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  1. BA10.....https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1017887968
  2. These were out of production for many years. Interesting to see them catalogued again! I had an early example of the 66 that I thought would be a great practice rifle. Pretty heavy, and I found the extractor to be pretty weak - broke 3 or 4 times - so I stopped using it for practice. Uberti may have addressed that issue with this current version. Very cool, and mine was very accurate!
  3. The number of Xs has meaning only within a given brand - there is no industry standard. If you want top quality, get 100% Beaver felt. Next would be a blend of beaver and rabbit. Bottom of the pot is wool. In general, anything a beaver can stand up to, your beaver felt hat can - wind, rain, sleet, or snow - bullet holes, not so much..... Oh, D Bar J is a great outfit and makes a fine hat!
  4. I believe the purpose of this is to provide an ID (REAL) that proves you are in fact a citizen of the US. A driver's license, in many places in the country, could easily be obtained by folks who are not citizens of the US - NM as a case in point!. Without a Real ID, you would/will need a passport to board a plane or enter a government building.
  5. If you examine the carrier on your Winchester /Miroku 73, you will note that the top of the carrier is beveled or notched on the right hand side. That was designed into the rifle so that it will throw the brass forward and away from the shooter. In short, the Miroku is tuned to show the brass forward - at least the 38/357 seems to be. The only "fix" I know of is to install the Pioneer Gunworks kit which includes a new carrier.
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