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Alarm in remote areas

Trigger Mike

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There are several systems out there that use a cellularr interface vice a land line.


Avoid companies like ADT and Brinks like the plague. They over charge for services and lock you onto long term contracts. Their systems use a proprietary controller so you cannot use it with any other alarm providers.


Look up local alarm companies. Much better service and a lot less money. 


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Several in the mountains where we have a home use cameras that send photos to their phone if there is movement.

Others use trail cams...

I think the cell phone and motion detector is a best deal if you aren't there often.

That is how they caught thieves from Foundes Ranch years ago...broke into the big barn, and stole the camera too...thinking it would do the trick.

Only it kept snapping the movements in their home, as they had it on a table. Kinda dug their own hole with that one!

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3 hours ago, Trigger Mike said:

If you have a house without landlines or wifi how do you get an alarm system for it when you don't stay there often and still be notified?

Cellular signalling is common in the industry. Most companies use the regular cellular channels which tend to be spotty in remote areas.

More sophisticated companies are now using the M1 channel on the cell carriers tower to send emergency/security signals. This has a longer and therefore more reliable range. You cannot get this in DIY type systems.

Cameras can be incorporated into the systems. All cameras should have SID cards of sufficient size to retain the recorded video during outages and then transfer those videos via encoded signals to the storage provider and to you for review. For this, the alarm system has to have its own WIFI in order to give you real time observation. This again, is only available through a reliable security provider.

If you would like to discuss your needs over the phone and assist you in picking a good local company. You can contact me weekdays through my website www.libertyalarms.com or call me at 702-382-9650 during the workweek.


Landlines are very seldom used any longer for security/fire transmission. Ethernet/Internet is primary, wifi/internet is secondary, and lastly cell/internet are the most common in order. All links should be supervised. In metro areas higher security/fire monitoring can be obtained using supervised radio.


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