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  1. I know moderators change every three months or so and I’d like to contact one of them. Can an on duty moderator PM me? thanks
  2. RMC OXYOKE sells a loader for all 6 chambers at once. The base has a small pin, place your cylinder on the pin, charge each chamber you want to use, then screw all 6 seaters in at once. I don’t think it’s much faster than a single stage loader, for me I can charge all the chambers on the tool and get everything seated to the same depth. YMMV. As far as load my warthog is 25gr, my normal is 20gr. See you in a couple of weeks at DD
  3. Have you compared the new hammer to the old hammer yet? Is the hole for the hand in the same place on the new hammer? Be very careful with any adjustments you might want to make to the seer, a little too much off and you’ll be in a world of hurt. I hope you’re a patient person because what your doing will require small adjustments then re-assembly, take apart and repeat. Let us know how you’re doing.
  4. @Captain Bill Burt so when do you think that you’re going to go out and shoot those things? I’d like to hear your feedback on how you like’em
  5. +1 for the Anealezz. Been using mine for about a year for .45c, I thought it was a good balance of price and accuracy. Caliber changes is just a matter of switching out 2 wheels.
  6. Dawg - used 209M in 10ga brass shells with 100gr of 2f goex, no problems.
  7. Abilene, do you know that he wants to be listed or should I contact him first?
  8. I’ll give you a call tomorrow. Night night
  9. @Jabez Cowboy,SASS # 50129 @Widder, SASS #59054 I tried to send both of you a PM and it wouldn’t go through.
  10. Also with the SS pins I use a couple of small round rare earth magnets on a small piece of steel, the magnets do a good job of getting those little suckers outta the brass.
  11. HAZMAT is always going to be there, but Dixie isn’t price gouging.
  12. Instead of Dawn I use a little car wash/wax. I also use ⅛ tsp of Lemi Shine powder, but honestly can’t tell a difference with or without.
  13. I had managed to score 2,500 RMS caps from Midway. They shipped them UPS and it got within 100 miles and that’s as close as it got. After 2 weeks with no status update I called UPS and found out as the receiver I couldn’t start a search. On the plus side Midway refunded my money, on the down side I was out the caps.
  14. And with all that my junk mail arrives right on time
  15. I get it Yellow Rose of Texas, nice touch. That’s why I could never shoot a state themed BW...mudflats of MS? MS cotton ball? A big magnolia flower?
  16. If you know any of them would like to be added let me know. If you’re not sure if they want their info posted would you please PM me with their contact info and I’ll reach out to them and ask.
  17. @Widder, SASS #59054 so when should I send you my .45c CB for one of those famous Widdermatic jobs?
  18. Does anyone know who the young lady with the floppy white hat in the jail scene is? For some reason she looks strangely familiar. Not kidding I’m really wondering who she is.
  19. @Sarge my comment about speaking volumes was geared more towards the person that came out and helped and the type of person they are. However, I could see how it could be looked at as a statement about shortages.
  20. Anything against the rules about using the same load in a different category? Asking for a friend
  21. I recently went to one of my local matches and was surprised to see a regular shooter not shooting, I asked them why. They said that ammo was becoming a problem and when the math was done they could only shoot every other or every third match. Using a .22 wasn’t an option because they don’t have any .22 guns. I was surprised that they came out and then stayed, helping with posse duties. To me this speaks volumes about so many things.
  22. Ok you made your point...now get back to building your grips.
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