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  1. Cool tool..... used it to determine extra cost of TrailBoss I compared Titegroup ($20/lb) vs TrailBoss ($18/9oz -> $32/lb) Primers $33 for 1000 = .033ea CastBullet $60 for 1000 = .06ea (158gr 38spl) Ga Arms, L38A Cost Per Bullet: Titegroup is 10.36¢ each and TrailBoss is 11.07¢ each I also calculated cost manually and came to same conclusion... Been shootin TrailBoss since I started in CAS back in 2010, never tried anything else.... but I stick with it due to safety factor...with progressive loader I have gotten distracted with brass or cast bullet and accidentally double loaded - what a mess with powder overflow....but that stopped me cold, cleaned up, and restarted with more focus.... This has occurred several times in 6 years / 8000 rounds of loading....TrailBoss keeps me safe.... I'll pay the extra penny per round...
  2. Hello, had same problem here with Firefox browser - sassnet blank..... But with Windows 10 "Microsoft Edge" browser, sassnet works fine.... Then I remembered Firefox keeps asking to "Allow Adobe Flash", think I must've hit block instead of "allow for this site" After I changed Firefox to allow Adobe Flash and rebooted PC, it started working.... It's a virus firewall thing.... Good luck
  3. Well, we wus shootin at a fencpost one day trying to dislodge a board we'd nailed to it, my 1911 45acp vs inlaw S&W 9mm.... he emptied a whole clip putin a few holes in it...... the ol 45 tore that board to pieces..... :-) However, for CAS, I use 38spl simply for economics..... lead, brass, powder.... $30 buys 500 38spl cast bullets but only 300 44mag/45colt cast bullets. (GA Arms) TrailBoss Powder, 38spl is about half the powder of 44mag/45colt Same for cost of brass...... But I do have a 44mag set of vaqueros for those occasions when I wanna knock things over.... :-)
  4. I use Round Nose bullet for 38spl Max AOL cycling in 357/38 Rossi '92, thus use CCI primers for Rifle (stock spring) and Federal Primers in Pistols (light spring). http://lonesomevalleyregulators.org/CAS_Reloading.php
  5. My Rossi '92 38/357 didn't like 38 w FN, so I found a cast RN bullet from Georgia Arms with near max 38 AOL that feeds very well in both Rossi '92 357 and Yellowboy 38spl. I could not find a FlatNose bullet that would load to near max 38 AOL, so this cast RN was my solution. This also works well in Ruger 357 Blackhawks and Uberti/NavyArms 38spl OpenTops. As such I always use CCI Primers for Rifle (stock springs) and Federal Primers for Pistols (light springs). Have been reloading/shooting this configuration since 2010 when I got hooked on CAS. Wrote an article on our LVR website: http://lonesomevalleyregulators.org/CAS_Reloading.php
  6. Hello Clay, Yep, looks like a strong table to handle test of time..... I built similar for LVR out here in Georgia, but due to climate used treated 4x4 with replaceable feet. Built ours bit wider to handle multiple cowboys if used for loading table. Had to use Tractor Supply cheapo nuts/bolts => again due to regular rain, heat & humidy causing screws/nails to work loose within a year or two. Created a drawing, material list, photo doc for anyone's reference. http://lonesomevalleyregulators.org/SASS_StageTable.php (link to pdf file) http://lonesomevalleyregulators.org/CAS_Reloading.php (LVR Page -> Click on "SASS Stage Table")
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