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A short but true story

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About 30 years back, I moved into a NEW neighborhood.  Heck, my 1 acre lot and house was only about

6-10 in the neighborhood.  Lots of empty property around, ESPECIALLY the 200 acre farm

that bordered all of my back and left side property.   Basically, my property was kinda inset on

a section of the farmers land.


He raised cows.   His family, son and grandsons includes, had houses on the FAR SIDE of the property from

where I lived.   We can't see each others house because of a ridge between us.

Anyhow,  a couple years after I moved in, many of his cows got out of their fenced in property.   E.TN had a nice

snow and some school kids had found a part of his fense to bend down to do some serious sledding on his

property, of which the cows also discovered the broken down fence and got out.....on my property.

Probably about 25 cows were roaming freely around the neighborhood.


It was about 1:00 A.M. when I discovered noises outside and call the farmer about his cows.   

He and his wife came over immediately, in COLD weather at 1 a.m. to try and herd those cows back.

Yours truly helped them get all 25 cows back on their property.   Took a couple hours.


Shortly thereafter, I came home from work and the Farmer and his son were putting up a Drive-Thru gate

at the corner of my property and the farm.   They told me I could come over ANYTIME and shoot,  coyote hunt

or do some ground hog sniping.  And, I could invite friends over in September for Dove season in TN.

They did not put a lock on the gate... and I didn't have to ask permission to drive over.


I cruise that farm often and shoot all the time.   This afternoon, for example, I cruised over on my ATV

and did some 200 round plinking with a couple of my .22 pistols.


My efforts to help them with those cows has been rewarded in kind deed for nearly 30 years.

The Dad passed away in recent years, but the Son and Grandson have made it a point to let me

know I am still welcome on their property and shoot all I want.


You never know just how one kind deed can manifest itself into a blessing for years to come.

Be nice to someone...... you never know how things will turn out.




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I have a pasture renter. His good deeds over the last 10 years or so allow him to have access to all of my property.

It is comforting to know that my fence if broken will be repaired before I get home.  I built about $5K of highway frontage fence this year.  Before the last wire was stretched water gaps were in on north and south of my land.  He has a wheeled skid loader with a grapple bucket that has saved me unknown hours in cleanup time from the results of storm of river rampage.


Be nice to your neighbors and/or renters and they'll be nice to you.

And on top of that he pays me rent!!!

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“Be nice to your neighbors and/or renters and they'll be nice to you.”


I concur.  I’ve found this to be true myself.


Cat Brules


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15 hours ago, Okie Sawbones, SASS #77381 said:

True short story:


Widder sucks.


The End





You must be trying to out do TN Williams for 'biggest liar' contest..... :lol:

Obviously, you don't know how to spell 'stoopid'.

Plus, I'm old and Uuugly.




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