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  1. Yep. This is the Hodgdon line. But, they are dependent upon ADI in Australia for much of their product line, and ADI has production issues of its own. No Trail Boss at all this year. If this is the case, where is it going? Not to the big box stores. Not to internet vendors. Not to local gun shops. I see Accurate 5744 has somewhat become available... at an astronomical price. $40 per pound, plus hazmat, plus shipping. I watch several times daily for Shooter's World Buffalo Rifle (AA5744 when produced by Lovex). None to be found anywhere. I bought the last 1# jug from PowderValley at the same time I got their last 8# tub of N133.
  2. Same here. I closed my business and personal accounts on Facebook, and walked away.
  3. All of 'em Well, I do have an old Remington Woodsmaster, a gas-gun in 30-06 that was notorious for jams. I wouldn't sell that one, but might turn it in for destruction, just to clear it out of my safe. Dad also left me a Mercury 22 pistol... same jamming issues as above. That one, I was considering for a boat anchor, but figured it was too small.
  4. Our two nurse daughters that live in town, are both on duty at their hospital.
  5. My Kiwi buddy and his son came to the States for a walk-about. They were here 3 months in the Summer here. At the time, we all owned speaker building franchises, so each of us hosted them for a few days. They got room and board on us, and shown all the sight-seeing things that only the locals know about. We took them to Lake Tahoe, then up to Arnold to see the Big Trees.. one of the highlights of their trip. In the end, their only real expense was air fare and car rental. They saw the entirety of America, and we all got some great Kiwi stories and life Down Under.
  6. This one is the money shot. Kudos.. well done. What are the particulars?
  7. Pocket door? Yes, more work, but ideal for cramped spaces. S.D. thanks for the tip on the sawz-all. The bride wants to relocate the kitchen door, and I want to keep the existing frame and matching hinge mounts.
  8. Why does anybody post on social media to complain about those who post on social media?
  9. Eventually you will leave Facebook. Either under your own volition, or theirs. My last FB jail was 30 days for my Hillary meme, the next offense would have been a total ban. This coincided with FB censoring the President, so I closed up my business and personal accounts, and walked away.
  10. I take all our animals for the long walk, and stay with them all the way. The only exception was my pair of chincillas because they sedate them with gas before the injection. Both the boys loved girls, so they were in good hands. Flynn was 19 when I took him for the long walk. He took it like a man... nary a peep or whimper on the drive or in the vet's office, nor the insertion of the needle. I did not fare so strongly.
  11. The Lincoln Memorial in D.C. from the East side of the WW2 Memorial.
  12. I love movies, so I have a very high threshold of pain. IMO, Mars Attacks is much better fare than most of what comes out of Hollyweird these days. And golly... not one single urinating or homosexual scene was included in that movie... The Aussies and Russians are making some good stuff, which I really enjoy.
  13. I got lucky... my Charles Daly 500 is a 1970s era (I think) made in Japan by Miroku. Fit and finish are wonderful. How is the finish work on your CZ?
  14. These are really nice revolvers. I had to search far and wide for my pair of the same. Buyer: enjoy 'em.
  15. First, bring out the manure cannons... these are just like water cannons, but used on the big farms to blow liquid fertilizer. Next, bring out the rubber bullets. Last, bring out the live ammunition as required. These cities burn because they are ALLOWED to burn. Think back to your youth... this behavior would have NEVER been tolerated.
  16. Many years ago, my house was robbed and I lost my generational Remington #6. That rifle and all my camera equipment, except one single lens, went through a local pawn shop due to a police report error. I happened to see my lens in the windows and contacted the cops. The detective went into the hock shop, grabbed the lens, and told the owner "you have something that belongs to me" as he walked out. Never saw that beloved #6 again. Glad to hear you got yours returned.
  17. We do a two-fer Coupon Night at Carl's Jr. when the rare need arises. I get the lettuce wrap (diabetic)... messy to eat, but keeps the glucose down. I prefer C.J. to any other burger joint.
  18. Oh well... I have zero interest in dog videos, so YouTube for me is just a reference tool, like a library book.
  19. I was always partial to Mopar muscle... We only owned one... it was a 1970 Newport that was my wife's first time behind the wheel. Her ex-husband would not let her drive, so after she ditched him, I found the Newport as something safe for her. It had a spun timing chain, so I replaced the 383 with a 440. I found the 440 from a cop car in Russian River (CA) for $200 complete with trans. That slid into her grocery getter just fine. My all time favorite is a 1970 Challenger, 440 or 426, but must have a stick. Kudos on the nice ride.
  20. "How the West Was Won" Dreadful. Run it without sound, and watch the stereotypical acting of that era... the perfectly coifed, clean and made-up women making doe eyes and fawning all over any man that comes by. After all the hype, and waiting months for it to come by Netflix... I was sorely disappointed.
  21. For years I've heard the demand for the seat down, so the ladies don't drop their butts into the water. I readily agreed, so I put down the seat AND the lid... when they sit down and pee on the lid... that is on them... < grin > Our son was trained early when my bride wrote in Sharpie, on the underside of the seat, "It's so nice to have a man around the house."
  22. TwoRiversJack is a friend and lodge brother, who drives for the USPS. He has been working double shifts for far too long... says they are down over 35 drivers. Wells Fargo notified me their Bill Pay function will be delayed (more) because USPS has increased the number of days required to deliver 1st Class mail.
  23. Our youngest (now age 35) must have watched Space Balls 100 times or more as a little kid. That stopped when she put $1 worth of pennies into the VCR loading slot. Apparently, Space Balls does indeed warp young and impressionable minds... After 13 years on the road with her band, she went on to become an oncology R.N. Her Halloween persona is Nurse Rockzo assisting Dr. Dexter Morgan.
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