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Welcome Stretch Jericho

Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

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This COWBOY is WANTED for Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS)

He has shown an interest in the sport and should be considered as a candidate.

It’s not known if he is ARMED; however, he may be seen inquiring about obtaining firearms, in particular single action revolvers, lever action rifles and shotguns. Proceed with CAUTION when providing him with only viable suggestions.

Until he turns himself in to the local law (Match Director [MD], Territorial Governor [TG]) he should be considered DANGEROUS for asking many questions about CAS.

If seen on the SASS WIRE, or in the SASS SALOON, and

be sure to extend him a hardy welcome…..5a0759c9db06b_TheCowboyWay.jpg.200d1cdada599f69aef7e495397ac946.jpg.

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Thanks for the warm welcome all, much appreciated!


I hail from the province of Ontario up in the Great White North and just got into CAS about a month ago.  I already owned a Pietta SAA clone in .357 and picked up another to match, along with an Uberti 73 (same calibre) and a Stoeger Coach Gun.  I also shoot IPSC, and not that those crowds aren't friendly as well, but the cowboys and cowgirls at my range that shoot CAS are just amazingly welcoming - plus the shooting is a blast - so I had to just dive in.  (Plus the costumes look to be a lot of fun as well).


Looking forward to this new sport!

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Welcome to the Dance  Stretch Jericho !


Best advice I can give you is .

1. Shoot safe .

2. Have fun .

3. Only compete with yourself.


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