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  1. A new flu virus G4 EA H1N1 has arisen in swine in China and has spread to humans. A variant of the Eurasian avian like virus. The virus has made the zoonotic jump from swine to humans. So far, transmission appears to be minimal between human to human, but that could be just a matter of time before the virus mutates and becomes more human to human compatible. With the SARS-nCov2 still running around, I sort of feel like the guy in the Jurassic Park movie. "Alright everyone, hang onto your...."
  2. You might want to look at the Ranger Point trigger. Ruled legal and like their extractor is just right.
  3. I know, but rather make the hard decision to cancel now and hope to keep some of the good pards around so we can all get together next year. As the Aussies would say: "Good on ya mate!"
  4. You can try some of the new lead free primers. Not easy to come by, but they are available.
  5. D lead is great. A lot of a shooters lead exposure is from discharged primers which most still use lead styphnate.
  6. The problem to me is what counts as simultaneous. Technically physiologically no way to absolutely do that. Fraction of a second, a second more? For some, I can discern, some can't. Counting dings a bad way to go, should see hits on target. Anyway, guess between three spotters and TO what eveyone thinks.
  7. I had an old Merwin Hulbert. First off, had it checked out by a compentent gun smith, second after combing various places the answer was the same - bl ack powder and the real stuff only. These are 100 yr plus firearms lead and black powderplease.
  8. Marlin cowboy special in 38 special.
  9. I see plenty of 20ga stoeger when we were shooting. Run it untill it breaks then decide.
  10. Yes it can and even put slugs through. Should handle SAAMI spec ammunition. The early ones had problems but the later cowboy ones got upgraded and probably one of the most reliable of the 97s. They are legal for most SASS categories and of course for Wild Bunch as well. I have even taken it 3 gun shooting so that is how I know about slugs.
  11. Opal welcome. Me I went with progressive straight away. I started and still do start and go one shell at a time all the way to a loaded cartridge that way anything goes wrong or does not feel right I can stop and not wonder what states the other shells are at. I would suggest a 5 stage press at minimum a progressive. I like separating bullet seating and crimping. Beacuse I like separating functions so much moved to a 7 stage job. Size decap 1, prime 1-2, flare 3, powder 4, bullet drop 5, bullet seat 6, crimp 7. That way have control to adjust each step as needed. As for bullets, polymer coated lead. Less cleaning of the guns, less exposure to the lead.
  12. While this topic has popped up. I did as Roger suggested and got the 45 firing pin installed. Works great. On the Pedersoli FB page someone complained of the same thing, (357 firing pin broke), so I put up Roger's answer and that I had mine done. One of the comments was from Pedersoli folks themselves that gave it the thumbs up as best solution. Again Roger, thank you, thank you!!! PS I now mostly use the rifle for attempting to shoot little steel chickens, rams, turkeys and pigs. I was using 357 mag with TB and 125g bullets but one of the guys that is a lot better than I am suggested using a heavier bullet so going to go back to trying the Hunters supply 162g bullets.
  13. Thanks I contacted Pedersoli and they say that VTI should have pins in stock. I have a gunsmith locally here that should be able to do that but again thank you.
  14. Just had the firing pin break. Nothing on VTI or Taylor's that I can find.
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