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  1. Just means you gotta sober up enough to go restock then once home ya get hammered again for a couple weeks. That's 2 times in one month
  2. My voice has no words for for my heart to express that loss. I can only say that I feel for you and your family and offer what support and prayers I can give. In time you will be reunited.
  3. You ever deal with island time or in'shallah? Moon cycles seasons and daylight it's what ya got left after Greenwich time is removed
  4. Most pattern weld uses an etching compound to 'bring out' the differences in the 2 steels. Its similar to bluing, the different metals take acid and discolor differently. If you polish it you can make it look like monosteel. The pattern welds I have are usually some form of high carbon steel and another tool steel. Not stainless so I have to care for them as I would a 1030 high carbon blade.
  5. Basic math. 20 goes in to 60 a lot more times than 60 goes in to 20.
  6. If you are handy I bought mine from repo at a local credit union. It's a couple years old and needed some work but at half the cost of the used lot.
  7. Control of the language is control of the mind. A language cannot have a word for which the concept doesn't exist: Sapir - Whorf language relitivity.
  8. I want a modern cartridge fired LeMat revolver. More accessible BP clones that a normal human can afford would be nice also.
  9. Linseed oilcloth takes aplication dry time and multiple layers, you are essentially applying pigmentless oil based paint to the cloth until you have a thick flexible waterproof layer. One set of instructions I read said to taughtly nail a piece of sailcloth to the barn wall and paint it repeatedly. IIRC process took 3 months BEFORE cutting and stitching the geatcoat started.
  10. Old school blacksmith approach: lightly file the barrel where the pattern is moving TO. Shortens that side allowing exhaust gasses to push the pattern away from that point. If it's shooting low and left from the stockside view file the 5 o'clock position. Is the end of the barrel true, plumb and square?
  11. Linseed stinks. A LOT. and takes time to paint and repaint to make a proper oilcloth. Thompsons water seal in a pump sprayer. If it's cotton canvas wash it HOT to shrink the weave. After it's dry Hang it up outside and spray it with water seal let air dry hanging. Used to do that with canvas tent cloth, tight dry and tight. Or go into the camping aisle and buy a modern waterproofer in a spray can and do it the easy way.
  12. /\ you are on a cowboy shooting forum and can't all agree. Random selection jury selected and acceptable to both sides might take a while to either come to concensus or declare hung jury. AND the judge still has 2 motions for mistrial to rule on.
  13. Don't show a Ghurka your Khukri. Unless you earned it or it's gifted to you by a Ghurka.
  14. Why worry about banks when we all carry a tattletale in our pocket that tracks location and can listen to your conversations?
  15. Plaster saints and slipping down the ladder rung by rung. Both rang Tru to me
  16. The police are employees of the government. The government is made up of the people. When employees don't do their job in an organization SOMEBODY has to. Like all organizations our country has people who will sit and watch it burn while saying 'somebody should do something' The police are employees of the people not management. We don't live in a totalitarian police state yet. I have seen several comments from people stating a feeling along the lines of 'what gave him the right to show up there armed'. I should be able to walk around every day as armed as I want as a citizen. Their right to protest/riot/loot/burn does not abrogate my 2a. When Ferguson mo caught I worked 1/2 mile from there. Darn Skippy I loaded heavy and carried armor. Seemed prudent. Legislation and social engineering seem to have changed our society to accept rioting as legit but open carry freaks people out. Trying cases in the media seems to be the new thing. Let's let the Judiciary do their thing.
  17. I started as a 91A and they phased out the alphas. Back then you made Bravo as a senior medic so about E5. I was spec4 one day and woke up a Bravo
  18. 91 Bravo. They've tossed the mos list a couple times since I got out.
  19. It's 80% petroleum jelly or so plus the stuff that makes it medicine. Dollar store sells tubes. For emergency fire starters I have some tea candles in my bag.
  20. Use triple antibiotic instead of petroleum jelly. Same weight and affect but more uses.
  21. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from surviving bad decisions. Sometimes common sense has to be earned.
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