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  1. I been on posses with a Spencer shooter, yes slow but lots of fun to watch.
  2. I have not tried yet but Bear Creek indicates they have a coated cast 351 sized bullet at 170g. lyman manual has loadings for 171g so figure close enough. Might give them a try. Western bullet is where I got my 180gs. Bertram brass still makes brass and I picked mine up ftom Grafs. Mine came with a 10 and 5 round mag, never seen the 20. I also got with the rifle the otiginal leather magazine holder. Triple K makes reproduction 10 round mags but some reading indicates they may not work as well as the originals. Anyway while not easy there is still components around for reloading. I think the mini series The Son btought some interest in this old rifle.
  3. Yes I use lead gas check. No I follow old recipies for weight of the bullet in this case 180g. I have not chronographed but a bit lower than a compressed max load ftom an old Lyman manual of 4227. I tried Unique but evrn at max publish would not function properly. Anyway from the manual and making a rough guess probably under 1700 fps. We usually just put up a cowboy steel target out 100m (no idea on the rating but told no jaceted rounds please), and when I hit it just makes a nice BAMM style ring. We only allow BAMM at 1600 fps with lead gas check fine bullets. So far I have found must load near max to get reliable. My 1907 is more than likely an old guard turn in rifle that then sat mostly unused. In very good shape but even though the gun smith opened it up and went through and cleaned guessing spring is still pretty stiff. As I mentioned a top amount of Unique 11gs did not quite do the job. Most reloading sites said imr 4227 was the preferred powder. Old manual says best accuracy load is 171g bullet with 4227 near max of 19.5g but it list this load at 1900 fps which is a bit high to me.
  4. Mercury fulminate was used ftom the early part of the 19th centuty well into the early 20th. It is not as cortosive as potassium percholorate, just more unstable evrntually decomposing naturally. However the primary ingedients are much easier for frontier places to get a hold of. Mercury, nitric acid and ethanol. The former two back then used a lot in mining operations. Nitric acid can be made with ammonia, to make nitric oxide, then reacted with oxygen and water to make nitric acid. Again fairly easily obtained ingrediants. Yes back then you got mercury you where inhaling when you fired your guns, these days it is lead, go figure.
  5. Local group has more a practice than a match that I call SAMM. SemiAuto. While there is Garand, I bring along a real Wild Bunch Era semi in the form of a Winchester 1907. Remington Model 8 is fine as well both having seen use in the Great War and both being a lot closer to the WB era than a Garand.
  6. Cash awards might get a few, but I will tell you a LOT of folks just never heard of the organization.
  7. Welcome and a BIG Minnie Pearl style HOWWWWDEEEE!
  8. Sounds a bit too much like WB to me. That being said, maybe something like one club used to do and have a separate TOC class which stood from Turn of the Century Cowboy. Original or replicas up to WW1 I believe. That allowed double action revolvers and semi-autos. If you wanted to limit it to 1900 well that is some double action revolvers and semis like broomhandles and lugers (developed before and accepted by the German Navy in 1900 - the 08 was the acceptance by the Army). Perhaps stretch it just a bit but before the 1911 and maybe something like a 1903 or 08 pocket hammerless.
  9. I thought there was one that someone found with him playing croquet? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/oct/13/billy-the-kid-croquet-junk-shop-two-dollars#img-1
  10. No such thing as a stupid question. The convertible vaqueros come with two cylinders one for 45 colt and one for 45acp. The same for the Blackhawk convertibles.
  11. Over on the official Hogdon reloading site the starting powder load for the 180, 200 and 230g bullets is all 3.5g TrailBoss. I would say then that is probably the minimum recommended for the 45 acp no matter the weight of the bullet.
  12. No moon clips, cylinder has machining inside for 45 acp case mouth to rest against.
  13. As mentioned advertising. When the Chronicle was monthly could leave copies, these days not so much but as mentioned inserts in manufacturers good idea could have links to Youtube channel. I cannot help but think incorporating some action i.e. movement ala western 3 gun would be good. 22 category and perhaps reduced gun interesting. Most peopleI know do not reload just whatever is cheap off the shelf. Perhaps 22 is the only way or targets would have to be further. Patrnering or presence at a Con is interesting, especially something like this one: https://www.wildwestcon.com/
  14. Welcome and a BIG Minnie Pearl style HOWWWDDEEEE!
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