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34 minutes ago, Ramblin Gambler said:

Don't think my wife will allow very many of these modifications.


This reminds me of A Bridge Too Far when the British Paratroopers had to occupy that upscale house overlooking the bridge they needed to hold. By later in the movie the house was a bombed-out shell and the old woman living there had gone insane. :(

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5 hours ago, Sixgun Sheridan said:

Got a larger version of that so I can actually read it? It's giving me a few ideas...



Right Click.  Select "Open in new tab."  Then hold down "Control" and hit + until it is the size you want.

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2 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

I hope this information remains a part of history and not a handy “how to” for when the Chinese and the Russians finally decide to come over.  :angry:

This would be a big mistake for anyone wanting to invade our country .

So many Americans have firearms compared to there country , they will have a big surprise !


They need to be smarter about it .

Like Mexico !

They just keep coming and we are Now printing everything in there language for them .

So they are invading and taking over slowly with No War taking place in our streets .

Just sayin .


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