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  1. You're right on the money Creeker, it would have been nice to have a starting point and access to some resources all those years ago. Some of the things we've done to create our display is show off some our guns, to do that we simply built a couple display cases for the revolvers and racks for the rifles. Dress up in you cowboy clothes! On some days we wear our shooting clothes but on Sundays we dress in our Sunday go to meeting clothes. Nothing can promote CAS like a properly dress cow-folk plus it gives us an excuse to wear the clothes we love. We gathered up our old chronicles for folks to read, most brought them back on day 2 with questions and a some bought memberships. We complied a video series of local shooters that ran throughout the shows. The bang clang sound draws folks to our table like a magnet and the vendors near us liked it because it increased traffic at their tables. I can say that a professionally produced shooting video by SASS would be a big help. Make sure you have both male and female shooters manning the display. It didn't take long to realize that many potential women are more likely to ask questions of the lady shooters. Have a supply of personal business cards so folks can contact you after the show. Make sure you Don't be afraid to approach SASS for freebies to give away. They have and still do provide things like pens, insulated drink holders, past issues of the Chronicle and more. Our current SASS contact is Ruby Ruthless. Just call or email her and she has always responded quickly. The list goes on and on but that's what my chemo soaked brain can remember off the top of my head right now.
  2. Nothing stopping you and a group of SASS shooters doing exactly that! 10 plus years ago 4 of us got together and booked a table at a gun show to promote Cowboy Action Shooting. Today we have close to 200 badges sold and about 2/3 are still active. Out of that 2/3 the majority are SASS members. We have continued to do the gun shows to promote our sport and each show we recruit a couple more shooters. Now different members do a total of 5 shows across our province throughout the year. I guess what I'm saying is if we want our sport to grow each of us needs to take on a share of the responsibility.
  3. For some reason all of the PDF's show as unavailable. When I attempt to open them it comes up as "This article is unavailable and may have been moved"
  4. When I write stages for our matches I include all type of starting positions like rifle in both hands, Texas surrender, both hands fully on ledge and such. I hate the SASS default position and have taken to using the line "Start standing any way you would like, hands not touching guns or ammunition." That way everyone has the same starting options and no one cheats their chosen position. Start stand on your head if you like. So far no one has complained when I use that particular position. Grey Beard
  5. Thanks Cholla Bob. I'll look through this and see if I can figure it out.
  6. Currently we use ACES but are looking at other options since we can't download the ACES program any longer.
  7. Is there a help function or somewhere I can go to help me figure out how to build a CAS match? I'm not real tech savvy! Thanks in advance
  8. I hate diamonds and target shapes with holes in them. I hate them even more when I have to dump 3 or more shots on them!!!!!
  9. Glad to hear you're back to your grumpy self Jabez. On the plus side I got a decent 4x4 White Tail yesterday in the first hour of my hunt. As I was walking up to it I realized how lucky I was to be still able to enjoy the outdoors, gratitude for all the wonderful friends I have in CAS but mostly grateful that God decided to keep me here. I don't think I've ever been so overcome with emotion. Good thing there was just me and the big guy in the sky there at the time. Think I'll go make snow angels on the lawn!! Any one want to join?
  10. Well I'll just keep sending prayers and you take it easy on the knee. Spring shooting season is at least several months away. But when my friends are in pain it makes me Grumpy. Now Get Off The Lawn, Yer Disterbin the Fresh Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Jabez hopefully your knee is not to bad!! Take it easy and get well soon, I'll say a prayer or two to help speed the healing process. GB
  12. I've been out calling coyotes and doing some scouting for White Tail season which opens Nov 20th. They're starting to move some here. Rut should be in full swing by the time the season starts. Since it's Sunday I get a day off to watch the Rough Riders & Red Blacks game. I'll decide if I'm grumpy or not after the games over. GB
  13. Well it looks like I'll be hunting the late Elk season Dec 10-19th if I want an Elk. But on the plus side I was in Calgary yesterday to meet with the surgeon who did my HIPC surgery last Oct and everything looks good. Still no sign of cancer anywhere so It's hard to be to grumpy! GB
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