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  1. I'll take the scarf, slider and leather bag. Please message me for shipping and payment. Thanks
  2. Major - I'll have to pass on this one, living in Southern Mississippi I don't think I'd need a coat plus I know the shirt wouldn't fit. Thanks for thinking of me though!
  3. Sorry to hear about you getin out. I'll be waiting to hear from you.
  4. Looking forward to meet all y'all too. I'll bring my checkbook for the vendors
  5. Kinda like the originals, sorry General.
  6. So here's an update, I signed up for the Florida State match next month. The club was very nice by even letting me sign up since I was past the deadline. I'm looking forward to it, nervous, but excited. I just told my wife I've got a 3 day shoot with 1 pair of pants, 3 shirts, and 2 vests, not to mention a dinner. I've got to figure this part out next. Thanks everyone for all the words of support they did help me make a decision.
  7. Chickamauga, Since I moved from Bradley County, TN 2 years ago I think you may have talked me into going back to TN for a try. I'll keep my eyes open for news when it opens for registration. Tequila
  8. Ok, this is my first year in SASS. I've shot with 2 different clubs and have been in the middle of the pack. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying in any way shape or form that I'm any good which leads to my question. It's been recommended to me to participate in larger matches to see what it's like and for experience. I thought it's too soon and I don't want to make a fool of myself in front of complete strangers. What do you think?
  9. I'm new into SASS and spending money like it's going out of style. I'm looking for everything in the way of clothing, shirts xl or xxl, pants 38, boots 10R, sleeve garters, suspenders, etc. Thanks!
  10. I guess it's just me, but I didn't have a lot of luck with my spring kit. I changed the hammer spring and got light strikes until I added some washers (shims). I changed the lever plunger spring and it was too light and I wound up trimming the old spring until I hit the sweet spot. I only say this not to discourage anyone from making these changes, but to let others know to try any mods you make before you need the rifle for a match. Mine is in .45 Colt and it is an older Remlin so I don't know if a newer rifle in another caliber would be different.
  11. @Marshal Hangtree and @Deadly Double J, SASS# 25626 won't be able to answer your questions till tomorrow but will post as soon as I can.
  12. Like many others on here have said it's not always about cost. I reload shotshells because I want a light shot that doesn't kill my shoulder. Is it cheaper - no, is it hard to do - no, can you get the load you want - yes. I've got a MEC Sizemaster and even though it's a single stage it's fast enough for me.
  13. For Sale: Lee 3 Turret press with everything shown in picture plus .40 and .38 dies - $150.00 + shipping
  14. Maybe I'm a little different but I've never calculated my cost. It's not that I'm rich by any means (disabled VET) but it is something I enjoy doing. I don't cast my own bullets, I like the coated ones. I load my own shotshells also because I can't find a pre-made load that my shoulder can take. Again the other thing is the enjoyment of just getting some quiet time and producing something I can use and be proud of.
  15. Thank you guys, I guess I'll have to put it to the test. TC
  16. J.R. - If I may be so bold to jump in. Here is a link to molly coating http://www.mssblog.com/2018/10/19/reloaders-corner-what-happened-to-moly-coated-bullets/ As you'll read it's an older process that never really caught on. Polymer coating is more common today, it's a baked on finish that comes in different colors, with red being very common. Here are 2 sites that sell coated bullets https://bulletsbyscarlett.com and http://www.bayoubullets.net I hope this answers your question. I personally prefer the coated bullets, I find them much cleaner than the lead bullets that I was using.
  17. Good question. I'm using 5.6 with 200 gr RNFP and that's in both pistol and rifle.
  18. When starting a new post is it possible to save a draft without posting? I'm wondering because I want to start a post and due to the length and content I'd like to be able to start it save it go back and review it before I post it.
  19. I tried (in practice) to shoot from the hip, it would take me 2 shots to hit 1 target.
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