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  1. Just curious if someone knows anything about Heiser leather company. I got s Winchester modern 1907 and included was a leather magazine holder with a 10 round magazine (the holder is designed to hold three magazines). The stamping and metal snaps say the company name and Denver CO. Never seen a 1907 magazine holder before this.
  2. Welcome. Before you get set on anything, try a bunch. Also look over the rules book and look over categories some have specific firearm requirements.
  3. Unique powder. Lots of data for 12g and 9mm. The later from 110 to 160g.
  4. I shoot a mixture 32s revolvers, 38 rifle, 45 acp and Colt for Wild Bunch. The 45 bullets cost more, just fact You want expensive? Try Winchester 351 SL
  5. Neat. I currently use a Thuers but for smaller cases I am going to take a look at this. I usually tumble a bunchof brass together then use brass shooters to help and put on towel to dry. Yes get a few small cases stick in larger but after the shake eadyb enough to catch them and pull apart.
  6. Just as a cavet, the reason the AWA is no longer is that when things broke there are no parts to fix it. While some things got patched up, it was just that a patch and in the end not worth it. While I do sometimes take the Pedersoli out for a match, I primarily now use it as my pistol caliber long range rifle. Mine is in 357 magnum and yes the firing pin broke. I had it replaced with a 45 one and the bolt drilled so the pin should not break again. I will say that for long range pistol, fast enough and the thing is amazingly accurate if I do my job. Pedersoli is known for putting match grade barrels on their rifles.
  7. I will report mine once they get done again. After this came out I started on the Hawai'ian spirulina, one a day. Also, I have to admit that setting shotgun targets by hand is probably a real bad idea. The Cowboy part of the club uses ropes (of course the ropes are probably contaminated as heck and get wound up and unwound). The Wild Bunch side though never uses ropes. Guess going to think about bringing this up or just taking gloves with me.
  8. Not going to add anything but welcome and a big Minnie Pearl style HOWDEEE!!!!
  9. I agree. I have been through them all. Taurus, AWA, Uberti/Berretta, and Pedersoli. The last one is still the only one around.
  10. Thanks. I am hoping. Always loved open tops and these seem just so sweet.
  11. Not sure a pocket navy with 6 in barrel is really a pocket pistol. For SASS it does not meet the rules as one with 6 in barrel but would it qualify as a main match. Technically the rules say a pocket pistol cannot be converted to main match revolver but is that for a revolver that meet the definition or sort of a blanket rule. So is the 1862 6" 380 acp legal main revolver?
  12. It would seem to me that most Italian clones of Colts is army style or navy style grip frame. Maybe birdshead or lightning style. Sounds like colt clone or ruger with lowered hammer might be best.
  13. Consider that WB is mostly a pistol game. Some stages you are not even putting 10 in the rifle (7 to match a magazine). That being said I do not think it makes much difference unless super fast.
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