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What does it cost?

Marlin Buckhorn,SASS 51727

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Title pretty well says it all. Barrels wouldn't need to be cut but every thing else that is normal needs doing. I believe the trigger on this is mechanical so I don't what needs doing there.


Thanks for your time and input,



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Jimmy Spurs


Pioneer Gunworks


Gunslinger, Inc.

Custom Cowboy Action Work for your Guns

Contact Bob Sanders, President

"Gunslinger", SASS #10706

Email: gun1@chilitech.com


Are just a few off the top of my head. I've used Gunslinger for a Baikal and am happy with his work.


I'm sure others will chime in with info on their favorite smith.

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Brownings have their specialists in this game. The cowboy-smiths who specialize in them:

(no order- just as they come to mind and ALL are known to be excellent)

Dirt Merchant- GA


Goatneck Clem- TX


Johnny Meadows-AZ


then there are those who specialize in '97's/'87's/ hammer guns


Coyote Cap- MN




Nate Kiowa Jones- TX


Run N Iron (Lonnie Meyer)- NE


Any of them as well as the ones mentioned would do a good job for you as the truth is that most all of them have done all of those and more. Or will tell you straight out who they like for that gun. Most all can be contacted with a PM from the SASS WAHR.

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Don't forget Ol'#4 he's the only one that I have had working on my BSS and good job to.



Best To Ya,


Big Iron Buster

+1....just shows the diversity of the Cowboy smiths we have in this sport from coast to coast.

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Kinda like asking how much a new auto costs. Depends on what you want done. Barrels cut shorter, cut stock add recoil pad, trigger work, action smoothed to open easier, main spring work, opening lever bent, new bead, forcing cone work, chamber work, champhering of chambers, work on extractor, mercury recoil reducer in stock, etc.

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