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  1. Okay my daughter and I officially have separate seats on our flight to Seattle for my mom's 100th birthday just because I look like this! I said deal with it! I reckon she did. I am what I am.
  2. I'm 71 and have had some major heath issues and surgeries (cancer) of late and it quelled my desire of competing and truth is just shooting in general. The other day however I finally made it out to the range and enjoyed centering in on some metallic Rams at 100 yds. with my 45/70 1885 highwall. I was pleased to hit 4 out of 5! Nothing more satisfying! I also hit 3 of 5 with my 30/30 14 "Thompson Contender handgun at the same distance. As for my .22LR Savage MK II with a heavy varmint barrel and with a 3x9 scope I was 10 for 10 but it never toppled that damn steel Ram!
  3. Hopefully what comes around goes around! My Grandson will inherit from me single action revolvers, single shot and lever action cowboy type rifles! It's just a shame my son-in-law doesn't have the same enthusiasm for them as I did at his age. But then he's a hero Marine vet from the Iraq war so I'm not about to complain. I just pray my most coveted possessions aren't sold or traded away for assault weapons one day. I grew up with the influence of TV and movie westerns of John Wayne, Once a Time in the West, Gunsmoke, Paladin, Wanted dead or A live and Rawhide etc. ( remember Heck Ramsey?) That genre inspired me enough to join SASS and IHMA back in the day. My dad gifted me with a Winchester 94 30/30 for Christmas when I was 16. What a great deer rifle that turned out to be! Two Bucks, one a 6 point and a doe in the three following years! But harvesting deer isn't on the menu in my family any more. Sadly my grandson is more influenced by Xbox and what games he can find on his iPad or Kindle. When he comes to my house he asks what I'm watching on the TV. Before I can answer he says "I know, Gunsmoke right?" LOL He's 5 years old so I would like to take him out to the range and get him started with a 22 Cal single shot rifle (Savage 22lr, my first rifle) but his dad says that is his job and he's not ready yet so of course I bowed out. Funny but my dad, a Marine vet from WWII let my grandpa take me shooting when I was just 5! with a Winchester model 62. Sorry to say times change, nothing stays the same but it's sad to see old traditions fade away. before
  4. I remember when there was just one Cabela's and that was in Sidney Nebraska. I was 16 (1965) and my dad and I would stop in and load up on stuff like warm attire, ammo, fishing equipment and camping needs on our way to Keyhole Reservoir in Wyoming in early Fall. Once there, the pan fried buttered Walleye we caught was beyond delicious, the roasted rabbit we shot and harvested was great and sleeping in the 1961 Buick station wagon was great since it was too dang cold in the tent at night! LOL We kept an open fire the whole week and to this day my favorite breakfast is a can of corned beef hash scalded with a mix of scrambled eggs and onions! Bacon on the side of course. So are we on the outs? Indeed we are! I have 3 grand kids, their only interest is in their Kindles and iPads, They don't show any interest in fishing, or hunting or even going outside that much. Camping is out of the question with grandpa without the access to the internet. . It's not the way I brought up my kids but I reckon times change.
  5. I had a 686 in an 8 inch barrel back in the day when I was into IHMSA, It did me good! Nothing more satisfying than toppling a metal ram at 200 yds!
  6. Last time I checked 5 states still endorse the .45 ACP for troopers including Kansas. As far as Browning semi's go My only experience with them was with IHMSA and although very accurate they were notorious for fouling at the range in competition. Experience made me a revolver man!
  7. I'm flying with my daughter to Seattle next week to celebrate my mom's 100th birthday. The daughter asked what I was going to wear on the plane (hoping it was not too western.) I told her Levi jeans with a denim pearl snap shirt, and a Wyoming leather vest. She then said we might need to have separate seats. I said hey! at least I'm leaving my boots behind. The airport screen detectors hate them! I once was almost strip searched because my boots had a metal insert support.
  8. I have a friend that's a Kansas State Trooper. He tells me all states now require them to carry semi-autos Mostly Glocks and mostly 40 or 45 cal. I have owned three semi's, a Colt 1911, a Browning Buck Mark II and the other a Ruger LCP. All jammed on me once or twice on the range so I eventually got rid of them. I'd much rather depend on my 6 revolvers (which have never malfunctioned) in the 50 years plus I've been shooting.
