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  1. We saw a few episodes at a friend's house before Thanksgiving dinner. I was pleasantly surprised there were no homosexual groping or urinating scenes in those few episodes. I have this series in my Netflix DVD queue now... it will be interesting to see how it plays out. We don't watch movies for analysis.. just for something to watch during dinner.
  2. I think having a light saber available in 1873 would be more deadly.
  3. Trace Adkins does a good job when acting the villain.
  4. I coulda told 'em that... and we don't own a dog. Remember: outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog... it's too dark to read.
  5. Before Comcast, I was AT&T for nearly 30 years. They could never fix their chronic line problems caused by ancient copper installed when the neighborhood was built in 1960. These problems got worse a few hours after the sun started warming their distribution cabinet across the street. I was stuck with AT&T DSL in those days. My team was remote in Ohio, and our customer was the state of Minnesota. This required remote desktop connections to both Ohio and Minnesota, all of which were lost when the line burped. AT*T (yet again) sent out a tech, but this guy came with a chip on his shoulder. He was all torqued off over having to work Saturday (overtime). His fatal mistake was blaming my network problems on the electrical power lines and transformer. I don't like being lied to, especially by a snot-nose kid who has not even been alive as long as I've been doing computer networks. I threw him out, called up AT&T and told them they just lost a 30 year customer. Comcast ran new fiber trunk lines to my neighborhood, then installed fresh copper drops to the houses. My personal service has been stellar... 99.9% uptime and no glitches. Part of my happiness is (so far) not having any problems of my own, that require I endure their tech support in Bangalore.
  6. I ran the word through my Jumble decoder that I wrote, and it came up with "moronic". This is the only other valid word in this combination of letters.
  7. Has anybody noticed... the new C19 variant "omicron" is an anagram of "moronic" ?
  8. I just got off the line after 1.5 hours with Comcast/Xfinity script monkeys. No fewer than seven (7) of 'em... and not one could grasp the problem, let alone fix it. I have a lodge brother that I support in his commercial property management business. I have them all set up to access their workstations and server while on the road. All was well until Comcast decided to replace their modem... which broke all their remote access. The go-zouta works fine, but the go-zinta is totally broken. I have 47 years in the IT business, and do know what I'm doing. It is a real shame the script monkeys don't have any expertise beyond reading a canned script. All internet modems/gateways have a unique IP address. Think of this as a Social Security number... a unique number in all the world. Comcast is so screwed up, I can make three different queries for this IP address, and get three different addresses... none of which are working. Even the gov't can keep track of a single SS number... The #7 tech support person played the "Get the customer off the phone" card by scheduling an onsite tech visit. They will send (another) clueless guy who can barely plug things in, let alone comprehend broken port forwards. I requested yet another modem replacement, just in case. I asked them to put in the service notes, "tech is not leaving until forwards are working properly."
  9. One only has to look at the cost of LaPierre's suits, and the cost of that rajah lifestyle... to understand the constant pandering for funds. I'm NRA Life and stopped donating a long time ago, for the above reason. Today, I support GOA, GOC, CRPA and VCDL even though I don't live in Virginia. These groups are attack dogs, and deserve my support.
  10. Yep. This is the Hodgdon line. But, they are dependent upon ADI in Australia for much of their product line, and ADI has production issues of its own. No Trail Boss at all this year. If this is the case, where is it going? Not to the big box stores. Not to internet vendors. Not to local gun shops. I see Accurate 5744 has somewhat become available... at an astronomical price. $40 per pound, plus hazmat, plus shipping. I watch several times daily for Shooter's World Buffalo Rifle (AA5744 when produced by Lovex). None to be found anywhere. I bought the last 1# jug from PowderValley at the same time I got their last 8# tub of N133.
  11. Same here. I closed my business and personal accounts on Facebook, and walked away.
  12. All of 'em Well, I do have an old Remington Woodsmaster, a gas-gun in 30-06 that was notorious for jams. I wouldn't sell that one, but might turn it in for destruction, just to clear it out of my safe. Dad also left me a Mercury 22 pistol... same jamming issues as above. That one, I was considering for a boat anchor, but figured it was too small.
  13. Our two nurse daughters that live in town, are both on duty at their hospital.
  14. My Kiwi buddy and his son came to the States for a walk-about. They were here 3 months in the Summer here. At the time, we all owned speaker building franchises, so each of us hosted them for a few days. They got room and board on us, and shown all the sight-seeing things that only the locals know about. We took them to Lake Tahoe, then up to Arnold to see the Big Trees.. one of the highlights of their trip. In the end, their only real expense was air fare and car rental. They saw the entirety of America, and we all got some great Kiwi stories and life Down Under.
  15. This one is the money shot. Kudos.. well done. What are the particulars?
  16. Pocket door? Yes, more work, but ideal for cramped spaces. S.D. thanks for the tip on the sawz-all. The bride wants to relocate the kitchen door, and I want to keep the existing frame and matching hinge mounts.
  17. Why does anybody post on social media to complain about those who post on social media?
  18. Eventually you will leave Facebook. Either under your own volition, or theirs. My last FB jail was 30 days for my Hillary meme, the next offense would have been a total ban. This coincided with FB censoring the President, so I closed up my business and personal accounts, and walked away.
  19. I take all our animals for the long walk, and stay with them all the way. The only exception was my pair of chincillas because they sedate them with gas before the injection. Both the boys loved girls, so they were in good hands. Flynn was 19 when I took him for the long walk. He took it like a man... nary a peep or whimper on the drive or in the vet's office, nor the insertion of the needle. I did not fare so strongly.
  20. The Lincoln Memorial in D.C. from the East side of the WW2 Memorial.
  21. I love movies, so I have a very high threshold of pain. IMO, Mars Attacks is much better fare than most of what comes out of Hollyweird these days. And golly... not one single urinating or homosexual scene was included in that movie... The Aussies and Russians are making some good stuff, which I really enjoy.
  22. I got lucky... my Charles Daly 500 is a 1970s era (I think) made in Japan by Miroku. Fit and finish are wonderful. How is the finish work on your CZ?
  23. These are really nice revolvers. I had to search far and wide for my pair of the same. Buyer: enjoy 'em.
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