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  1. Try this link for Cowboy data http://www.dhicowboy.com/data/CowboyManualHodgdon.pdf
  2. Or he could also shoot Frontier Cartridge with both hands and still compete in a BP category.
  3. No conflict that I can see, you are quoting a gun that slips and falls. In this case the gun was knocked off the table by the shooter hence it's a dropped gun. Even though it had been cleared the shooter was still on the firing line because he/she still had uncleared guns.
  4. SDQ shooter was still on the firing line. Page 23 SHB STAGE DISQUALIFICATION PENALTY (SDQ) A Stage Disqualification (SDQ or “Stage DQ”) is generally a safety violation of a more serious nature, and means the competitor’s time and performance on the course of fire is disqualified as a result of the violating action by the shooter. - Shooting on the move (continuous, fluid movement while engaging targets). - Any dropped unloaded firearm on the firing line. Page 44 SHB Section 9 Glossary of terms Firing line – from first firearm placed on the loading table until all firearms are confirmed as cleared at the unloading table.
  5. And Whistlin Will right at the bottom.
  6. Lewis Lead remover works great for me.
  7. I used this process on 4 sets of Ruger's plus a couple sets of colt clones and have had no problems. Just make sure you clean and roughen the sights properly and you will have no issues. My first set has been on for 6 or 7 years. I happened to be at Winter Range and bought a pair from Slick not long after they came out. I just followed the instructions and the sights have been on the guns since. In addition Slick generously donated a set as a prize for our SASS Western Canadian Championships that year and for several years after. I also use his front sites on all of our CAS rifles, they make a real difference on both the revolvers and rifles. My old eyes can actually see the front sight now. Slick is a stand up guy and if you have any issues I'm sure he will look after you. Grey Beard
  8. Yup I think it's even slower today than earlier in the week. Perhaps the cold weather has slowed it down! LOL
  9. Safe Conditions During a Course of Fire – Revolvers Revolvers are considered SAFE for movement (in hand, while holstering, or while moving through a stage) and SAFE to leave the shooter’s hand in the following conditions ONLY: - Hammer fully down on an empty chamber. - Hammer fully down on an expended round. A revolver may not be originally staged in this condition, but may be restaged in this condition. - GUNFIGHTER shooting style considerations: When shooting Gunfighter style, a gunfighter may not holster revolvers with the intent to engage another sequence. (See Gunfighter Rules). Shooters Handbook page 15
  10. Pedersolli makes a copy of the Colt Lightning that run relatively trouble free as long as you keep them clean. I know a family with 3 of them in 38/357 that rarely have problems. I have a 44-40 that runs like a top that I haven't done anything to but keep it clean. Grey Beard
  11. You're on once we can get to the range at SMLC. I forgot to mention that I got Short Fingered Bill to short stroke with a kit I picked up from Cowboys and Indians a few years ago, he's got it pretty smooth. I think Perilous Pearl will like it, I know I sure do.
  12. DDF before you buy the 66 for Perilous Pearl she might want to try the 1866 Saddle Ring carbine in 44-40 that I have. I have lots of smokeless rounds loaded with Trail boss for it and she's welcome to test it with those. Then if she likes the feel of the gun then spend the money on the one you are looking at. Having said that we probably want to wait until it gets a bit warmer. The -40 wind chills we are experiencing right now would make it down right unpleasant on an out door range. Grey Beard
  13. +1 to Phantom! Just because we need to insure that shooters know and follow the rules doesn't mean that common sense can't apply in extenuating circumstances. And one post closer to page 4.
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