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  1. Thanks so much for all the answered prayers! The catheter is out finally and the pathology report was negative so for now I am cancer free! I am still recovering from the surgery but it gets better every day. If I have one more nurse ask me to drop my pants to my ankles I'm going to start swinging! LOL
  2. Well my renewal came today in the mail and I'm sorry to say I most likely not be signing on again even though $65 is very reasonable. My beloved wife of 47 years and I have both been diagnosed with cancer this year. She had her surgery last week and mine is tomorrow. Hopefully Medicare will cover most of the costs but I'm not convinced our prescriptions will be approved. As much as I love my coveted 1885 single shot .45 Government and chatting with all you cowboy enthusiasts, I love my wife more than anything. We are in God's hands and plans going forward. Don't worry, my grandson will
  3. If you find one get it! I love my .45 Colt version with a 4 1/2 barrel more than my Ruger Vaquero. It's more accurate at 25 yds and cost $500 less.
  4. Frank N. Stein Phil McCracken Donny Brook
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