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  1. Every article about sleep will tell you to never have a tv in the bedroom.
  2. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
  3. Everyone gets advice. Only the wise profit from it.
  4. Rye was a pleasure to deal with. A gentleman.
  5. Agree with Cat.....only takes a couple of seconds to change your answering machine message.
  6. A long time ago several years out of college I could not find a Smith and Wesson model 43. That is a air weight 22 long rifle 3 1/2 barrel. Beautiful little gun. NIB. After a couple of years, I replaced it. About 5 or 6 or 7 years later my mom called me and ask if I know anything about a gun in a blue box she found in a closet. Yep, there it was. I had taken it with me when I went home one weekend and put it on the top shelf under a blanket. Now I had two. But wait....there is more. Twenty five years later still had the two almost NIB guns. A good friend of mine had a well used Model 43 that he had used for 25 years while running his trap line. When he said he was going to get rid of it I said how much? Nothing for you....here. Now I got 3. I love a happy ending.
  7. Thank you Warden Callaway for that good information. You explained why I said "almost second gen". Backward Billy......it is my understanding that all ffl have to register with the state of California that is the problem, not the particular gun.
  8. Price cut to $1450 shipped. Unfired 43 year old Colt SAA for $1450 has to be best deal around. This does not have removable bushing.
  9. SOLD Colt SAA 357 with 5 1/2 barrel. Unfired with box. Has turn line and light scratches on cylinder that won't show in photo. If you look closely, can see plum in back strap. Gun mfg 1977 serial number 87xxx so it is second year of third gen. Second gen ended in 1975. Box outer slip missing end flaps but all literature is here. Sorry but my ffl will not ship to California. Feel free to text/call me at three zero one 639 63 five four. 3 day inspection as always. $1595 shipped. Now $1500 or 3 payment of $500**** NOW $1450 shipped ********SOLD
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