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  1. You just pay postage: Three pair of faded canvas duck button front pants. These are worn, some have been restitched by hand at wear points. Personally I mostly preferred the worn and faded look when I was shooting cowboy and thought these were perfect for the saddle worn cowboy look. However, if you are a fastidious and fabulously dressed sort these are not your cup of tea! Size 42 and 44. This style of pants fits small so they are best if you wear 38-40 modern style jeans. Three band collar shirts. These are modern but look vintage. All clean but well worn. The
  2. This is the biggest problem with rank points, not the postulated failure of rank time to adequately penalize a safety violation. A shooter outside of your category influences your outcome. Further, if you ranked within category rather than across categories, the failure of rank points to penalize safety violations would be much reduced.
  3. Brian,

    I have a pistol grip/knife scale making size piece of wood I'll try to remember to bring to the regional for you. It's not super exotic, just kind of interesting.

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