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  1. I am shooting the same gun for my 20th year! Only a couple of parts replaced due to soft Italian metal. I think they are most bullet proof 73's out there.
  2. KG 9 it works. Everyone gets advice...........only the wise profit from it.
  3. Any system that doesn't give ranking for each stage sucks.
  4. Powder River Cowboy..................................THAT'S IT .............thanks......where did you get it?
  5. Never thought I would say that! I have had many machines over the years. Met Mike Dillon about a hundred years ago at a NRA convention. He was by himself with one machine mounted on a small table. That was it. Been a loyal customer ever since. Now to the present...,,need to relube my XL650. Always go to web site and follow their direction from a to z. Now it is gone......only a bunch of individual short on various parts of machine. Called Dillon no help. Ratz.
  6. So the web site is wrong and my 1873 will be fine even though it doesn't have a w in the serial number?
  7. Well Ratz! My serial number is only 5 digits...all numeric. Gun is about 22 years old. Thanks for all the comments and help.
  8. Thanks Coffinmaker. Good info. Not spring .....after 20 years loading gate broke and new one is really, really stiff. I missed the "style" part!
  9. A third gen 357 with 4 3/4 barrel just sold for $3,025 on Gunbroker. No box or paperwork but it was unfired. Sold by Keystone Arms.
  10. There was a recent thread on stiff/heavy loading gates. I have one! Someone suggested using a 1866 loading gate. Can someone give me a link or name to get one of these? I tried to do a search but no luck. Thanks Jim
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