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  1. Man oh man what the heck am I going to do at noon every Monday through Friday?
  2. I am number 30 on the wait list but was assured by Dutch Coroner that I would get in. Dutch is always right so I am going to start packing.
  3. I am going to start packing now. Might even clean my guns.
  4. It took me about 10 tries to figure everything out. Can't believe I am so stupid or they have such a confusing system.
  5. I got in and just go a confirmation e mail. If I make it I will have shot in all 3 locations. Shot Norco in 2001 and Founders Ranch 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  6. Colorado Mountain Hat company has done good by me. Bought a hat from them at EOT in 2009. Paid about $375 or $400. Still looks beautiful after all these years. Been through many rain storms and holds it shape still.
  7. I heard a story about a cowboy who had empty pistols and rifle on first stage. Unfortunately shot the shotgun first! Is that a true story?
  8. I still lube case when using carbide dies. Saves my elbows.
  9. I have had one for a number of years. Once I started using only STS hulls and Remington primers it has run absolutely perfect for years. Beautiful piece of machinery.
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