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  1. Get yourself a crock pot.. Add a block of Velveeta, can of Hormel chili (no bean), jar of your favorite salsa.
  2. I bought the p320 not long ago in 9mm so I could afford to shoot it a bunch. Im thinking modular would be great for grip size plus it comes in 9mm, 357sig, 40s&w and 45acp. Most folks could have a 9, special folks could go 357sig or 45acp.
  3. He seemed way too skinny and there definitely was something going on with that leg..
  4. I'm betting the guy on the left has a prosthesis leg of some sort.
  5. Get yourself a pair of wireless headphones.. They will block out room noise and you can control your volume independently of the TV speakers. Had a hearing test lately?
  6. Can you get on other web sites? Might want to clear your browser history and cache.
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4095720/Nine-shot-one-dead-shooting-Ft-Lauderdale-Hollywood-Airport.html
  8. In the OPs example it means the bookie you hire may be able to write a coherent memo..
  9. Nothing better than crispy fried Spam with pickles and mustard on a bun.
  10. Between this and your other post it's clear you have lost confidence in this outfit. Time to move on. Do you really expect a 13yo female 2 months into training to be able to take down grown man?
  11. Blown way out of proportion.. sounds like a glorified latch key program. Discussing this with her and her mother what kind of sinister situations could you be saving her from? Like was said working for your tuition as working for free.
  12. Relax brother.. changing passwords is standard procedure, seems everyone else found it instantaneously. Something else is going on nobody stays this worked up over little schitt.. I know you think you are one of the big dogs on here and thinking I care where you shop is silly shop anydamnwhere you please.
  13. If someone isn't happy with Amazon's customer service they shouldn't be buying online.. none better!
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