  9. I went to Cabela's today to purchase a solid color flannel shirt. (hard to find locally). Since I was there I thought I'd visit the gun display cabinets just to see what was there. I'm, like many of you a revolver man but was very disappointed to see only two in the cases filled with Semi autos. One was a Taurus 44 and the other a S&W 500. Ugh! I even asked if there were any single action revolvers available and was told by special order only. It doesn't seem that long ago I could visit the same display cabinet and find Ruger Vaqueros, Pietta's and Cimarron brands.
  10. Me too but I'd add a bandana. My kids wouldn't recognize me without one on my head or around my neck.
  11. Sometimes it's good to remanence what you've had and enjoyed over the years. The ones you've hung onto are dearest to your heart!
  12. FRK I would have to say it would be my first and second rifles . First was a Savage single shot (No3) that I was given to me by my grandpa at age 7. Together we killed off many tin cans from the big tree stump on the farm. It was my hunting companion until I started hunting deer. I bagged many squirrels, rabbits and other critters not worth mentioning with it and my Crackshot 72 (second rifle) . Yes, I even shot one of grandma's chickens. She was not happy but we had fried chicken that day for supper! When I got into competition I considered trading them in for something more target centered but they had little resale value and I just couldn't let them go for sentimental reasons. I even broke off a piece of the forearm back in the day on the 72 and paid $40 to get it repaired! That's probably more than it was worth at the time. I will give them to my grandson in a couple more years when he's of age, I just hope he will enjoy them as much as I did but I doubt it. The farm is long gone and his dad is a Marine vet with a passion for multi capacity pistols and rifles. I reckon the good ole days of simplicity (one shot one kill) are long gone. I just pray he will appreciate the nostalgia of my 1885 when the day comes. I would be fine with it just hanging over the fireplace!
  13. When I was in my 20's my dad gifted me with a 75th anniversary model 99 Savage lever action rifle in .308. But back then I was totally into IHMSA and traded it for a Wichita International in 30/30. I did good with it in competition but have often wondered how I would have done with the Savage in hunting seasons.
  14. I'm not a fan of corn mash, It gives me a severe hangover. However I am a fan of rye whisky. Surprisingly the bottom shelf "Northern Lights" fits my palate better than the top shelf stuff So I'm lucky!
  15. I'm with you DDD! I was taught from the start one shot, one hit. Pick up the brass and save it for reloads. Plus I'll take walnut over plastic any day.
  16. How has SASS influenced the way you dress each day? I have 5 vests, denim. leather and cotton (all with lapels) I've always worn them to church, and other events Since retiring I wear them now from October thru April (our summers are too hot otherwise). Jeans and cowboy boots have been a part of my life since age 4. The only thing I think SASS has helped me with is to rid myself of non-leather goods like holsters and knife sheaths like Kydex. nylon, plastic and Faux leather that I had collected over the years.. I decided they just didn't fit my true MO.
  17. When I showed my Marine vet son-in-law my 1885 he said it was obsolete by today's standards. I said maybe so but it's still a mans gun by any standard.
  18. I'm thinking for what he paid for that rifle the cigar he's smoking is Cuban!
  19. That makes my 1885 look even more sleek and beautiful than ever!
  20. Why is it so hard to find just plain ole frozen hamburger pizza nowadays? Has the "woke generation" abolished it for some reason?
  21. Thanks Phil. I was a long time member but didn't connect to the wire until I discovered it late. I'm looking forward to making hiking sticks, canes and fishing again. Hoping my thumb will handle the tasks after having to have the trapezium bone removed.
  22. Thanks to all. Good to know information.
  23. Due to health issues and surgeries not to mention worsening eyesight I can no longer participate in active shooting. My question is how long is boxed ammo still good? I have four boxes of 45/70 Federal 300 gr. stored in my basement that cost me $160 back about 10 years ago and wonder.
  24. I saw it too! As big as it gets around here. It's a moon night!
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