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  1. I see plenty of 20ga stoeger when we were shooting. Run it untill it breaks then decide.
  2. Yes it can and even put slugs through. Should handle SAAMI spec ammunition. The early ones had problems but the later cowboy ones got upgraded and probably one of the most reliable of the 97s. They are legal for most SASS categories and of course for Wild Bunch as well. I have even taken it 3 gun shooting so that is how I know about slugs.
  3. Opal welcome. Me I went with progressive straight away. I started and still do start and go one shell at a time all the way to a loaded cartridge that way anything goes wrong or does not feel right I can stop and not wonder what states the other shells are at. I would suggest a 5 stage press at minimum a progressive. I like separating bullet seating and crimping. Beacuse I like separating functions so much moved to a 7 stage job. Size decap 1, prime 1-2, flare 3, powder 4, bullet drop 5, bullet seat 6, crimp 7. That way have control to adjust each step as needed. As for bullets, polymer coated lead. Less cleaning of the guns, less exposure to the lead.
  4. Florida ordered coroners not to release full information on people that have passed away citing privacy concerns and not counting if it was from Covid 19. Then there was the public firing of Dr. Rebekah Jones. Of course you have your opinion and I have mine. I think this has moved enough off topic and like I said before. Whatever the case is, it is just time to move forward.
  5. There is also a lot of indication Florida is fudging statistics.
  6. Always easier to hindsight arm chair quarterback. It is what it was. Timento move on see how things go.
  7. Corona virus that causes COVID-19 is not an ILI (influnza like virus) it is clasdified as a SARI (severe respiratory respiratory infection). Common colds are rhino viruses. Please remember the current pandemic virus is not the same as influenza.
  8. If you read to the bottom they use the terms, he and his. I think you just got off track a bit with Erin. While in the US mostly a girls name but author is ftom Australia. Sort like Marion, as in Marion Morrison.
  9. Oh you are making me hanker.
  10. Already seen it done. CN Double WB gunfighter. Mag changes a bit harder.
  11. Depends on the club. I have used a 9mm Luger (lead bullet of course). A 45acp Thompson semi smg.
  12. As indicated 1911 only. Full size 45 acp only.
  13. LostVaquero

    May 4th

    To all my pards May the Fourth be with you.
  14. My load as well. if I hit it, it goes down.
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