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  1. I've seen something airborne that was unidentified. About 15 or 18 years ago. I was returning from a Utah rockhounding trip with my wife. We left Delta in the evening, to avoid traffic, heading home via Ely and Tonopah to central Ca. About 2:30 AM I was skirting the edge of the Siever Dry Lake on HWY 120, just west of Tonopah, Nevada. We noticed a very bright light right on the lake bed maybe 10 or more miles out, quartering toward us from the left. At first I just figured it was a vehicle on the road ahead with bright headlights on. But when another car rounded the silhouette of a hill far ahead, we realized the light was not on the highway. I figured it was an off-road guy racing around out on the lake bed-- no big deal. But my wife noticed it was coming toward us pretty rapidly. It's speed appeared to be at least twice my own speed. We watched it approach for a couple minutes, becoming brighter as it drew closer. Finally I realized we were on a collusion course, so I stopped on the middle of the highway. It was flying just a few yards above the deck. I jumped out of the pickup and watched it fly overhead. It had only the one bright light. It's shadow against the dim skylight was a very large trapezoid-- maybe 150' across. It made no sound that I could hear above the pickup engine idle. It c limbed as it approached the road and passed directly overhead, probably less than 400' off the ground. As it passed, the light went out, and the dark trapezoid shape turned nearly straight up and disappeared at about jet aircraft speed, but without making any audible sound . The other approaching vehicle saw it too. He pulled his truck and trailer up beside me and jumped out, asking what that was. None of the three of us could explain it. The following day it was nagging at me, so I called in the incident to my local,Fresno County Ca., Sheriff's office, after giving it much thought. Later that same day I was contacted by a woman who said she was a civilian working for NASA as a UFO investigator. She had already received the truck driver's report. She said it could have been a B-1 Bomber on a training flight, but they would not be flying that low, and it has many more lights than what we saw, plus it would not be silent; particularly in a steep climb. She said she was recording as "reliable and unidentified". She said most reports received from more than one individual are treated as reliable and get a follow-up investigation of some sort. I never heard any more about it.
  2. The sign talks about 4 demerit points. What's that?
  3. So far nobody has mentioned social media. Has it played a role in anybody's discovery of or attraction to CAS? Remember, I am looking for the best places to invest recruitment time and effort.
  4. For my wife and me, we ran into an old friend in a local hardware store in 2015. He mentioned that he and his wife were actively shooting Cowboy Action matches. I didn't know much about it, so he invited us to watch a match and directed me to the local club, Kings River Regulators, website. My wife fell in love with the dress-up. The following month, I shot my first match using guns that our friend loaned me. Shortly afterwards, another friend-to-be began making us aware of guns available for purchase and on his good advice we both bought '73s and BSSs. I bought .357 New Vaqueros and she bought Single Sixes in .32 H&R Mag. The rest is history.
  5. We keep having discussions about attracting new membership, attrition, and keeping Cowboy Action Shooting alive and expanding. So I started wondering what are the things that actually have worked for attracting new players and members. Today there are a number of communication channels, ranging from friends' word-of-mouth to the Internent and social media. So WHEN and HOW were YOU attracted to our CAS game/sport? Some choices might include: > I saw a website or found it surfing the web, > I saw it on the news, > I saw a poster in a store, > A friend talked me into trying it, > I saw a match while at the range for other shooting, > I attended an event where CAS people participated, > I noticed the clothing and props and came over to ask, > Many others. So what was it for YOU? Perhaps this could turn some useful info for focusing our local club recruitment efforts.
  6. Hoppes #9 takes smokeless residue right off of brass or aluminum carriers; especially if you soak the carrier for a minute or two beforehand. Spray carburetor cleaner also cleans them up.
  7. I had one of the Super-Macho fellows nearly shoot me a few years back at our outdoor public range. There was no RSO on duty and the individual kept pointing a 1911 at my gut--arguing with me about his "unloaded" gun and muzzle direction. You know the rest. I was picking up to leave when a round retained in his chamber discharged within inches of me and somehow made it through the firing line of about a dozen shooters, without hitting anybody. His scared wife promptly packed him up and got him out of there, as multiple angry shooters began to converge. They forgot to stop and pick up their drivers licenses at the Range House, so the Range Manager knew who to exclude from the facility.
  8. Sadly we tend to remember the useless idiots that we meet up with at the range, rather than all of the normal and good folks.
  9. A friend at my old job used to say that the time spent fishing isn't subtracted from your life. He passed away last year at 97. I bet he's still fishing.
  10. I've met lots of mediocre and poor shooters trying to knock down the indoor targets with magnum sound waves. But I've also met some really nice people, including some whose shooting impressed me--like the older black couple shooting (him) a G19 glock and (wife) a G26. Both guns were stock. Both of them were putting round after round of factory 9mm through ragged single holes at 7 yds. We got to talking and they said they'd been shooting twice a week "forever", just for fun. They scraped up all of their brass and gave it to me. So I recipricated with several hundred reloaded 9x19 rounds. They both ended up in my garage, learning about reloading. My wife and I call them and we shoot together whenever we go to practice with our carry guns. He is a high school English teacher, and she is a school librarian. Nice folks.
