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  1. Were you ever able to post pictures of your target stands?

  2. I have a Dillon Square Deal B 38/357 caliber conversion that I want to trade for a SDB 9mm caliber conversion. You pay your shipping , I'll pay mine.
  3. For some reason I could not view your last PM. I think I had a setting in my profile messed up.

    Could you resend or email me please.



  4. My address is 3275 W. 900 S. , Boswell, IN 47921.

  5. Send me your address and I will send you the $100 for the shotgun.

  6. Hey 2S,

    Texita Draw here, hope you are doing well

    I saw in a wire post that you had the Pdf of swapping triggers on the Stoeger.

    I would really like to have a copy if you don't mind sharing with a stranger.


    Happy Shooting!

  7. Please send link to your sermon. Dsbrown@nts-online.net

  8. Hugh

    Would you share your cowboy45 load data with me? Thanks.

  9. Just checking to see if you received the copy of the Fort Sill photo.

  10. Thanks for the offer of digital spur strap patterns.

    my email is dsbrown@nts-online.net


  11. I have a follow up question o two about loading the C45 on a Dillon Square Deal B. I have a SDB set up for 45ACP.. If I change out the shell plate so it will hold the C45 cases will all the ACP dies work? There are 4 proprietary dies: sizer/deprimer, powder/bell, bullet seat and crimp dies. I want to get my SDB set up for C45 but I would like to do it as inexpensively as possible.

  12. Jefro

    I use grey WinAA 12L wads. Do you have a recipe for BP loads? Thank in advance.

  13. Got the money today and will try to get the pistol back in the mail tomorrow if things at work cooperate.


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