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  1. Ezra, what size hat do you wear? my clothes are too large for you but I might have a hat. is there a local club near you? if you go to a match and get involved, even though you may not be ready to shoot, many will see your effort to help and respect your effort. Earned respect becomes a reason to help. It’s how must of us got started. CAS shooters are great people especially when they SEE you also live the Cowboy way.
  2. Ezra, what size are you and be specific on what you need. Pecos Pav and others in NJ may have some clothes etc
  3. Please contact me @ bill.americanfamily@gmail.com

    1. Filthy Harry, SASS #24924

      Filthy Harry, SASS #24924

      Yeah, but I.m having password issues . On Facebook, I'm Harry Oster, Browntown, Wi 53522, or message my phone at 608-346-4225 and I can send pictures immediately. I'm 76 and wearing down for SASS. I bought the guns, Great Western IIs 5 1/2" .357s. stainless, from EMF and had them sent to Nate Kiowa Jones of Steve's Gunz to do the action work. They have Eagle Rosewood Gunfighter grips on them and I have the Ivory Poly they came with. Jim Downing engraved the backstraps at an Illinois State match and said he'd never dop that model again. The stainless is too hard. I'm asking $1350 and I'll pay shipping. you pay the $25 transfer fee for each gun. I ship through Dam Road Gun Shop in Delavan, Wi. Very knowledgable owner, Dam Road Mike, I've shot SASS with him for about 23 years. I've got three people questioning me about them.

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