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  1. I got one of those years ago. Sent it back to Dillon two time. They finally just gave me credit and took it back. I now realize that taking a break after 100 round and loading a primer tube is so much faster in the long run. I need that break to help eliminate errors on my part. Take my time and just never have any short strokes or high primers anymore. When I start back after loading new primers, I start very slow and slowly speed up.....and wow.....another 100 done.
  2. I have a Bench Source Annealer and Anneal every time for my bench rest rifles. I have one set of cases for a 30BR that has been fired 55 times with no lost cases. Never have done pistol cases. I can recommend the Bench Source.
  3. This reminds me that in 50 years of reloading, I finally realized that the most important element of reloading is never get in a hurry or rush. Especially with a progressive press.
  4. Jim 

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    Bruce Parbst

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  5. I had it happen on a custom die. Called the mfg and they said take the depriming pin out and put in a drill and spin it on some fine emery paper. Smooth it up. Solved the problem.
  6. I have been shooting a pair of second gen Colt's since 2002. Only 1 repair. Tuned by Cody. Love them.
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