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  1. Don't let your skill stop you from going to a bigger match. They can be just as much fun as a local match and has the added bonus of meeting new friends.
  2. I've eaten a couple of good holiday meals at DFACs ....just say'in
  3. I've eaten there too, good food. Was told about another BBQ place that all the race teams go to, went there and sure enough it was packed with the crews.
  4. The one SASS match I try to make every year is __________________
  5. I forgot one thing...lighting! I made sure that I had a nice bright LED overhead light where the bench is, also an outlet or two then if you have an electronic scale or a press light you can plug them in.
  6. 200gr RNFP coated. Did a long range shoot using a 200 and found that the bullet tumbled and was inconsistent. Someone let me try their 250's and it made a huge difference, I was actually able to hit the target
  7. My favorite place to eat is ____________
  8. Here is the list for Mississippi: Any pistol, long gun. Fully automatic with tax stamp, suppressors with tax stamp.
  9. Southern Arizona. I've been on every continent in the world (including Antartica) but I've just started to discover my own country.
  10. The place that I went to that I enjoyed the most was ______________
  11. sounds like you're going to blow up with all that gas
  12. It might be over simplistic but comparing legal gun ownership to illegal shootings is like comparing owning a car to going out and running into a crowd of people.
  13. Tomahawk steak, garlic roasted potatoes, and spinach.
  14. If I were on Death Row my final meal would be _______________
  15. This may be a repeat, but I also have a shed for my reloading, here's what I did. Insulate the walls and made sure that there was fresh air moving from the soffit to the peak of the roof in the summer that helps to vent the heat. My building is on the small side so I bought a window A/C that was oversized (to allow for it not being as tight as a house) and had a "eco" setting. On mine it samples the air every minute or so and only runs the compressor when needed, it made little difference on the electric bill. I also put in a de-humidifier that drains outside, on cooler days it keeps it dry and adds some heat. And because I'm anal I put silica packets in any open powder and also put the silica in the drawer with the primers. In 2 years I've never had an issue with anything rusting or bad powder/primers.
  16. If I could be better at a hobby other than shooting, I wish I was better at _____________.
  17. Most people would say so but after everything I put my body through for 24 years in the military I'm about average. I'm not looking forward to the surprises the next few years might hold, but I'm ready to deal with whatever comes my way. Thanks to a fantastic wife, and knowing that I did all this in service to our country.
  18. Rugers but no Colts? No cartridge Italians? What is the fear? That some cowboy will turn a SAA into an automatic? A lever gun having too much capacity? C'mon what are they thinking? My hats off to those that can live in a state that can get away with such things. For me I love the fact that MS has common sense and reasonable gun laws. Now try to spell Mississippi without singing it. LOL
  19. The on/off switch for the loading gate??
  20. I would never like to have that much intrusion by the government into my firearm choice. Hopefully our cowboy guns have already made "the list".
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