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  1. We have lived in our home for two years and maintained a hot tub all that time. While we have had the occasional insect fall in the last two weeks have been crazy. (Keep in mind we have two wildlife watering stations not 50 feet from out hot tub.) The bees have suddenly gone crazy crawling in the cracks in the cover to get to the hot tub water. They were dying by the thousands! The water is treated with bromine and juiced up with chlorine several times a week so I don't understand why they want treated water vs the clean water not 50 feet away. I spoke with a bee keeper and he had no clue why they were choosing the hot tub vs the wildlife water. Surely they can smell/taste the difference. There were so many dead bees in it the water stank. I decided yesterday to drain the water out and vacuum every bee up. I think I sucked up a gallon or two of bee bodies. I am hoping that with no water in it they will move on. We have colder weather coming by next weekend so I hope that makes the hive go into hibernation long enough to purge the hot tub from their memory! I hope this does the trick because after a long, physical day at work, I like 30-minutes of soaking under the stars.
  2. I can't imagine your pain. We are with you in spirit. You have my deepest condolences.
  3. $3.99 at the local Stage Stop. I am glad I drive a company van for work. $3.65 in town. This is all our fault. We bought an RV in July and gas prices always go up when we do... Remember the gas prices in 2012? Yep. Our fault. We had just bought an RV. Did you like the gas prices in 2019-2020? We sold our RV in July 2019 so prices dropped. The day traders call every week to see if we are buying or selling our RV.
  4. Even though we have never met, I feel we are brothers from different mothers. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your wife.
  5. Okay, I was upset when I heard it wasn’t going to be Tom Cruise but this looks even better, so I’m in! I am sure my wife will also be watching.
  6. The big question is...is Branchwater Jack one of triplets? Them other two guys sure have a strong resemblance!
  7. This should be the last of my wife's Jane and Johnny West collection. Jane looks in very good shape and has a battered box. Lots of accessories including what appears to be a 1873/1876 Winchester rifle. Some of the clothes are sweating. I can't find a Marx mark on the white horse. The brown horse has one. She wants $100 plus shipping.
  8. 15 comic books from the early 1970s. They are well used. I have no idea on how to grade them. The Daniel Boone issue has a torn corner. $75 shipped for all. PayPal, Venmo, check, or MO.
  9. I am thinning the herd some more. Sandpainting Rug - rare as it was taboo for quite a while to make a rug featuring a religious sandpainting. I can't find my book that tell the significance of the four frogs. I think it had something to do with fertility or rain but I can't say for certain. Size is 25" x 26". Weaver is unknown. $275 I also have a rare design called Three Turkey Ruins. 38”x24” It was a gift, and I know they paid well for it. I would like $700 And lastly, a rug wove to appear as four Storm pattern rugs. $350 I take PayPal, Venmo, check, or MO.
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