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  1. I shoot either the 158 Grain Snakebite Greasewagon or a Lyman RNFP from 358665 mold. Since I cast from a soft lead alloy, they run a bit heavy. Generally from 160-165 grains...
  2. Memorial Day is not about barbecues, drinking until you puke or acting like a fool. It is about Remembrance. It is about those brave Souls that lost their lives defending our Country and making life for us as safe as is humanly possible. I am enclosing a copy of some Cowboy Poetry that we had back in around 2007. Many of us contributed to the topic but what I am posting came from me alone. I have never had an artistic side to me and I was never good at this kind of thing. Hell... I do not even know where I got the inspiration for this. I never had it before and I have never had it since. Plea
  3. Sergeant Smokepole SASS 29148L From Chicago Il. Home club Bristol Plains Pistoleros Shooting CAS well over 20 years.
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