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  1. The first time I ever saw an A10 was in Arizona down near Tucson quite a few years ago, even before the first Gulf war. I thought it was the most perfect Aircraft and I wished I was a pilot. Though not as pretty and elegant as some, there is something beautiful about it’s functional design to me. The air to air fighters get the glory, but the ground attack plane gets some serious and important work done.
  2. Hey, I have one! It is a take off barrel from a project, someone wanted a short barrel. I paid 150.00 for it to do just as you are wanting to do. I just never found a donor action. Want it? I will sell it shipped for $150 and I will eat the loss due to inflation. i knew I should have invested that money.
  3. Rubbing alcohol will darken leather nicely and it dries fast. I would wet the surface and work the leather until it dries. If you need more aging sort of crease the leather in natural use ways and leave it as it dries then work the stiffness out. For even more aging try distressing the leather while soaked with alcohol and soft. Slap the item around on mixed surfaces as it dries. You are a good man sir!
  4. Press cases into those cakes of paraffin wax and shoot them with just a primer. You can drill out the primer hole a bit so you don’t have problems with the primers backing out. But you must make sure you segregate those cases and never use them with powder.
  5. Look for the firing pins stocking out of the breech where the hammers can hit them.
  6. Depends on the knife. Most are brought to an edge with a 2x72 belt grinder then stropped on leather with a a fine abrasive compound. This is for convexed edges. Others are sharpened with a synthetic waterstone then stropped. This is used for Knives with a V edge or for a convex that is damaged.
  7. That is one of the reasons I read them! I worked on the Navajo reservation for a number of years and lived on it for a couple of those. I think of Arizona as my home state and I miss the landscape and the people on and around the reservation. I recently read a Leaphorn book written by his daughter. She did a good job and I will read any others she writes.
  8. Message sent. Give me your address so I can get them ready!
  9. You just pay postage: Three pair of faded canvas duck button front pants. These are worn, some have been restitched by hand at wear points. Personally I mostly preferred the worn and faded look when I was shooting cowboy and thought these were perfect for the saddle worn cowboy look. However, if you are a fastidious and fabulously dressed sort these are not your cup of tea! Size 42 and 44. This style of pants fits small so they are best if you wear 38-40 modern style jeans. Three band collar shirts. These are modern but look vintage. All clean but well worn. These are size large, about a 40 inch chest but the sleeves are about 30 inches or so. My preference would be to give them all away at once, especially to a cowboy who is starting off and spending all the money on the guns.
  10. For sale, two bib front shirts for a larger person. I bought these home made shirts a few years ago but they were too big for me so I never wore them. They are in ok shape, with a bit of wear from the previous owner. As stated, these are crafted for a bigger person. The sleeves are not super long, but they fit my 32 inch length ok. Where these are really big are in the stomach area each one measuring almost 30 inches across when laid out flat. I would like to sell both Together, how about $30.00 and that includes shipping in the US via USPS.
  11. Yes, I know two people who have it, confirmed by tests. Both are recovering. I know one person who lost a parent due to this virus but I did not know the parent so this case is not included in the two cases that I know.
  12. looking forward to the show! Since this is the SASS forum I will start in the period and specify a brace of Colts, (Peacemakers of course) in .44-40, both with barrels at 5 1/2 inches and a longer barreled Winchester ‘92 or a Marlin also in .44-40. I want common ammunition for economy and ease of logistics. These will take care of anything I need to shoot. This combination, and an adequate supply of ammunition can be carried on the person and provides defense, small and mid-sized game hunting capability. I could get by today with modern equivalents, substituting Rugers for the Colts. In the modern era, as much as it pains me to not have a 1911, I would go with a Glock 19, an AR with a red dot and a quality 22 bolt action with a scope. Since these each use magazines which keeps the ammunition organized I will forgo the convenience of shared calibers for firepower and versatility. Suppressors for the AR and .22 would be nice to have but not essential. The 9mm and the .5.56 are smallish making it easy to carry on the person adequate ammunition. They are adequate for defense and the AR will take small and midsized game at reasonable ranges. The .22 adds economy, ability to transport a large number or founds with pout a significant weight penalty, and offers a quieter small game hunting option. If a fourth gun was permitted; in the cowboy era it would be a pocket gun, In the modern era a shotgun.
  13. Honey, I had to buy a gun or they wouldn’t let buy the ammo you needed.
  14. Waiting periods are an annoyance to a person who already owns guns. I bet that a waiting period feels a bit more serious to a person who, for the first time realizes that when seconds count, the police are still minutes away.... or may not be able to respond at all.
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