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  1. It is with heavy heart that I am informing all about the passing of Dapper Dan Porter. Dan passed away a couple of weeks ago to cancer. But Dan went out as a Man on his own terms. He told his daughter that he wanted out of bed. She walked him outside and sat him down with a blanket. Dan had a beautiful sunny day and had the sun in his face as he went to God. Vaya con Dios, my Brother. We will meet again on the Other Side.
  2. Having gone through this during the Obama years, I learned to stock up in times of plenty. I have enough loaded ammo to last me about 8 years in various calibers, along with a couple thousand Large and Small rifle primers , 8,000 large pistol primers and 5,000 small pistol primers. That is my base line reserve floor. I suggest to all to do the same if you are financially able to. Getting an 8 pound cannister of HP38 from Graf and Sons tomorrow. Price was a bit steep in comparison to the last few cannisters I bought but I was down to my last pound and I need the powder for a few calibers I w
  3. Sergeant Smokepole SASS 29148L From Chicago Il. Home club Bristol Plains Pistoleros Shooting CAS well over 20 years.
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