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9-1-17 UPDATE Message from Judge and Justice Lily Kate on needing help Cypress, TX

Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L

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The Judge & I would appreciate some help. First time to ever flood. We need help with:
Moving bedroom furniture to finish getting carpet/pad out
Remove baseboards
Pull out wet insulation
Cut Sheetrock up 6" or more
Pull up tact strips
Get lots of stuff to curb for pickup. 
If anyone has a dehumidifier we could borrow that would be great. 
I'll furnish food/drinks for all who help. A big hug will also be given. 
Today or tomorrow will work. 
12915 Lynn Haven St
Cypress 77429
Thanks so much  
Kate & Judge
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So sorry y'all flooded.  Manassas Jack and I are now in a mandatory evacuation zone and waiting it out here to see if we flood or we would come help.  


Pray that the Brazos crest keeps getting lowered so my house doesn't flood.  Sheriff said streets will definitely flood, maybe not the house.


Sorry we can't come to help right now.  We may be stuck here for a week.

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One of the biggest problems of getting help is that those who are in that area are suffering the same consequences.

And those who ain't in that area, probably can't get there.


Those folks in Texas are in a bad way with this flooding and such.  


No way in and no way out for some folks.




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5 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

Prayers up. I am glad you are safe. That is most important.

+ 100000;)

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I can't get there though I wish I could!  You and everyone in the affected area have been (and will remain) in our prayers!!



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if i can be of any help next week, I'll be in town Tuesday late and part of Wednesday working. I could lend a hand Tuesday evening after I land?


email me if you still need help. Been through a few floods here in Missouri in my life so I know what you are going through.


Stay safe and healthy. Don't try to do it all in one day, you need to get away once in awhile.



MT Pockets

Larry McClellan

Cell#: 314-630-8516

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I believe most of the ripout of soaked drywall and other items, is done, for it to dryout and maybe have little or no mold.....Its is at a point where it is up to a contractor to start working on it.

Great work done by Blackpowder Burn, Cheyenne Ranger,  Walter Durbin, Slick City Nile, and others.

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from Justice Lily Kate:


A great big Cowboy thanks to all who helped us get started on gutting the house. We couldn't have done it without their muscle, tools, experience, & hard work.


On another note ... The Judge is in hospital. Too much for his weakened heart. He'll be released later today.


An a/c company is coming at 11 as a/c bit the dust. This too shall pass.


Again, thanks for all the help. Once things are back in shape .... sorta... we'll have dinner/drinks/ & hy jynx over here. Be safe & enjoy your day.


Hugs, Kate 

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