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  1. Thanks so much for all the answered prayers! The catheter is out finally and the pathology report was negative so for now I am cancer free! I am still recovering from the surgery but it gets better every day. If I have one more nurse ask me to drop my pants to my ankles I'm going to start swinging! LOL
  2. Well my renewal came today in the mail and I'm sorry to say I most likely not be signing on again even though $65 is very reasonable. My beloved wife of 47 years and I have both been diagnosed with cancer this year. She had her surgery last week and mine is tomorrow. Hopefully Medicare will cover most of the costs but I'm not convinced our prescriptions will be approved. As much as I love my coveted 1885 single shot .45 Government and chatting with all you cowboy enthusiasts, I love my wife more than anything. We are in God's hands and plans going forward. Don't worry, my grandson will inherit the 1885 so the legend will continue! Keep it loaded my compadres! Yours truly, Donn Valkenaar aka Highwall.
  3. If you find one get it! I love my .45 Colt version with a 4 1/2 barrel more than my Ruger Vaquero. It's more accurate at 25 yds and cost $500 less.
  4. I say open it, fry it, eat it and save the can for story sake!
  5. I've been a camper most all my life and have never gotten sick from any canned good products. including potatoes My dad would toss a can of beans or corn beef hash in the cast iron skillet on the fire along with onions and eggs when we camped out on fishing trips for years on end in Wyoming.. To me it was the ultimate meal for breakfast, lunch and supper. Hash was my favorite with sauteed onions and carrots tossed in with pork sausage. Spam was good too if you fry the hell out of it.
  6. My hero dad passed away in 2018 at age 94. He became a Marine at age 17 and was deployed to the South Pacific. He confided in me the bloody battle of Okinawa haunted him for decades in his dreams/nightmares after the war was over. He ended up in China waiting for the 6th Division to be the first to invade Japan's mainland when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. I reckon I wouldn't be here today if not for the bomb!
  7. Not ready to pass it on yet but the truth is my Bearcat shoots much more accurately at 25 yds than the model 34 did with adjustable sights!
  8. A co-worker of mine carried the Husky at work. He loved it and changed out the blade every month.
  9. WOW! Lando Hawk is a fantastic name! 8MM Mauser is definitely a man's caliber but not so sure it fits into SASS even though the time period fits. I could not find it in American western history.
  10. Back when I first got my 1885 I took it deer hunting but with no luck. I did find a bobcat however and nailed it at about 60 yards. Not enough left of it to harvest the fur though.
  11. I need to get one for my grandson for when he starts shooting the Browning 1885. So far I've found these two... Slip on Butt Pad-Medium Lace on type - Buffalo Arms Kick Killer Slip-On Recoil Pad with Lace-Up Closure - Kick Killer® Recoil Pads I'd appreciate any input. thanks, Highwall
  12. NASCAR has been taking too many "left turns" ever since they mandated one body style to make every driver equal. I miss the wide tracking Pontiacs and the Plymouth Superbirds having an advantage. It made the others hit the drawing board to be competitive again.
  13. Really? I mean western garb is classic no matter the genre as long as it's western. The look is obvious so let's chill on the criticism and embrace the way it was with a loose handle!
  14. Unless it's considered the open plains or range!
  15. Actually Lebanon was established as the center with sextants long before the Interstates were ever built.
  16. Lebanon, Kansas ( pop 218) is the central location of the 48 states.
  17. Bananas can not reproduce properly without mans help.
  18. Frank N. Stein Phil McCracken Donny Brook
  19. I had a neighbor once call them potaughtoes! We never conversed much after that.
  20. Yukon Dumore Clyde Sedale
  21. At an age of 10 my dad taught me to never leave the house without a knife. So I never did. At age 55 as a district manager at Sears I changed careers to another company for the same position, (Dollar General) after 35 years at the once very reliable Sears in which I carried my 307 every day, Turns out the change was a big mistake on my part. I had a Region manager see my sheath on my belt with my 307 and he told me I could not carry a weapon on the job. I replied by saying it was not a weapon but a useful tool. He said I could get fired if I didn't comply. It took him two years but he got me terminated for non-compliance. No regrets, the company was totally corrupt anyway.
  22. Very cool! Very practical for self defense but are they good for every day utilitarian use? I've never had one so don't know.
  23. Can you supply of pic of it? Curious
  24. LOL! I carry the same exact wallet.
  25. Thanks J-Bar, but it would be much harder today making that choice of quality since most all knives are now made in China Pakistan or Argentina.
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