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  1. One registered shooter will win a second generation Colt. And Cody had donated a action job on said Colt. So one lucky shooter will win a second gen Colt with a Cody action job. About the best door prize that a cowboy could every win. BTW it is a .357 with a 5 1/2 barrel.
  2. I think it is dumb to have a separate forum!
  3. .......if you ever shot with these guys you know how much fun they are. They haven't shot in a number of years but they are all signed up for Mason Dixon Stampede. July 30 - 31 is the date. $80 includes Saturday night dinner, all side matches and a chance to win a Second Gen Colt tuned by Cody Conager. It's a 357 5 1/2 inch beauty. Near Gettysburg and a lot of historical places with close cheap hotels. Match director is World Champion Dutch Coroner so you know the stages will be great. What's not to like?
  4. Congratulations J M. Sorry I missed you. I wimped out and left Friday morning.
  5. and to his brother J B Sledge for 3rd place in Frontier Cartridge. No nicer cowboys in the country!
  6. Cody Conager has donated one of his famous action jobs if you win the Colt SAA to be given away to a registered shooter at The Mason Dixon Stampede. It is a second gen 357 with 5 1/2 inch barrel. Great two day shoot.....entry fee include side matches and Saturday dinner. Great odds to win a Colt and a great action job! Match is near Frederick Maryland and Gettysburg Pa.
  7. I have had several Smith and Wesson revolvers that haven't been out of the safe for 30 years that were locked up tight. Back then used a lot of WD-40. Let Krol seep in for a day and they were as good as new.
  8. Will miss everyone. Was really looking forward to coming but just not up to the trip. Have fun!
  9. Very interesting show about a couple of cowboy action shooter that ended badly.
  10. You young whipper snappers with those high SASS numbers should have some respect for your elders!
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