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Speaking of a man's job

Trigger Mike

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Elsewhere it was mentioned a man is supposed to care for his family.   I heard a story tge other day from a cleaning lady we hired to clean a rental property:


She was looking for a place to live and her children but was not finding anything and right now they live in a camper trailer.  


She added her ex-husbands new wife printed out a list of people to call to see if they had anything for rent.   


Her ex-husband new wife!?  Isn't that the husband's job to make sure his children have a place to live?

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Having been through a divorce, I can tell you that the situation is often much more complex than you see on the surface. 


Focus on directly helping the kids kids if you want to help, but tread lightly when judging the man and woman and how they’re handling the situation. 

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1 hour ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

It's 2020, traditional expectations for the roles of men and women went out the window 40 years ago.


When my ex walked out on me and our daughters (2 and 6 at the time), she made great sport of telling our mutual friends that I was a cheap bastard because I wasn’t paying child support. Never mind she wasn’t seeing the girls hardly at all. 


Some believed her side and decided I was the root of all evil. Some saw the real situation and we’re still friends to this day. 


Even my girls, who are now adults, have both thanked me for being a good, if somewhat unorthodox, man. 

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The right thing to do, then....can still be the right thing to do now, in regards to our outgoing concern for each other.


I know that relationships can, many times, turn acid, and do. Yet we are instructed to love our enemies, and not just our friends.


The mindset of folks do change, over time, I do agree on that one. Each generation has it's own set of challenges, and problems, and life events, and experiences....so not everything that goes in one generation, will go in another, in exactly the same way.  


The ex-husband should have been concerned, if not about his ex-wife, about his children, who he helped bring into this world, and who he has a clear responsibility to support, on many levels.  No excuse for him.



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