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Concept of the Operation: We’re Pushing Back with Resolve.

Colonel Dan, SASS #24025

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Im most honored the Wild Bunch asked me to lead this effort and feel very privileged to be working with and representing you all and SASS HQs in this. Your kind words of support in responding to Texs post are very much appreciated. As for the Field Marshal thingyoull have to ask Tex about that moniker. I never envisioned myself as anything so grand. smile.gif

As you can read from the mission statement and concept of the operation I provided to the Wild Bunch in response to their request which Tex included in his initial post, this is one mission about which I feel very impassioned. I'm extremely proud of the SASS Wild Bunch for their proactive stance in taking this course of action. While I cant promise miracles, I do promise you my best effort in leading OUR fight against this threat to OUR constitution. I will do my best to keep you involved and informed as well as request and coordinate the call for any action on the part of the SASS general membership. Ill also be working closely with other organizations and gun manufactures, urging them to do so in a coordinated way.

Just a few points to set the groundwork:

I see our task as a resolute push back mission. We are not here to surrender or compromise our principles in any way with those who ignore or attempt to transform/redefine our right to keep and bear arms. Resolved, focused, unified and persistent must define our efforts. This requires every member to be involved in a personal, rational and dedicated way. Great numbers of resolute patriots who have drawn a line in stone cannot and will not be ignored by those temporarily in power. As Thomas Jefferson advised, In matter of style, swim with the current. In matters of principle, stand like a rock. I intend to follow Jeffersons admonition.

I have no miracles hidden in my rucksack that will make this threat to our rights disappear. Please keep that in mind as we travel this trail TOGETHER. It will take the personal involvement all of us working as a combined and closely knit team if were to have an impact.

Youll not get any requests from me to donate money to any particular group. Ill simply ask you to support your preferred pro-gun organization as you determine appropriate and help urge them to combine their efforts with other pro-gun groups but I do ask you to get involved! Your involvement is crucial to our mission. We cannot strongly push back with only a small percentage of our forceand push back is what we must do.

You must be heard. Consistently inundating politicians at all levels with email, snail mail and phone calls will be our first operation and will continue throughout. Great numbers are much more effective than great words. More on this in a subsequent post. Watch for Team SASS: Call for Action.

The messages I pin on the Wire are not to be viewed as a mini version of the old Political Fire forum. Those messages are to inform and call for general action as required. If any responses to my posts become argumentative and cross the line into less than constructive territory, I will have to activate my Moderator privileges and take appropriate action. I certainly welcome, need and ask for your input and ideas but please respect the established rules of the Wire. This issue can very easily lend itself to passionate language but keep in mind the old adage, Those the gods seek to destroy, they first make mad. Keep your eye on our ultimate objective. Were not here seeking self-destruction.

You are the key. Without the combined you we can do nothing. I need you, your children and descendents need you, we need each other and most certainly America needs us all at this time in her history. As Ive often written, if our forefathers were willing to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to establish America, can we do less to preserve it?

Soldier on as Team SASS my friends :FlagAm:

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Very well said, sir. Along the lines of "You must be heard," I cobbled this together a few years ago when CA was facing a rather large number of anti-civil rights bill in her legislature (much like now). If I may:



In California there are at least 6,000,000 firearms owners, yet we have some of the most draconian and Byzantine firearms laws in the country. Why? Because too many of us are content to sit and complain but are unwilling to take half an hour a week to do anything about it. Most of us would rather stand around at the range or in a gun shop and spend a couple of hours debating the merits of .300 Magnum over the latest .270 super short ultra mag. Can you find five minutes a day to support your civil rights? That is all it takes. If you can’t give that little amount of time, you deserve to have your guns legislated away from you. Imagine if in your assembly district EVERY gun owner called his or her assembly member once a week to complain about restrictive firearms legislation. Say there are only 15,000 gun owners in your district (with 80 districts that comes to 1.2 million, a far cry from all the legal gun owners in the state) and each one makes a call once a week which takes 3 minutes of staff time. It would take 750 man-hours per WEEK just to listen to gun owners complain about restrictive gun laws. That would mean that every member of the Assembly would need almost 19 full time staff members to do nothing but pay attention to our calls. Think they might hear us? After all, politicians are concerned with numbers.


There are five calls you need to make each week – to one assembly member, one state senator, one member of the House of Representatives, and two members of the US Senate. That is what it will take, each of us calling once a week to make our views known.


Yes, you may belong to the NRA or Gun Owners of America, or the California Rifle and Pistol Association, but so what? Do you think that absolves you from taking personal responsibility for what happens? YOU are responsible for protecting your rights. No one else can do it for you.


For those of you in Sonoma and Marin counties too freaking lazy to open a phone book and look up a few numbers, here is a start:

" contacts removed because of changes in most of the office holders.


Anyone please feel free to use that as is, as a template, add some Bondo and give it a new paint job to make it fit your needs, distribute it as you wish. Our biggest problem is...us. In broad terms, we don't write, we don't email, we don't call, we don't keep up on what the capons in office are doing. Too many of us think that "activist" is a nasty word. Well, we too can be activists. In fact, we MUST become activists. All of us. Imagine the impact if even half the gun owners in the US wrote to the White House in one month and politely but firmly urged that all this silliness be dropped. Something like 40,000,000 letters in a month? They wouldn't have the staff to deal with it.

