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  1. I have been trying to figure the UK gun laws out. As near as I can figure a handgun of any kind even with membership in a club is a no. If any of the UK Cowboys can give me a heads up on what you can and cannot have. I could not imagine a cowboy match without some sort of revolver and the few pictures I see sure look like there are some. Thank you in advance.
  2. A new flu virus G4 EA H1N1 has arisen in swine in China and has spread to humans. A variant of the Eurasian avian like virus. The virus has made the zoonotic jump from swine to humans. So far, transmission appears to be minimal between human to human, but that could be just a matter of time before the virus mutates and becomes more human to human compatible. With the SARS-nCov2 still running around, I sort of feel like the guy in the Jurassic Park movie. "Alright everyone, hang onto your...."
  3. You might want to look at the Ranger Point trigger. Ruled legal and like their extractor is just right.
  4. I know, but rather make the hard decision to cancel now and hope to keep some of the good pards around so we can all get together next year. As the Aussies would say: "Good on ya mate!"
  5. You can try some of the new lead free primers. Not easy to come by, but they are available.
  6. D lead is great. A lot of a shooters lead exposure is from discharged primers which most still use lead styphnate.
  7. While this topic has popped up. I did as Roger suggested and got the 45 firing pin installed. Works great. On the Pedersoli FB page someone complained of the same thing, (357 firing pin broke), so I put up Roger's answer and that I had mine done. One of the comments was from Pedersoli folks themselves that gave it the thumbs up as best solution. Again Roger, thank you, thank you!!! PS I now mostly use the rifle for attempting to shoot little steel chickens, rams, turkeys and pigs. I was using 357 mag with TB and 125g bullets but one of the guys that is a lot better than I am suggested using a heavier bullet so going to go back to trying the Hunters supply 162g bullets.
  8. Thanks I contacted Pedersoli and they say that VTI should have pins in stock. I have a gunsmith locally here that should be able to do that but again thank you.
  9. Just had the firing pin break. Nothing on VTI or Taylor's that I can find.
  10. Need help on merwin Hulbert.  I am looking at a 7 shot my.  The seller says 32 s&w long.  However, I think it is actually 32 M&H long which is different.  Do you know it SW long or short will chamber?

  11. I live in the area and am registered for Bordertown.  If nothing else pans out PM me.



  12. No not until Gaslamp Fantasy is also recognized. If there is enough interest in this why can't Wild Bunch get to 38 call rifles and 38 super 1911.
  13. I have been looking for antler pusher no luck. With Hunter Supply 162g rounds are 1.54 Yep good tight crimp, learned that the hard way as well
  14. It is a great amount of information. I finally with push stick got 10 rounds of 357 length rounds in the 20 " Pedersoli. Worked fine not a hiccup. Worked with 38 spl with Hunter Supply 162g. I think even better as the nose is quite a bit smaller than the chamber. Regular 38sp rifle locks up. Did not expect different. Hopefully the spring will relax so getting rounds 9 and 10 does not require such a struggle. Oh I replaced the follower with the Armorers Edge delrin one.
  15. Got a 357 carbine but have not put too much through it. Still thank you for sharing your expertise.
  16. I have been doing mor non cas lately. IDPA and three gun. Grandpower X-calibur 9mm, EAA gold witness 38 super, kel tec RDB 223, CZ scorpion 9mm, VEPR 12 much modified.
  17. I use Walker razor. Behind the neck 31 db reduction
  18. Site indicates 44-40 and 38 special did not see any other calibers.
  19. Sorry those where star 9mms not 45s. There was also a luger pistol in there.
  20. Probably get more WB shooters if went back to the old rules. Any semi or da pre 1917, any SASS legal lever.
  21. 6 stage 10/10/4 is nothing compared to the amount of ammo that I put through on a 3 gun match. If it was not for the reloading machine I could not afford to go. Depending on the machine, it can be daunting but in the end will pay for itself many times over. I probably have more tied up in die sets then the machine itself which is another expense. Still considering once the big expense is out of the way things pay for themselves quickly.
  22. The cbc in 38 special have a different carrier? Just want to know if I would have to set 38 rounds out further like in a 357 1894. I tried it with some dummy 38 round and seemed alright.
  23. Put in the one piece Marlin ejector (drops right in). I found it helps, also a lever wrap so you do not short stroke it which is a prime reason for the big boy to catch brass
  24. And that is exactly whatb I have done. Also did WW2 once with 1911, Thompson sub, 97 shotgun.
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