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  1. Thanks for this info! I wasn't aware that the Pocket Pro II features this setting. I guess for some pards the volume adjustement is secondary. We have one shooter who hears and understands you perfectly while talking in normal loudness (even with his ear plugs in) but he has no chance to hear the frequency of a Pocket Pro beep.
  2. Yes, this method works very well You might want adjust it a bit if your eye base / arm length ratio deviates too much from 1:10. But the main problem in reality/nature often is to locate something you can estimate the size. The German expression "etwas über den Daumen peilen" derives from that technique. It literally translates to "to aim at something over the thumb" but it generally means to roughly estimate something or guesstimate. I guess the "rule of thumb" is also related. Btw, it works with any unit, also with meters
  3. SHB p.16 If the round is only on the carrier the situation can still be corrected (and the MSV avoided) prior to shooting the next gun. But if the round or part of it is in the chamber the DQ applies instantly after the rifle leaves the shooter's hands.
  4. Based on your depiction, I second you did nothing wrong and the biker acted and reacted quite inappropriately. I'd just like to add a few general thoughts that went through my head when I read your post: I had only two trips to North America im my life so far, one to the USA and one to Canada, and I liked both extremely well! I also enjoyed the driving as it is much more relaxed than here. But there's this one thing: for a European it is kind of incomprehensible how poorly one can perceive a lot of the rear turn signals on American cars, especially when the rear lights are on, too. I know it's a design thing with a clear look and less colors, but in terms of safety...? I haven't ever had to drive in such bad rain back then over there, and I don't even want to imagine! Dedicated amber turn signals are so much better to see, just saying. What speed actually "matches the driving conditions" depends on a lot of different factors, like type of your vehicle, quality and type of tires etc., but also personal conditions and abilities. And most important, it's always subjective. Oneself is always perfect. Each driver thinks that faster than him would be negligent and slower a bit overcautious. Turning on a turn signal just shows one's intention, it doesn't give him the right of way, no matter how long he has to wait. As I said, just some thoughts from Equanimous Phil
  5. Sad to hear that I remember when you joined the Wire which isn't that long ago. I hope you can still enjoy your other hobbies and activities! All the best, Phil
  6. My ejection throw got significantly lower after replacing the stock UBERTI lifter and lever springs with wire springs (The Smith Shop). But I have the impression that it's just the lower required force and more controlled movement for levering the smoother action that causes the lower ejection, not the lifter spring itself. The last case always fly much higher when I slam the lever open after the rifle sequence. I am looking forward what the experienced gunsmiths will say
  7. I leave the spurs on the boots, but I only wear them for CAS, I am not riding horses. I also leave the belt in the trousers until they go into the washing machine which seems to be a better analogy
  8. I am sure someone could point out a match near your location where you can handle rifles with (different) short strokes. IMHO, that's the only way to find out what you like. I myself kind of see it that way. I enjoy shooting this 150 year old design as part of Cowboy Action Shooting. Things get improved all the time. There was the Volcanic Pistol, the 1860 Henry Rifle, 1866 Yellow Boy, then the 1873. Of course you can alter and improve it further, but is it still the 1873 design then? While I don't consider polishing parts and lightening springs as design change, I think short stroking is. For me, an extremely short stroked 1873 doesn't look like an 1873 anymore while levering. Is a short stroked rifle more comfortable to shoot? Yes, definitely. But so would be fluorescent sights for example. Or why not convert the action in a semi-auto which would make it even more convenient to shoot? Absurd? Our rule book had to explicitly ban such things, which tells me that at some time people have tried it. Everything that is within the rules will be done to make the guns faster. Short stroking is one of it. I heard that the train has left and many rifles have already been short stroked when the short stroking clause came to the SASS rule book. So, it requests a lever travel of at least 4 1/8 inch (probably the shortest ones that were around then). There are other CAS associations that do not allow short stroked rifles. Just some thoughts and my opinion, each to their own Equanimous
  9. Sad to hear It's the same thing here on our Swiss National Day (August 1st). We don't have pets but I know people who travel abroad (Italy, France etc.) with their dogs due to the daft fireworks. If we're lucky there's risk of forest fires during that time and fireworks is strictly forbidden (and people abide). Another problem in our neck of the woods is that a lot of this stuff contains plastic which lands on meadowland. Cows, sheeps and whatever eat that trash... It should be easy to make firework at least only with decomposable materals as cardboard and wood.
