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I need a computer guru to tell me why I can't open the sass web site with my home wifi

but no problem with my cell phone mobile hot spot.

Phone co. checked line to house, said it was fine.

I had them install a new wire connection and phone jack but still can't open the sass wire.

if any one has any ideas please send me an email as I can't stay on the mobile hot spot for long.

If I don't get any answers I am buying a new router tomorrow.

Any Ideas????

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I've been having trouble for quite a while now. Multiple refresh to get on and sometime that doesn't work. I think I was locked out all day Sunday.

No other website affected. Irritating.

I've tried Safari and Chrome. No joy.

Tried Firefox and it says the site cannot be trusted.

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Just a WAG here, but I wonder if there is something blocking the site because of guns. Something like parental controls or an overly aggressive ISP.


Whenever I open sassnet in an airport I wonder if there will be a problem. Rarely it happens.

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Hello, had same problem here with Firefox browser - sassnet blank.....


But with Windows 10 "Microsoft Edge" browser, sassnet works fine....


Then I remembered Firefox keeps asking to "Allow Adobe Flash", think I must've hit block instead of "allow for this site"


After I changed Firefox to allow Adobe Flash and rebooted PC, it started working....


It's a virus firewall thing....


Good luck

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