  11. Just a warning. If you ever feel the sensation of a foreign object in your eye, and you cannot clear it overnight, make an immediate appointment to see your eye Dr. I kept working at mine for about two weeks, then finally gave up and made an appointment. I had a number of ingrown eyelashes that by then had seriously abraded a big hole in my left cornea. It became infected from all of my handling, trying to clear the foreign body. It is now three months and two dozen MD visits including two surgeries later, plus hundreds of $$ in medicines, and I still have no vision in my left eye. Because the vision is impaired by corneal damage rather than focal length issues, it is incorrectable with a diopter change to my glasses. The infection also affected the lacrimal (tear) gland which caused a severe dry-eye condition. I've had two eyelid surgeries so far and I am looking at another one next week. I will have to wear a hard contact lense for months to hopefully help protect, heal and hopefully correct the corneal scarring. If that fails, a corneal transplant may become my only hope for restored vision. So AGAIN, don't hesitate if something is hurting your eye. Go in and be seen by an MD ASAP. I learned a seriously hard lesson here. I went from 20-20 correction to one temporarily or permanently blinded eye in just two weeks. Fortunately it wasn't my dominant eye. Ask me if I will be wearing enhanced protection on the other eye when shooting. Too often, we don't appreciate what we have until it is gone. I am just sharing a warning here.
  12. Im aware of the TOC, as is everyone else who frequently reads the SHB. I am sure you're aware that a Table of Contents is a long ways from a good annotated subject index. The index shows all of the pages where a subject is addressed in various specific contexts, which is the kind of differential that we see brought up in almost every wtc here on the wire and which you are asked to interpret for us. Subjects like restaging of firearms appear in several different TOC sections, without cross reference. As I recall, some time ago someone here on the Wire posted an annotated, cross referenced index that many people use. I had a print-out, but I'll be darned if I can find it. If somebody has it, It might make a good starting point.
  13. I doubt that very many will say that the SHB makes it simple and easy for new (or even more experienced) shooters to find all of the paragraphs addressing particular subjects, in order to understand and comply with our rules. So I submit to you that it (SHB) is in fact pretty cumbersome and convoluted. And I don't know of any other sport or game that takes such experience, re-reading of multiple manuals and formal training classes just to learn the very basic rules of the game. I also can't point to any other game/sport that has such debate among knowledgable participants about what certain rules mean or how to interpret them, and often without anyone really being wrong. IMO, the SHB has been piece-meal remodled, added onto, and clarified to the extent that parts of the original floorplan are now hard to find/recognize. Small things like numbered sections and sub-sections, an index, or inclusion of brief "see also:______" parenthetical notations or footnotes in the text would help considerably in navigation. But those kinds of improvements can't ever happen if the discussion is dominated by folks with ownership who defend and stubbornly resist changing what we already have. Match Directors calling PWB for clarification all the time isn't a very realistic solution. To be functional, rules can and should be clearly organized, understandable, and properly codified. Again, this is only my opinion. Im not insisting on anything. But I believe we could do better.
  14. I use the steel pins, Dawn and Lemishine. It gets them shiny enough. Shiny doesn't really seem to matter very much for the shooting, but it is an advantage for quicker brass picking in ranges with gravel or lawn.
  15. It's both amazing and amusing-- the degree of ambiguous complexity that can be found in our rules and unwritten interpretations. When half a dozen TGs and/or Rules Committee people chime in on almost every WTC with differing interpretations, and all of them are agruably correct to some degree, it seems like a sign that the SHB and the rules it codifies could stand a major critical editing and revision. IMHO, we (and SASS owners) really ought to be able to do better than this.
  16. I bet we know someone who could build an innovative one and make it outstandingly beautiful!
  17. Why would anyone call the police about it? Just dig it up and get rid of it however you dispose of other greenwaste; preferably offsite.
  18. About 15 years ago I got a new tooth crown. It acted as a crystal and caught a radio frequency. It played music all night long over a weekend. I could always hear it, and my wife could hear it if I opened my mouth. The following Monday I went back to the dentist. He said he'd seen it once previously. He ground a bit off of the crown to change its frequency and the programming disappeared. He jokingly asked me what station I wanted.
  19. "White Spirits" sounds like a good alias.
  20. Nothing works as well as a propane torch for lighting a fire. Vicks Vaporub works great on the cuticles, if you can stand the smell. But that smell also repels mosquitoes, gnats, black flies, wasps, ants, ticks, and just about everything else you wish to avoid (even Mother-in-Laws). But be aware that bears absolutely love the stuff. (Don't ask how I know).
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