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  1. I have a Vaquero that was converted to Bisley if you are interested let me know and I will provide pictures.
  2. I am thinking it is the same reason some folks strip blue from a new gun or even rough it up to make it look old and well used.
  3. Nothing wrong with the .30-06 as has been pointed out. If you already have enough rifles in that caliber I would agree with Yellowhouse Sam and Jabez Cowboy. The 6.5-06 would be a great choice because range of bullet weights available. The sectional density of the heavy bullets in this caliber make it very interesting. Stepping up in size, the .338-06 and .35 Whelen are the way to go. Full disclosure, the 6.5x55 is my favorite rifle caliber, the .35 Whelen is my second favorite., but through a comedy of life I own more rifles in .30-06 than any other.
  4. Good memories shooting with Five Jacks and the gang out at RR Bar! I miss the black powder shoots we did!
  5. Local toy store got one in on trade. I don’t need it but remembered a few folks who favored them!
  6. Do folks still like the 16 gauge 1897? I don’t see many around.
  7. I am happy to hear you got a stock. Ranges longer than 200 yards are few and far between, hope you get a chance to get to one someday.
  8. Mr. Wayne, I responded to your inquiry yesterday but haven’t heard back from you. I had another interested party Contact me right after you did yesterday and even though you didn’t ask me to hold the rifle I told the other potential buyer I would wait 24 hours to hear from you. I hate to do it but if I don’t hear from you this evening I will go ahead and deal with the other buyer. If anyone knows Roster Ron Wayne and can contact him please let him know I want to treat him fairly!
  9. I am happy to know that barrel has a good home! I used my long barreled Marlin .45 to take a deer this year.
  10. H&R single shot in .38-55. This is a great rifle for Frontiersman! It is also a decent entry level long range gun. The chamber was reamed by Old Scout for use with lead bullets. As they came from the factory the rear sight was not legal so a Krag ladder sight was installed. This is an ejector equipped gun, I understand that it can be converted to extractor if desired. The advantage of the ejector is speed. I have two Stocks for this gun. The one that is installed is slimmed down to better fit the receiver and remove the checkering. The other is as it came from the factory. You
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