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  1. I started with 5.5 gr of TB but it's a trip to get to the range so I try to get input to help eliminate some to the trips. I'm down to 5 gr and everything shot good but I may bring it down just a hair more. Thanks for the input! Haven't seen one of those, who sells them?
  2. I thought about using them but then I'd have to load and carry different rounds for pistol and rifle. Not only am I slightly lazy, I don't trust myself to make sure that I have enough for an extended shoot. Think I'll just stick with the LC and be happy.
  3. I'm sorry I didn't realize he was talking about the Cowboy Special round. I'm nervous about getting below 5.0 gr. I don't want to get a squib, I'd rather deal with a little more recoil.
  4. Is that in a .45 Colt? Do you worry about squibs with that amount of powder? I'm asking because I just loaded 5.0 gr. of TB with 200 gr RNFP but was leery about going lower.
  5. Thanks Pard, that was a good video!
  6. If you're looking for coated bullets and don't mind driving into NOLA you can get Bayou Bullets and save the shipping. UPDATE: BAYOU BULLETS HAS FREE SHIPPING FOR ANY ORDER OVER $200. http://www.bayoubullets.net If you're planning on going to a state match look to see who the vendors are most will put together an order and bring it so you can pick it up. I did that last weekend in FL and saved a bunch of shipping on 5K bullets, btw bought them from Scarlett. She packages them in wooden boxes so you don't have to worry about cardboard breaking.
  7. To everyone at the Red Hills Ruckus - This was my first state match and I was nervous to even go but y'all made me feel welcome. Everyone associated with the match was very helpful and friendly. I have nothing to compare this to but the bar has been set high and I look forward to coming back next year, and hopefully being more competitive.
  8. Made it to the rv park I guess tomorrow I'll get to see what this is all about. Looking forward to going!
  9. @Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L thanks for the invite but we've got another trip planned, but I'll look forward to coming to the match next year.
  10. Today was a great day, I got my new rig from Stockyard Johnny Red Leather. I ordered a new belt, with 2 strong side holsters, 2 spare ammo holders, and a badge holder. I also ordered a matching shotshell belt. I can't say enough good things about not only the product but the man. I talked to John quite a bit before placing the order and explained what I was looking for from the holsters to ammo holders to the shotshell holder. He listened made some recommendations and then went about making a great set up. I asked for simple just some tooling and I wanted it 2 tone, no conchos, no bling, just all business and he delivered that perfectly. Now for the amazing part, when others are quoting build times in months (3-6 being common) John talked in weeks, and if you're like me you just can't wait to get something once it's ordered. If you're thinking of getting a whole new rig or just need some custom loading blocks I'd strongly recommend getting in touch with him before you order anything.
  11. I'm going to my first state championship match this weekend and wondered how many shotgun shells should I bring for a 3 day shoot. I load my own and I'd prefer not to have to buy any. Thanks for the help
  12. I'll take the .45 LC brass. I'll be in FL for the Championship. Can we make arraignments for meeting?
  13. Here is a younger hat maker located in WV, Mavericks Custom Hats & Restoration He is only on Facebook, no website, but he is very responsive via email and messenger, plus he lists his phone number. I've bought my last hat from him and I was pleased not only with the price and speed but also with the quality. He used a Stetson for the base and moulded it just the way we talked about, then he sent me pictures before shipping. His guarantee, if you don't like it or it doesn't fit return it and he'll make the deal right. Here is a link to his catalog: Catalog. I recommend him if you want a quality custom made hat.
  14. I shoot a pair of El Malo's, they are Pieta's. I like them and even others have said that they have very smooth actions. Dude - I'd love to support you but....no I don't have anything against any manufacturer and I don't want anyone to think that because I own one brand I'm trying to trash another. My only purpose is to try to see if there was a clear cut answer, such as I paid $x.xx amount more for a Ruger/clone because... The one answer that appears to be the most obvious is that it's a matter of personal preference as opposed to something tangible.
  15. And on the 7th day Noz created new brass. Sorry when I saw how many days I couldn't resist, no insult intended.
  16. I've only been Cowboy Action shooting for a few months but I've got a question. I've seen a lot of shooters using Ruger single actions why? I'm not trying to start an argument and I'm pretty sure there are advocates of each one that believe they have the perfect reason that they are correct. I'm just asking is there some attraction that I'm just not seeing? I've read numerous posts about folks having to "tune up" or "slick up" the Rugers, but I haven't seen too many about other brands. So again, I'm not looking to start WWIII just asking a question to the people that use them.
  17. I've got a pair of them in .45LC and I love them. Nothing fancy, just a good clean gun with a very smooth action. My only complaint about it would be the hammers, I would prefer the lower hammer horn like on the "runnin iron" series. I could change out the hammers but I don't feel like spending $200 on new hammers.
  18. I guess that would depend on how tall you are. I'm vertically challenged so I get them hemmed, if I was taller then I'd probably just tuck'em.
  19. When I did that I had problems with FTF, but the cases may not have been dried enough. Now I de-prime first then wet tumble, after that my OCD kicks in. First I get all the pins out then I blow compressed air into every case to make sure it's dry. After that I let them sit out in the shop for a couple of days and spray a little case lube on them before put them away. BTW this is for .45LC.
  20. Dusty - My reloading is out in the shed too. If I don't have the window A/C on I leave the dehumidifier on. I keep all my supplies in the shed the only thing I did was buy a bunch of the rechargeable desiccant packs, I put packs in the containers with clean brass, the drawer with primers and any open powder containers. I check the packs every so often and change as needed. So far so good I haven't had any primer or powder issues with this routine.
  21. I'll take the scarf, slider and leather bag. Please message me for shipping and payment. Thanks
  22. Major - I'll have to pass on this one, living in Southern Mississippi I don't think I'd need a coat plus I know the shirt wouldn't fit. Thanks for thinking of me though!
  23. Sorry to hear about you getin out. I'll be waiting to hear from you.
  24. Looking forward to meet all y'all too. I'll bring my checkbook for the vendors
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