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  1. Hey Tn Tombstone,


    Been working at what you told me with shooting Outlaw. This video is from last week if you have any pointers please let me have them! LOL I am shooing Outlaw at Dark Day and might be doing it at Black Gold also.



    1. Tn Tombstone

      Tn Tombstone

      That looked great, speed will come. Your rhythm is good and steady. See you soon I am sure, you will be in good/bad company shooting Outlaw at Black Gold. 

    2. Chili Pepper Jack

      Chili Pepper Jack

      Thank you, looking froward to shooting with you.

  2. See you there hopefully on Thursday evening as well Chili Pepper.  Are you staying at the host hotel and is the Ms. comin' with you? 

    1. Chili Pepper Jack

      Chili Pepper Jack

      Yes she is and yes we are!! We hope to be on the road by about 10am or so Cpt Bill should be in about 6 or so. How would you like to go out to dinner with all of us? Are you shooting 49er? 

  3. You had all the smoke I don't have that excuse, I just miss!
  4. That wagon was great, how did you see a thing?
  5. Bill I like it too! I was just looking at the video glasses review he did. I am thinking about getting some just don't know if I want to get off the wallet enough yet! LOL
  6. Ya that place is great!! Fast Eddie and his crew did an outstanding job on that shoot. It was my first shoot at that level and was very happy with my performance, but as I look at the videos I see SOOOO much time that I lost on every stage. From what I have been told Riverbend is even a nicer range then that one. Was thinking of going to a shoot at it this weekend but took a look and it is 167 miles from the house.
  7. That is a great idea!!! I would have no idea how that could be accomplished I am about as sharp as a bowling ball with stuff like that. I am subscribed to your channel and will do it for everyone that post a channel don't want to miss a thing.
  8. Did you see on the video that I was dumb enough to put the shotgun rounds back in my belt!! LOL
  9. I subscribe to it, just wish more shooters would put stuff on it. I love the idea of getting the top shooter together in one place to help others.
  10. That is some hard luck just glad you were OK.
  11. I have been looking at them Grizzly Dave, thank you for putting up all the videos helping new shooters!
  12. Videos are great to study, love to pic videos of me apart trying to find time. Also like looking at other peoples videos see how they are making up time on stages. Always looking for a faster way for doing things!
  13. What happened after the fall? Did you get a re-shoot or was that it?
  14. EOT would be a longterm goal for me. I am sure I can make it to FL before that to shoot with ya.
  15. Just thought I would see how many pards on the wire have a Youtube channel that they post their shooting videos on? If you have one please post it up I would like to see them and subscribe! I am starting one for fun hope to track my progress as I shoot more, and you never know might just peek an interest in another person and get them involved in the sport. Youtube got me interested in the sport and the people in our community got me hooked after going to see a match in Griffin Ga. with Doc. Holliday's Immortals. I am not sure how to help grow the sport but I will do what I can by putting myself out there on youtube hoping it might get someone to a match someday. For all of you fast guys if you see anything that might help me please feel free to give advice to a newish shooter. All of this stems from Father Kit Cool Gun Garth post of his first shoot with a video of each stage and his lessons learned. That to me took a very BIG SET to post good and bad on an open forum with the quality of shooters that are on the wire! So I am attaching a link below of a stage at the Ga. State Championship that I forgot my pistols, would have got a P if it wasn't for Rainmaker yelling at me "PISTOLS PISTOLS PISTOLS"!
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