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This was probably my favorite show

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The two main guys, in the modern episodes, carried nickel plated 38/44 heavy duties. :) Took me a long time to figure that out, with the crappy video that I downloaded. N frame, fixed sights, shrouded ejector rod.


Did you like the modern ones more better, or the 1800s ones? This was on in the afternoon when I was in junior high school. Syndicated reruns, and that was 50 years ago. But it seems like they had a modern Ranger, then the next episode was an old timey Ranger.

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I don’t remember this show, but i probably watched it.  It looks like something I’d watch.  I watched them all. :-)


My favorite Western series was, and still is, Gunsmoke.  It still comes on various channels all the time.

Cat Brules

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I recall one episode of Rango.


The reason Tim had joined the Rangers was because his uncle was a Ranger, and the uncle has sent him a Texas Ranger badge every year for his birthday.


In this episode he had gone undercover to join an outlaw band. Someone was looking through his saddlebag and discovered all those badges. He was really worried. "They are going to know that I'm a Texas Ranger now. I'm in so much trouble."


Meanwhile the outlaw that found the badges had reported to the outlaw leader, "The only way to get 35 Texas Ranger badges is to kill 35 Texas Rangers. Whatever you do, Boss, don't get this guy mad at you. He must be the fastest gun in Texas."


Don't remember how it turned out though. :ph34r:

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