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  1. When I am asked what filler I use, my response is "FFFg"...…. I am a Warthog.....lol
  2. The picture is from Bristol Plains Pistoleros. That is Zeb on the left and me on the right. It is probably 20 years ago.
  3. Sergeant Smokepole SASS 29148L From Chicago Il. Home club Bristol Plains Pistoleros Shooting CAS well over 20 years.
  4. Here's the pics. I also had to weld the frame where the firing pin hole was all buggered up.
  5. My load is this. 83 grains of FFFg .125 hard card wad, .500 cushion wad, 1 1/8 ounce of shot, .0303 over shot wad put up in brand new Fiocchi hulls and roll crimped. Look at my avatar….
  6. UPDATE!!!! I ordered a new front sight and tried silver soldering it. For some god unknown reason, it wouldn't hold. I was about to order another barrel for over 150 yankee greenbacks when I was scrolling through Midway's site and saw a product by Locktite. It is Locktite Black. A glue designed for bonding metal to metal. I ordered some along with another front sight and puddled in the glue, and put some on the base of the sight. I waited a few minutes until the glue was starting to set up and then inserted the sight into the groove that was in the barrel. As it was curing, the sight slightly shifted. The glue isn't perfect but it passes the 10 foot test. I took it out last week and fired a box of .45 Colt rounds loaded to about 800 FPS. I was flabbergasted. The glue held. Now, my Frankengun is a shooter again. It hits to point of aim elevation and about an inch or so to the right. I can live with this if I add a sliver of daylight to the right side of the sight... Old boy is happy again.....
  7. I made a mistake. It was shooting almost a foot high at 30 feet.
  8. Start by standing really tall and after every shot, lower your body a couple of inches.... That's what I do....
  9. A few months ago, I got my hands on a SAA frame by an unknown manufacturer. It had a chopped down Colt barrel and a front sight made from an Israeli 50 Shekel gold coin. It shoots low... Really low. I think the previous owner set it up to shoot 165 grainers. It also would not set on half cock for loading. I bought a replacement hammer from Numrich Arms and installed it. Now, my Frankengun is working properly. I need to adjust the trigger return spring tension a mite but it is workable as is by manually pressing the trigger forward. Next step, make a new sight to the proper height for 250 grainers. I could shoot lighter bullets but I am a warthog at heart. BTW, the value of that 50 Shekel piece was approximately 250 dollars before it was chopped up.....lol Yes, it is a real gold coin....
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