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  1. The foundational philosophy of Team SASS has always been structured as a decentralized organization of active state clubs led by an active State Director. Why did we establish it this way? Nobody knows the local area and your state as well as those who live and interact there with the political hierarchy. Just as our Federal government can't govern each state successfully, although they continue to try, those in Washington have no idea what the real needs and challenges are of those in Florida, Montana, Wyoming and so on. Only those faced with the issues in their local area are familiar enough with those issues and the people around them to affect the necessary actions required to deal with and hopefully solve them. Team SASS, unlike our federal government, recognized this from the very beginning and never assumed to try and direct state and local actions from the national level. Team SASS HQs would provide the overarching structure, guidance and coordination for the states as well as cooperate with other organizations such as the NRA, GOA, SAF etc.at the national level to face down those whose intent has always been to infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms. We must actively attack this as a combined force or we will be eaten alive piecemeal. Where the front line battle is waged has always been at the local and state levels. To successfully engage in this on-going fight, we all must be active participants led by active and dedicated leaders at all levels. State Directors with the "right stuff" are essential to our success. As in any organization with which I've ever been associated, the organization takes its lead and develops its personality from the leader. If that leader is active, enthusiastic, dedicated and leads by example, those he leads will do likewise. If he is lazy, unconcerned and hopeful that others will carry the load, those he leads will do likewise. Ergo, Team SASS needs the former and must avoid the latter. If you feel you have the right stuff, we need you to step into those leadership positions and put fire in the belly of those you will lead. We can only win this struggle with such as these. If protecting the divine right to keep and bear arms is important to you and you're willing to dedicate part of your life and time to that effort, let Charlie know and come join the fight.
  2. Everybody’s friend, Fast Eddie, has reported to me that he shot his 300th clean match! A truly outstanding achievement by any standard. Over the years Eddie and I have tracked each other’s clean matches and he’s now over taken me in that category. I render him a sincere salute of respect and admiration for reaching that lofty level of shooting. Outstanding my friend, truly outstanding! Soldier on Eddie!!!!!
  3. I haven't shot in quite some time but over the years, I've seen this exact situation more than once and I agree with Dan 100%. At major matches, if there's a target problem such as Dan described that alters the stage that other shooters have engaged, then yes, the effected shooter should be offered a re-shoot. In major matches such as state championships, regionals and EoT, even 1/10 of a second can be significant in determining the overall outcome among top shooters. Me, I never had to worry about 1/10 of a second. However, if it meant the difference between shooting clean and being scored with a miss, it was a big deal to me! Bottom line: Offer the shooter a re-shoot but as I always say, that's just the view from my old foxhole.
  4. SASS Alias: Colonel Dan SASS# 24025 From: Central Florida Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 1998
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