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  1. Don't know if you would call it that or not lol. I see post about it is a speed match all about fast times. I see it as speed is a relative thing if you'r doing it just with the fastest time on the clock at ANY shoot you will have 2-3 people competing for the buckle and that is it. So EVERYONE else is just practicing really and they all know that. With this everyone can push as hard as they can to make that time they are going for with a chance to take something home. I have never won a side match at Comin at Cha was within .01 last year and Black Fish got me. LOL I just think it makes if fun and gets more people out doing the side stuff when they have a chance.
  2. I like the way they do it at Comin at Cha you can shoot as much as you like then you declare a time. Person with closest time without going over wins, gives everyone a chance to win and not just the fast shooters.
  3. Thank you Waimea. Had as good a time as I can ask for with you and Bo kicking my butt every big match!
  4. I just got home from Darkness Falls/Dark Day and wanted to say thank you to all that helped. When I arrived I was approached by Yadkin Hawks who I didn't know and was asked about the Race For The Wounded on my truck. I told him it was a charity that I started to help my brothers and sister that were wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. We talked for a few minutes about it then went on with our day of shooting, I didn't think to much about it I get questions all the time. The next day first thing Yadkin was back and telling me that he had looked a bit at the charity and he was going to ask the gun club to make a donation and would also like to see if they could raise some money at the banquet. Well they did do that and then again at the end of the shoot raising over 1K for the charity! Yadkin along with Confederate Colt and every Cowboy & Cowgirl at the shoot I can not thank you enough! I was very humbled with the outpouring of support from all of you but in all honesty I wasn't surprised by it. The people of SASS are what truly makes this such a special sport, I love to play Cowboy and shoot but if it wasn't for the people I wouldn't keep coming back. Again thank you to all that have helped I will pass this along to the next wounded veteran we will be working with in April Marquis Davis who served for just over 20 years. We will be taking Marquis to the Texas Tornado Bootcamp in April for a 4 day racing school and YOUR donations helped make that possible! Thank you, Chili Pepper Jack
  5. Got them new sent them to Jimmy have shot about 8 shoots with them I would say. They have been collecting dust for over a year now and need a new home.
  6. Yep but they are much to slick for me to use shooting Outlaw LOL that is the only reason I have them up for sale/trade.
  7. He did a great job!!! Year or two he will be putting the whooping on his old man!
  8. I will be taking a set of New Vaqueros stainless 4.62 barrels .45 slicked by Jimmy Spurs to Dark Day next month 2k. Possible trade for set of slicked Bisley 5.5 barrels.
  9. Much to cold up north Waimea!! Hey I need 1K .45 can I get them at Dark Day from ya?
  10. Hey Tn Tombstone,


    Been working at what you told me with shooting Outlaw. This video is from last week if you have any pointers please let me have them! LOL I am shooing Outlaw at Dark Day and might be doing it at Black Gold also.



    1. Tn Tombstone

      Tn Tombstone

      That looked great, speed will come. Your rhythm is good and steady. See you soon I am sure, you will be in good/bad company shooting Outlaw at Black Gold. 

    2. Chili Pepper Jack

      Chili Pepper Jack

      Thank you, looking froward to shooting with you.

  11. See you there hopefully on Thursday evening as well Chili Pepper.  Are you staying at the host hotel and is the Ms. comin' with you? 

    1. Chili Pepper Jack

      Chili Pepper Jack

      Yes she is and yes we are!! We hope to be on the road by about 10am or so Cpt Bill should be in about 6 or so. How would you like to go out to dinner with all of us? Are you shooting 49er? 

  12. You had all the smoke I don't have that excuse, I just miss!
  13. That wagon was great, how did you see a thing?
  14. Bill I like it too! I was just looking at the video glasses review he did. I am thinking about getting some just don't know if I want to get off the wallet enough yet! LOL
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