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Acceptable bullet movement under recoil... ?

Widder, SASS #59054

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How much bullet movement is acceptable under recoil?


Example:  I have a Ruger SBH Hunter in .45 Colt.   I load em up HOT... pretty dern hot.   Magnum type hot.


I put 6 mic'd rounds in the cylinder and fire 5.   Then I mic the 6th round.  The bullet creeped forward approx .007


I put that particular round back in the revolver and fire 5 more.   I mic that same round again, which didn't creep forward  

a frogs hair.


Basically, the 1st 5 shots made the unfired round creep a little, but stayed inside the cannelure area.

During the 2nd  5 shots, it maintained its OAL and did not move out of the cannelure.


Personally, I'm getting excellent performance and feel no reason to change my crimping process, but I was

wondering what some of you might think based on your experience.








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Measure after the first shot. I'd wager that's when the initial movement occurred. If they are still in the crimp groove you don't have an issue anyways. I m thinking. 


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Widder, you probably have some banana split juice lube still left inside those cases.  You'll need to get of TW ta remove that lube! :lol:



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Thinking it through from the bullet's point of view... that cannelure has to be wider than 0.007".
If the crimped edge is placed closer to the bullet nose in the cannelure, is it possible that .007" is when the primer side of the cannelure finally comes to bear against the crimp?



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I'm not as smart as some of you-but I expect that with hard cast bullets or jacketed bullets you are going to crush the case if you crimp much harder.  With soft bullets you'll be digging in and causing some deformation which may or may not affect accuracy.  I'd suggest that you put the guns away and get drunk and if it still bothers you. . . you aren't drunk enough


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