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  1. Buy as many as I want local for that price and get a discount off of that .
  2. PSD Personal Security Detachment/ Detail GRS Global Response Staff/ Solutions
  3. Wont because it goes against the anti Gun disarm the population agenda. Fact is they wouldn't even use these guys in the video for their own PSD
  4. Hardly Secret Service , just what is known to the real PSD,GRS guys as rent a hack they have very little training , run barely level 3 vest and scrub AR accessories that Grip pod LOL wont even go into the handcuff hanging in his butt These are mall cops with AR's https://www.presidentialsecuritycompany.com/certifications-and-clients
  5. I have The Thunderer 45 Colt and Lightning 32-20 No complaints on them nice little pistols
  6. Thieves broke into a police station and stole all the toilets. At this moment in time they have nothing to go on.
  7. However, the incident, dramatic video footage of which was captured at the time, makes it worthwhile to discuss an obscure feature on the aircraft: an 'auto eject' system that can engage the jet's Martin-Baker US16E ejection seat without direction under very particular circumstances. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/the-f-35b-can-eject-its-pilot-automatically
  8. Welcome to the crew then ! you showed up late to the party . Of course those that knew me from convoys in Iraq, and Afghanistan could have told you that . They would give me the freeze dried single packets of Coffee out of MRE's . I would open a couple pour into my mouth and a swig of water , in with the thermos of Coffee my KBR team always had for me .
  9. The F35 has a auto-eject seat , They have had issues for the last year but still flying https://www.military.com/daily-news/2022/08/03/f-35-ejection-seat-problem-was-discovered-3-months-ago-jets-kept-flying.html
  10. Finders keepers? Has anyone seen the lost F35? The US military is searching for a missing F-35B in South Carolina after the pilot ejected yesterday and the jet kept flying. If you have seen an F-35 in the woods, please contact the US Marines. https://www.npr.org/2023/09/18/1200093822/missing-f-35-fighter-jet-south-carolina
  11. Well the house isnt going to hit itself
  12. Somewhat true ; The WD-40 Company issued a statement Thursday saying its products would still be available in Canada under a new formulation after Ottawa imposes new restrictions on the compound used in the original formula of the hugely popular penetrating oil spray. In January 2022, details of new regulations in the Canadian Environmental Protection Act were published in the Canada Gazette, aiming to set maximum concentrations for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) — certain chemicals with boiling points low enough to allow them to exist as an atmospheric vapour at room temperature.
  13. I grew up on the 70's Country music and well A ranch kid in the 80's looking to "see the world " so Rodeo and Bulls and Hot Rods turned more into Rock with a few exceptions Chris Ledoux who was in his own league . Military n 80's in SO. Cal. meant Gazzarri's , Rainbow and Whisky depending on who was playing Most of the time when I was at Pendleton was Carl's Tavern in Vista and well that at the time no one argued with us Then last year of Marines they sent me to MCAS ElToro which at the time I had zero idea how they moved a Grunt to a Air base lol but KNAC 105.5 was always on
  14. Add this one too, Had one bar we would attend after training they loved this song . We ended up telling them never pay it again or we would find a new hoome .
  15. Now Try that in the PI (Philippines) Okinawa or Korea Growing up we had a radio station I could get all the time ( 100 miles away) I think they must must of had 50 records and half of them were the Beatles LOL , Here comes the sun every damn hour every morning and everything else all day .
  16. PEARL HARBOR (Sept. 10, 2023) Boots of fallen service members, part of the Boot Memorial Hero & Remembrance Run, line a large field on Ford Island, Sept. 10, 2023. The Boot Memorial Hero & Remembrance Run honors the more than 8,000 service members who lost their lives in combat since September 11, 2001.
  17. Sadly Most have forgotten already, Politics and theories aside . We were all Americans then, None of the BS going on now to divide us and Very few remember the "other" 9-11 RIP "Bub"
  18. I would say False because Albuquerque Cops arrested kids for face diaper violations.
  19. Sooner Americans wakeup and realize its Control they are after . And Part two How many of the LEO's will enforce it ?? Just doing their job as they are told are just as guilty and those making such orders
  20. Well considering I have more combat missions In probably one of eight tours the our entire force and made their SWAT trainer look stupid in his CQC training when I took out his prize team in a competitive session . I think I’m am good against a force that in a fire fight with armed suspect , fired a full 2 mags from his Glock at 25-30 yards with 2 hits one grazed arm and one in leg . As long as you stand still you are safe Besides my body armor is better than theirs a few from next county over now ask me when I am going shooting to get some training. Halfway thought about doing my own training classes ( which isn’t that what military from some units do other that a coffee or T-shirt company )
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