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  1. I hope the few i’s dotted and T’s crossed are for expanding categories? Buster
  2. I did but as you know it fills up with anybody and everybody on awards day.
  3. No someone backed into it there is no paint, just a big dent. And believe when I say they new it from the size of dent. No it happened at the awards I’m positive Will do thanks
  4. I’m staying over for the Indiana state match at Paridise pass. (If who ever) doesn’t contact me or SASS or Paridise pass I hope camera’s will have something.
  5. The match was great, stages very hittable, good food and wonderful staff. Thank you CC Top for opening up your range for this event. But I have to say Thank you to the low life that backed into my truck!!! During the awards No note or anything left on my truck. You just cost me couple grand for repairs. Talked to CC Top owner of range he has camera’s everywhere. You know who you are, hope you can sleep well knowing what you have done. Big iron Buster
  6. CCI #11 on SliXnipples also #10 Rem
  7. Shifty get a hold of Salako he maybe able to help. buster
  8. contact C D Tom he is the creator of program
  9. I'll take the 12 Ga. AA Gray's PM me the details! Big Iron Buster
  10. received your email. I believe you have mistaken me for someone else.

    Big Iron Buster

  11. Howdy 3GC, thanks for the info. When ready I'll send Colt a note.

    Best Regards,

    Big Iron Buster

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