  10. Yes, they are huge! According to the specification 80-100cm (31"-39") and weigh up to 120kg (265 lbs) Impression from the "Show Cheese Dairy" in Affoltern
  11. Here are some and here And a video Happy Trails, Phil
  12. Of course, there is a hole size spec from the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture!! BUT, let me say that what you buy as "Swiss Cheese" in the USA has nothing (really nothing) to do with actual cheese from Switzerland, because we forgot to trademark it... So, American Swiss Cheese is just any cheese(like matter) with holes. If you talk about cheese with holes in Switzerland you probably mean "Emmentaler", cheese from the beautiful Emmental (the river Emme valley). And for Emmentaler, there is said detailed specification for ingredients, production, storage size, weight etc., and also for the size of the holes: "Uniform, clean, round to oval holes, most of them 2 to 4 cm, can contain water and salt deposit" Btw, my wild guess is that most of you wouldn't like real Emmentaler due to its taste
  13. I wonder how he was able to reply to such an old thread, aren't they ARCHIVED AND CLOSED FOR FURTHER REPLIES after about 4 month?
  14. That's only because American coffees are sized way too big!! A Doppio is more than enough (okay, I cropped the Latte Macchiato )
  15. I am not familiar (yet) with BP cleaning. How hot does the water have to be, almost boiling?
  16. A scammer took time to come up with a plausible SASS number. An easier way to look up valid numbers would make it easier for the scammers, too. Just a thought...
  17. The first problem is the SHB's inconsistency by mixing caliber and cartridges. IMHO, it should either read "caliber.... , examples .32, .38, .44, .45" or "cartridge..., examples 32-20, ...." The second problem is the vague term "commonly available". Some former discussions regarding those topics: Edit: I wouldn't call 45 ACP a caliber commonly available in revolvers. But I wouldnt' care if someone uses it (or 9mm Luger or whatever) at a match. Maybe, the SHB could/should be revised to be a bit more clear.
  18. Thanks for this interesting document. Of course, the guy is right saying CUP and PSI correlate in a certain degree. But so does - just the first example that came to mind - BMI and expectancy of life. While I think the diagram below is adequate, I cannot determine someone's death by his/her BMI, despite the correlation. I'd like to point out a few things in this paper: He uses his belt size vs. his weight as example for correlation. He should have used belt size of different people vs. their weight as an adequate analogy. This would still correlate very well, but would also illustrate the impossibility to assign a weight based on someone's belt size. I doubt somewhat the guy's conclusion on measurement uncertainty. He references the Lyman manual, p91. I don't have that manual and don't know Lyman's statement or what collection of data is printed there, so it's just my guess. As I see, only data for SAAMI maximum pressures is available. Values for lower (or even higher) loads don't have to necessarily follow the same distribution and may lead to different formulas. Just my thoughts...
  19. Have you read the articles linked by Sedalia Dave? To quote Philip Mahin (Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician): "Q: Is there a standardized correlation or mathematical conversion ratio between CUP and PSI values? Mahin: As far as I can tell (and anyone else can tell me) … there is no [standard conversion ratio or] correlation between them. An example of this is the .223 Remington cartridge that lists a MAP of 52,000 CUP / 55,000 PSI but a .308 Winchester lists a 52,000 CUP / 62,000 PSI and a 30-30 lists a 38,000 CUP / 42,000 PSI. It leaves me scratching my head also but it is what it is. The two different methods will show up in listed powder data[.]" And here you come and post on a public forum safety relevant formulas you've copied somewhere somewhen from somebody on the internet....
  20. Well, just clarified that it would be SASS legal to do it, but not if someone has ever done it (and how...)
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