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  1. I always only use Dillon dies as they have a much larger flair a the entrance to the die. Also spring loaded recapping pin..
  2. Congratulations and well d deserved.
  3. A real pet peeve of mine! At EOT last years, saw a number of shooters I know and have shot with but had not seen them for a year or two ....or three. It sure would have been nice if their name was big enough to see. But it was not to be. All kinds of other information on the name tag and name just too small to see. After all, it is a NAME tag.
  4. Sell them as is. I am shooting a second gen with "Sixgun Red" engraved on backstrap. Cool gun.
  5. I always leave the complete ad up. I think it is just a common courtesy to other forum members. I once had someone not live up to the ad and he was a person that always deleted the ad. This was on another forum. What are you trying to hide?
  6. Dillon powder measures are usually bullet proof. Only time I had a problem was when a stink bug was inside.
  7. I got a pair of 4 3/4 in 45 Name engraved on back strap. One has buffalo horn grips. Tempted to put on gunbroker!
  8. Winchester softer CCI harder At least that was the way it used to be when I shot ppc.
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