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  1. Well if you really want to hear why the Military hushed it and news dropped it ASAP let me know lets just say they catered to it the last 3 years
  2. Hmm and which way to go here a or b hmm lets go the safe choice
  3. The Damn calves are not smart thats for sure LOL never seems to fail we get a week of severe cold and blizzards here they come . Texas has the Rodeos on us and year round ropings ect Love the Hill Country of Texas but little to flat for me nothing better then the smell of pine on a cool morning .
  4. Not much compares to cattle in Bighorns now this is a paid tourist drive but scenery well beats TX
  5. I think you need more meat protein with that double post And my family came here in 1650
  6. Well I worked at and know the Blakes well 166,000 acres in Mohave County some straggly cows compared to up here LOL
  7. You know 15-20 years ago I would have agreed with that and of Course many north of that Red River , Love Texas for the rodeos when I was riding . Texas has size of ranches over this area I think our Largest in Wyoming in Pathfinder @ 638,000 acres compared to the Chief Joseph ranch (where Yellowstone is filmed) @ 2500 acres 6666 ranch in Texas is 260,00 was at one time 330,000 but add in the King @ 825,000 and several other well over 250,000 acres Up here you need appx 1.5-2 acres per head of cattle average down n Texas I have heard up to 10acres per head
  8. Ohh we have had Range Wars up here , Johnson County War and well Big cattlemen tried pushing out little one and brought up hired guns from Texas that didnt end well for them, The Buffalo/ Kaycee area is awesome , TA Ranch and Hole in the Wall area ( worked ranches in that area ) Lots of History around Here. Butch and Sundance , Tom Horn , Wild Bill in Deadwood (although Deadwood plays the fable route on Most of that for tourists ) The Deadwood and SD historical society kinda hide somethings and well Family has been here for years had our own county , town and my ancestor was Mashal Burdick the man that hung Jack McCall .
  9. I would rather drink most creek / river water around here than the microscopic plastic in bottled water
  10. Wyoming (known as the Cowboy State) , and not liberal Laramie or Jackson Hole . Its probably actually more of a 3 state region WYoming, South Dakota and Montana Sorry Texas you dont calve in a Blizzard
  11. And some okay Uber drivers for Marines Thanks Missed answering that Yes PEQ-15
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