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  1. His cancer finally won out., A friend of 30 years plus. He was dirt poor all his life and could not afford to even join SASS but was a much better shot than me when I loaned him the ammo. He had an old Colt Peacemaker that was his dad's. He contemplated selling it several times to make ends meet over the years but somehow managed to keep it. I think it was the most important thing close to his heart besides his family. He loved my Alias name as Highwall because he knew how I loved my 45-70 single shot rifle. He told me once if he could join SASS his alias name would be Coltsweeper since his entire career was nothing more than a school janitor. God bless my old friend Coltsweeper!
  2. There's not much a grandpa wants or needs as time passes on. But this Christmas I was surprised to get a black t-shirt with an unexpectedly print on it. My daughter knew how I coveted my 1885 High wall and low wall rifles and found this image and transferred it to a shirt for me. A good Christmas present indeed!
  3. I'm a dedicated single shot guy so the need to work on them is almost zero. Over the years I've seen more work and repairs done on semi-auto .22r LR rifles and pistols than any others. I personally think it's mostly due to the quality of ammo and the lack of regimental cleaning. Keep in mind 22lr firearms are the most frequently used. When I competed in IHMSA, Wolf brand was accurate but needed cleaning of the barrel after each match while CCI was just as accurate but didn't. So I'll say the worst (quality) gun to work on solely depends on the ammo most used.
  4. I reckon I'm lucky! (maybe not) I paid for my lifetime membership decades ago and have not given the NRA a penny more since but still get the American Rifleman monthly. I used to save them for future reference on ballistics, calibers, gun values and historical interest but now I just thumb through them and toss them away. I used to thrive on articles from the likes Elmer Keith, Bob Milek and Jack O'Connor and others but sadly there's nothing even close to that now.
  5. I became a life member in my early 20's, I'm now 71. Over the years I watched the American Rifleman magazine slowly morph from basic ballistics, hunting and shooting with quality reliable firearms to faster, more capacity, more technology and more defense and assault type articles. Today I received my new copy and was pleased to see the cover displayed the Peacemaker, Colt's Single Action Army! I found articles on page 40, 42 and 44 thru 51. Yay! Thank you NRA in you centennial year for the acknowledgement of the greatest handgun ever made.
  6. My dad was also 16 at the time. He turned 17 on Feb 1st and enlisted that day in the Marines because the line was shorter than the army or Navy's. LOL He fought in Okinawa, the Philippines, Marshalls and the Solomon's. There were many times over the years he told me only by God's grace I was even born!
  7. Highwall


    What's an acceptable derringer for SASS besides the old Remington .41 short? Richard Boone is listening! LOL
  8. Highwall


    The local news stations just announced That Scheels will hire up to 500 employees before opening. Wow! I worked in the very same building when it was Sears and we had 120 employees! I wonder how many will remain once the grand opening turns to regular everyday weekly sales.
  9. I forgot to mention ole Percy did all of his hunting with a Winchester 37 single shot 12 gauge and a Stevens favorite in .22LR. He wasn't one for wasting shots and ammo.
  10. Back in the late 60's and early 70's a hunting buddy of mine and I found an old codger by the name of Percy Spencer in the Smoky Hills of Kansas that allowed us to hunt on his land. It was great! We harvested dove, quail and Pheasant during hunting season and his ponds were full of black crappie and bass! He even showed places to find Indian arrow heads, pottery, hide scrappers and other tools left by the Kiowa tribes. He lived with his two sisters, Thelma and Ophelia. They had a hand crank pump in the Kitchen for water, no electricity in the house and he bragged his 1943 Jeep Willy's truck had never been on a paved road and still had the original tires. All he ever asked of us was to bring a pound or two of sliced cheese and bologna when we visited. When they invited us for a sit down meal it was bacon wrapped dove breasts, quail smothered with potatoes and gravy or rabbit roasted in homemade duck butter. I remember once while sitting down for a meal with them I mentioned a Gunsmoke episode and they had no clue what I was Talking about! LOL I recon I should tie this story into this site so will tell you his pride and joy was handed down by his dad, a Colt Single action army first generation with the original hard rubber black handles. The bluing was time worn but the action was still smooth. I moved away in 1974 and lost contact with him. Since he and his sisters never married I often wonder what became of his land and his coveted Colt handgun.
  11. Highwall


    Well hell, I was hoping for something better. I'm told Dodge city has the best for Western apparel prices but that's a 6 or 7 hour trip there and back not counting shopping time. I miss Sheplers! They were the best!
  12. Highwall


    My brother-in-law roosts in Green valley, AZ. and he wants me to survey the store ahead of him since Wichita will open before Tuscan. For him reloading supplies costs ads up to be just as expensive as retail ammo anymore. Remember when reloading saved us money?
  13. Highwall


    We have a Scheels coming to Wichita next Spring. I hear it's like a Cabela's on steroids. Just wondering if they cater to SASS in any way. Hopefully they will have some western inventory. I prefer pearl snaps over buttons due to my arthritis. Cavender's has them but way over priced. It would be nice to see .45 Colt's in a display case again. If any of you are familiar with this sporting goods store I'd appreciate any input. Thanks in advance. Highwall #42425
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