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  1. For that age, Rifles for Watie by Harold Keith. Award winning young adult novel of the Civil War in Kansas. One of the few books I ever read multiple times. Seamus
  2. Hi Allie, Was that the original chambering? Seamus
  3. It was worse when she intentionally edited a video to make it look like some NRA execs were dumbfounded by one of her questions when they actually answered with an articulate response. And we are supposed to believe she is actually a journalist. Seamus PS. Bring back Art Fleming!
  4. What SASS legal guns take .45 Autorim? Seamus
  5. I feel Iike Tommy Smothers: Heck, all I got was a chicken! Seamus
  6. I wish that something would market a temporary front sight replacement that could be attached and removed with a set screw. I have a Trapdoor with a similar issue and several other original black power carbines which do as well. It would nice to be able to make them more shooter friendly without making changes to an original historical gun. I am not a machinist but I imagine it wouldn’t be that difficult to create. Seamus
  7. I believe that in the video Larry is referring to the brown or plum patina color many old blued guns develop over time. I love my antiques with the plum look. Seamus
  8. Hard to beat Victor McLaglan. Veteran of WWI and THE BOER WAR!!! Heavyweight boxer, (fought Jack Johnson!) Oscar Winner, regular member of the John Ford/John Wayne Mafia. The man who stole the show from the Duke in arguably Wayne’s best performance in The Quiet Man. Father of lookalike son and prolific director Andrew McLaglan. Go Victor!
  9. Thanks, thought that might be it. Shot there at the Black Powder State Championship a few years ago; awesome night shoot! Was hoping it might be some range in the East Bay that I’d missed. Seamus
  10. Hey look, it’s a Texas Aggie class ring. Even got a built in nose picker! Seamus
  11. Lots of good info above. Minor point; you mentioned getting a 1866 Winchester in .45 for black powder. Most BP shooters agree that .45 Colt is not ideal for black powder in rifles because it’s straight wall case allows for more blowback than a slightly tapered case like .44-40 which is considered to be the ideal big bore cartridge for BP. Seamus
  12. Liebchen the dog. Lives up to her name every day.
  13. Buddy The Cat. Notorious bully! Intimidator of large dogs! Lap cat extraordinaire! Master of his domaine!
  14. Isn’t there a Classics Comic Books version of this study? Seamus
  15. My old English teacher, Mrs. Smith, so loved the English but loved democracy too. I recall how she mused "Oh, but to kill a King!" Seamus
  16. Saw Winchester primers at the Vallejo gun show Sunday for $24.95! An exceedingly successful visit as I ran into the guy who sold me my Gras artillery musketoon and he had a set of dies and 20 rounds of brass for the thing he'd picked up from the person who sold it to him. Got them for a third the price I'd pay elsewhere. Also got a can of Trail Boss so I am set for my occasional smokeless reloading needs for some time. Nice lookin' MH there, Redwood. Need to check out the Old West Gunroom more often. Wish matches hereabouts employed pocket pistols more. Seamus
  17. Are you kidding me???!!! Is SASS really issuing low "recycled" numbers??? Seamus
  18. Require? No. But fun to say just to get reactions from other folks. My friend, in his 40s, had two uncles in the British army in WWI. Seamus
  19. Took all my Pet Peeves to the local shelter and turned 'em in. Replaced 'em with Bete Noires. Much easier to care for. Seamus
  20. Jack Soo from "Barney Miller" rode in my cab once. Only solo passenger who ever sat in the front seat. He didn't say much but he whistled the whole ride. Also Alex Trebek when I was on "Jeopardy" (Yes, "I Lost on Jeopardy"). Shook hands with Mandy Patinkin, Judy Collins and Christopher Titus at meet and greets following concerts. Met the old ballplayer Juan Pizarro at the team's hotel where my Mom was working. Mom had a funny story about encountering Michael Jackson at the Kahala Mall in Hawaii back in the 1980s. Mom: "Aren't you Michael Jackson?" MJ: "Why yes, how did you k
  21. Grenadier Some of these old shotguns had Snider like actions. Check out the British Militaria websites and you may find someone with some info. Be prepared to post pictures. Good Luck. Seamus http://britishmilitariaforums.yuku.com/forums/2/Snider-Enfield-Forum#.WHem1qNTGM-
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