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  1. Arizona does but some places do not accept it as being valid because the state was not requiring proof at one point.
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006GR0XJE/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i7 Not teenagers but the rest matches.
  3. I posted a link to this company a few months ago. I just got though using it. It was so easy and inexpensive I was sure I was doing something wrong. I had to call them to make sure I was doing it correctly. The steps were to pick what size UPS box the revolver would fit in, provide the weight, pick the FFL I was sending the gun to, and fill in a little more info. