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  1. Dang it! I thought my world just became easier.
  2. Back up the bread truck for a minute... Can Large Rifle and Large Pistol can be interchanged? Every place I have shopped for reloading supplies is overstocked on Federal LR and almost always out of Federal LP!
  3. Last I heard JM was selling his Verde Valley home and moving to Tucson.
  4. I just received an email stating that my membership was about to expire. I think I already paid this year. My member card says it expires in March 2021. How can I check on when my membership is actually up?
  5. I stopped by the SW in Flagstaff today and picked up their last 1000 piece box of Federal Large Pistol Primers for $23.99. My wife went to the SW in Prescott and got a 1000 Federal Magnum primers of the same size. Since my reloading gear is still packed in boxes I think I'm safe for a while. The SW in Flagstaff still had magnums and match Federal when I left.
  6. Thanks. I think I might run in to town after work before all the rodeo crowd jams up the works.
  7. Sportsman Warehouse near me was out except Federal Rifle and Federal Large Magnum Pistol. I assume Magnum would impact my reload recipe. Any experience there?
  8. I singed part of an eye brow and some hair doing this very thing with some black powder back when I had faster reflexes. Obviously not fast enough!
  9. Seems odd to have drawer handles on the bottom of the shelves...
  10. I remember working at a gas station back in the 70s and for some reason we didn't even have the card machine one day. We had to hand write all the info on the slips! Talk about time consuming.
  11. As I used to tell my wife; I'm an electrician and I'm here to check your shorts...
  12. Cholla


    I used to deliver pizza when I was going to trade school. I got a tip from a guy that used to date the pizza parlor owner's wife, with the understanding that I tell her how much he tipped me. It was a large tip for the time. The amount he gave me I would have taken out a newspaper ad to tell people! At that same job I had a guy that I was in class with tip me a nickel. 5 cents... I felt insulted. Now I make good money doing commercial/industrial heating and cooling. During the Covid thing the local Texas Roadhouse was offering raw steaks for sale at reasonable prices so we ordered $100 to grill. When I picked it up the curb guy was filling out the order on the iPad he was using and asked if I was wanting to add a tip. I said no but then realized how I had been in his place many years ago and how I have been blessed now. I told him I had changed my mind and I gave him $10 for walking the steaks out to my car. His face truly lit up.
  13. This times ten. I have cut enough hard pipe and tubing to verify it. If the cutting wheel is dull, it can close the ID to almost half. Any use of a pipe cutter requires reaming the inside of the pipe so it doesn't sound like a great idea for a shotgun.
  14. The 97 was the go-to shotgun for fast SASS shooters many years ago. I think the SxS now has the edge among the fast shooters.
  15. The articles I saw said it was milk. I assume the fat in the milk helped cut the pepper spray just like the way sour cream cuts the heat of chili. https://www.wikihow.com/Cool-Burns-from-Chili-Peppers
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