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  1. Horse Shoes are the answer. Look good feel good.
  2. I hate it when people remove the price from sold items. I always leave it posted in things I sell as I know people are interested. Free bump.
  3. Got about 600 miles on it now and absolutely love it. Wish I had got one long ago. I had a first gen Bronco in the 1980's and did a lot of off roading. Best part is if it is cold , heated seat and steering wheel come on automatically. Great computer screen that I can actually figure out. As to slamming the doors, they are aluminum and very light. Yes, I will do some off roading.
  4. Wanted one for a long time.
  5. Something is something seriously wrong with any organization that can't fix this in a short time.
  6. Super slow last few days. Other forums fine. Somebody needs to fix this if they want people to still come here!
  7. This is a great rifle. I have one and it will be one of the last ones to leave my safe. AND Dutch is a great cowboy.
  8. Loading wet ammo into the tube is the biggest problem!!!!
  9. First gun is a second gen w/stage coachbox and is sold. Note that it says to see below. The second gun is marked for sale.
  10. The second gen which is the first gun listed is sold. The third gen is further down in the ad and is not sold yet. Why I don't know at that price. Feel free to call Cody the verify gun and me. Just Google The Cowboy Shop. Thanks Jim
  11. LawMan Mark...................break it into 3 payments over 3 months. Easy Peezy
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