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  1. First, the market has gone nuts and prices are crazy for handles. Second, the larger Lee 6-cavity handles will fit on Lyman molds just fine.
  2. Be aware that any vender has to pay a substantial amount to SASS to be in the Chronical. Far more than dues cover. The folks on this forum are only a fraction of those in SASS and attending matches that are clamoring for guns from venders like those here. The venders offer their wares to folks that don't frequent other venues like this board. From what I have seen, they don't make that much profit when scaled against the risk of investment. I know of one vender that lost $700 on a gun that was never shipped and he has no recourse. I see the same folks with sour grapes over and over
  3. I did Lyman media for a few years. I tried wet tumbling a few months ago. I will never, ever, go back to dry media, ever. And, please, if you shoot BP, clean your shells. I pick brass at the matches and the guys that shoot BP and don't clean... I want to cuss them because their shells blend in very well with the dirt and gravel. Make them things glisten from 30 yards away!
  4. All our pillows are those foam-filled models. Somehow that doesn't sound as good. Tar and foam them...
  5. I am not seeing where the Lee is a heeled base bullet. The diameter is .017" larger that a .38/.357 so I don't know it would fit in a .38 case. The .38 Long Colt has a heeled base of .358 to fit inside the case and a .375 diameter top to match the bore.
  6. Did you buy the boots to walk around downtown PV, hang out at the Palace, volunteer at Sharlot Hall, or are you going to come visit us at Granite Mountain Outlaws and just want to dress to impress?
  7. Someone needs to buy this before my will power breaks down. I believe this will letter as a real Colt. If that is correct, at $600, it is a bargain. https://www.coltforum.com/threads/colt-second-and-third-generation-black-powder-pedigrees.61489/ "1971 to 1982 were the years of the '2nd generation' Colt percussion blackpowder revolvers. Zeke has provided good information on where these revolvers may have been manufactured. No matter where the parts came from, or where it was assembled, the revolver went through the distribution channels of Colt and therefore are consider
  8. https://www.cascity.com/forumhall/index.php/topic,41633.0.html
  9. My wife told me UPS has issued a notice that the weather in the Midwest and Texas has everything stopped up. I assume the USPS is impacted the same way.
  10. They changed the design of the .32, .38, and .41 colt to a non-heeled inside lubricated bullet later on, but the bullets they went to were hollow based so that the skirt would flare and engage the rifling, much like a Minnie ball. They do make a special factory crimp die for the .38 and .41 Colt heel bullets to crimp just the case in the heel portion. http://cartridgeconversion.com/RELOADING.php I have ordered a mold from Accurate Molds for the two styles of .41 heeled bullet so that I can get the Cimarron Firearms Thunderer. My question to the OP, do you need a he
  11. I ordered an M1 Garand part on eBay two days ago. It shows shipped First-class and the USPS has it in their care. The expected arrival time just updated (downgraded) to March 22nd. I have no idea when this will improve. At least now they are being honest...
  12. Gun shows, Colt Forum, and there is some reformed 32 S&W Long on GunBroker.
  13. What someone else uses to play has no bearing on my enjoyment. I can't imagine the .22 being any more quiet than some of the center-fire loads some use. When the "ping" of the bullet hitting is louder than the report, that's quiet.
  14. If they are hard to find molds they could be very valuable right now. It would be easy to search eBay by the mold numbers to see what comes up and what they are selling for. I currently have four eBay searches going right now for 41 colt molds, plus on the advice of Sedalia Dave, I also ordered one from Accurate Molds. Myself and about a millon other folks are dying for .224 molds that they can use in AR-15s. Molds for .308 are hot as well. Molds for 9mm, 45 acp, and just about any common pistol caliber is like gold.
  15. As a caster, I am always looking for certain molds. eBay is absolutely going nuts over almost any mold. Lee molds are topping $100. I would check there to see what they are selling for and castboolits.com.
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