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As I’ve often written, if our forefathers were willing to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to establish America, can we do less to preserve it?


Well said. Like you, I believe it may very well come to and will take this much sacrifice. A "harrumph" from the masses will not be good enough.

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Colonel Dan, there are 3 pinned threads about this round of attacks on our civil rights. Can you give us some idea of what kind of thing goes in which thread, please? For example, which thread to post the text, or links, to new legislation? Where do we put sample letters to the capons members of the various legislative bodies? How about trying to get demonstrations/protests going?


Oh, and Thank You! for taking on this task.

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Subdeacon Joe, I salute your intiative in drafting those letters and encourage you to continue the battle. Messages such as you reference should be posted under the Team SASS: Call for Action thread for now.


Thanks again...


My pleasure, sir. I was such a regular at calling some of the capons elected officials that represent me that the offices of my Assemblyman, Member of the House, and B. Boxer all told me that I might as well stop the calls and letters because those worthies all knew what is best for us, have their minds made up, and neither want nor need opposing views.


We are all in this together and need to get off our butts and make the calls, write the letters. As my rant in one post points out, if they get 15,000 calls or letters a week, and say each takes up 3 min of staff time, that is 750 man hours a week dealing with us. They would have a hard time ignoring that.

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Are emails just as effective as a letter delivered by mail to reps in Washingdumb?



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Are emails just as effective as a letter delivered by mail to reps in Washingdumb?




Not anywhere close. Most effective is a hand written letter. That might actually be passed on by staff to the worthy in question. Next most effective is a typed and hand signed letter. Those get read by staff, occasionally passed on to the politician. Emails usually get a quick browse by staff and a box checked off pro/con subject.

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I appreciate this forum and your guidance with it Col.!


I know what I want to say, but sometimes lack the proper literary skill (and maybe tact) to say it in a manner that's clear & concise.


Thanks to all who share - I will readily admit to plagiarizing some of your posts.

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I appreciate this forum and your guidance with it Col.!


I know what I want to say, but sometimes lack the proper literary skill (and maybe tact) to say it in a manner that's clear & concise.


Thanks to all who share - I will readily admit to plagiarizing some of your posts.


Read. A lot. Read old speeches. Get your thoughts down in Word or some other word processing program. Let them sit an hour or so. Read them. Make some changes. Let them sit and read them again. Make more changes. Refine them. Try to eliminate emotionalism without masking your passion for protecting civil rights.

Try editing down a 1200 word rant to 250 words to fit the maximum word count for a letter to the editor without loss of content.

It gets easier with practice.


As someone else pointed out in another thread, a short letter, "I urge you to vote no on AB 1234, Title of Bill." can be just as effective, if not more effective, as a 4 page manifesto.

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There is only one thing politicians understand and that is whether they have your vote.Tell them in no uncertain terms that if they vote for any anti-gun legislation that they will lose your vote. They will understand that!

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Dan, we are not going to come out squeaky clean with no new gun laws at the State and Federal levels. So NOW is the time to start mobilizing as many of the 82,000,000 guns owners to vote out of office for any politician that votes Yes for anymore gun laws. Many of the laws are still in Committee but Congress will be floor voting next month. I believe that the White House and Politicians vividly remember in the back of their minds but won't openly speak about it, the Brady & Clinton eras when Democrats were voted out of Office turning the House & Senate to Republican majority

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John Boy, I don't know of anyone on our side who thought we would come away with a perfect record. And I fully agree, every member of Team SASS should be tracking those who vote for and against gun control legislation in their respective areas and apply the heat and then vote accordingly.


Regarding SASS HQs, we will be watching the national level very closely in coordination with the NRA, GOA and others.


Soldier on...

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Per Colonel Dan's suggestion, perhaps I can take this opportunity to alert those here to a variety of cost-free programs that may help you all in spreading the word this Election cycle.


As some of you know, I am currently serving as a Board Member of the National Rifle Association and Vice President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. I mention this for no other reason than to alert you to the free "grassroots" and informational resources that the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action and each official NRA State- Affiliate (ie, the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association) has available for you use.


I would check in daily at http://www.nraila.org/ to keep up with all of the latest legislative issues facing us all. Coupled with these cost-free programs that NRA-ILA provides and may be of interest to you:


NRA-ILA Grassroots Program:





NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert - Stay Informed:





Register to Vote:





Candidate Ratings:




Here's a list of the NRA State Affiliates:




Each of these organizations have a "Legislative Director" on their board, provide a monthly newsletter which should allow you the ability to submit articles and information of note to spread our message cost-free and mostly likely; the ability to add items to their websites, etc.



We are all very fortunate to have Colonel Dan leading our efforts....As always, if I could be of any assistance to you...Please feel free to call/text me via 518-389-8322. I'll do my best to help!


Working together, we will prevail!



All my best,




Joseph P. DeBergalis, Jr.



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