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  1. Start by standing really tall and after every shot, lower your body a couple of inches.... That's what I do....
  2. A few months ago, I got my hands on a SAA frame by an unknown manufacturer. It had a chopped down Colt barrel and a front sight made from an Israeli 50 Shekel gold coin. It shoots low... Really low. I think the previous owner set it up to shoot 165 grainers. It also would not set on half cock for loading. I bought a replacement hammer from Numrich Arms and installed it. Now, my Frankengun is working properly. I need to adjust the trigger return spring tension a mite but it is workable as is by manually pressing the trigger forward. Next step, make a new sight to the proper height for 250 grainers. I could shoot lighter bullets but I am a warthog at heart. BTW, the value of that 50 Shekel piece was approximately 250 dollars before it was chopped up.....lol Yes, it is a real gold coin....
  3. It has been forever as I have forgotten my sign in info. I just remembered it so I signed in. My Match days are probably all in the past now. 6 herniated discs makes it extremely painful to wear a gun belt. But I will never forget all the Friends I have made in SASS.
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