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Do these purple chaps make my a$$ look big?

Rance - SASS # 54090

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Just left our local monthly shoot at the Shady Creek Shootist club in Monmouth Illinois..

The owner is Ol' #7... with the help of Dapper Dan and his wife Muleskinner Mary

Ol' #7 has became a great friend as most other shooters there have..

but he's going thru a bout with cancer... again..

Shot with him again today... we might oughta put him in our prayers.. I do most nights..



But anyhow.. I got ta thinkin' on the way home... yeah, :wacko: that's kinda scarey..

About all the cowfolks that share the wire that are ailin' a smite bit.. or maybe a whole bunch...

Like Korupt Karl.. :lol: who I'll easily give credit for this topic name :lol: .. and

Pit Bull Tex's family... comes to mind..

but these are just a couple of SASS wire pards,(There are a lot more)

During their time of stress and illness I've noticed..


They keep their sense of humor

They keep participating on the wire

They don't whine and complain.. they ask for our prayers..


I don't really know what I'm tryin' ta say here..

but we are their wire family...

We, at times, are their only constant in life..

They can come here and be listened to :mellow: , also probably scolded :angry: and definetly be argued with :)

The pards here will listen to them, pray with them and for them, and argue with them,

and any one of them would probably have their back if needed...


Rance <_<

Thinkin' I'm ramblin'

Hope ya got my meanin' :blush:



OK.. have to edit this... Post #5 Muleskinner Mary is on my case :wacko: ... again...

She says Ol'#7 wants me to make sure everyone knows Muleskinner Mary is his wife... not Dapper Dan's

OK... #7 are ya satified now!!! see there... he still has his sense of humor too :lol:

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Yes I did.With out the ladies and gents on this wire and all of the prayers and letting me talk to them by Pms.It sure would have been hard to make it.I cried alot,but you people helped me make it and helped God with the healing of my wife of cancer and I thank you again. I dont mind having my butt chewed on on the wire,I dont allway agree with what is said and I have put my foot in my mouth,well ok both feet.If I can ever help a cowboy or cowgirl,I will do it,after the help I have gotten from my friends on here.OK I am done slobbering. Prayers up for Ol'#7 from Texas and for his family and all his friends.

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Kind of like Family, Fight like cats an Dogs with each other,,,,, but have an outsider attack .....


Boom a united front forms faster than grease through a goose .......



Jabez Cowboy

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Hi Rance, Thanks for the continued prayers for Ole #7. Just wanted to verify (his words!!) that I'm married to him and not Dapper Dan LOL


MuleskinnerMary & Ole#7

whoops....sorry Mary :blush:


Thought everybody knew you were married to Ole #7


Rance <_<

There I go thinkin' agin' :wacko:

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Well said Rance!!



Prayers up!!

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It's okay Mary...Rance is just letting his Pennsylvania Dutch show a little. My HS English teacher would have a field day with him :P


Stick with Ol'#7 and make sure he's better so we can enjoy his company next week at True Grit....Okay...we're looking forward to seeing you too :wub:


Prayers up for Ol'#7 and his loved ones


Charlie and Tammy

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Prayers up for our friends Mary & Ron. Due to several different circumstances, we haven't made many shoots this year at Shady Creek and we've certainly missed seeing Mary & Ron. Well, we'll remedy that this weekend at true grit. In the mean time, we'll be praying for Gods healing touch.


Dee Mak Jack & Judy B Quick

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Actually Charlie, True Grit is THIS week!! Hope to see you wed.


Yaeh...yeah....I was still in THIS weekend when I said I'd see you NEXT weekend...You know what I mean :P


PS...It'll be late Thursday before we get there...W*rk, ya know. ;)

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I got the truck all loaded up and will be heading out tomorrow. I should be arriving about 1030 and gettin' a hug about 1031.....



See Y'All there....

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