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  1. Look for a JM Marlin though the new ones are getting better. A new Remlin as they are called or JM not far from Rossi price. Plenty of slick em up parts.
  2. Ever make it to Tombstone to shoot I will bring some fine Jade Liqeurs Edouard 72. BTW that 72 is the % alcohol. I like it neat, not loached.
  3. Interesting, looks like 22 only. https://iverjohnsonarms.com/derringers.html
  4. Personally I would rather Ruger make a run of SS in 38 special. Some custom places do it, and if Ruger could squeeze in an extra chamber for the potent 327 mag, 38 seems doable.
  5. Love the Ruger SS 32s. Lighter than regular vaquero, a bit heaftier thsn model p jr, sort of goldilocks. Got bisley hammers on them.
  6. February 15 and 16 2020, head on down to the Town To Though To Die for a 6 stage per day match. Tombstone Livery same place as where Bordertown is held.
  7. Always worth a check with the range, many would like 1600fps or less with lead gas checked.
  8. I use to use sp 45 acp. SP slightly lower velocities, but mag SP gave slightly higher than regular LP primer.
  9. I am going to say if it is not a DA revolver you are starting at a disadvantage. Never tried anything than a MH good enough to win with.
  10. Hogdon has recipes for Trailboss in 45 acp in 180, 200 snd 230 g.
  11. Ted Blocker as well. I just bought the holster and mag pouches. I slip the cowboy holsters off, put the WB ones on. I just did not want to invest in a second rig.
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