been running headfirst into an ambush but he knew seconds counted. Fine shot too! This video does however illustrate how little can actually been seen from a body cam in many instance even with HD quality. Seamus
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