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  1. Hey Tn Tombstone,


    Been working at what you told me with shooting Outlaw. This video is from last week if you have any pointers please let me have them! LOL I am shooing Outlaw at Dark Day and might be doing it at Black Gold also.



    1. Tn Tombstone

      Tn Tombstone

      That looked great, speed will come. Your rhythm is good and steady. See you soon I am sure, you will be in good/bad company shooting Outlaw at Black Gold. 

    2. Chili Pepper Jack

      Chili Pepper Jack

      Thank you, looking froward to shooting with you.

  2. I have the Pocket Pro 2 and it will do everything you need except dry fire. Totes Magoats, I can't get any phone app to work for dry fire?? What app are you using I would love to have something that will work for dry fire.
  3. I made my target collapsible just bend the long bar with 2 90's and a T pipe fitting in the middle for a leg that leans back. The steel is only 1/4 inch very cheep but with the soft loads works great. I have AR500 for the other non SASS stuff.
  4. I am the obsessive cleaner that you speak of!! But I do test fire before a match just like I did in the Army before a patrol.
  5. Hey Blackfoot, I retired about 11 years ago and it feels like yesterday. I am sure you will enjoy SASS as much as I.
  6. Very nice!! Are you just using them for cowboy loads?
  7. I just ordered a cross draw to give a try, if I don't like it I will go back to strong side.
  8. Love it!!! This is going to get me back in the shop working on a new one!!
  9. I didn't have anyone get me started, just seen some videos and thought it would be fun so I started. I will say that Captain Bill Burt has been a big part of keeping me looking forward to every month. Gives great instruction and makes the match fun, very happy I got started in the sport.
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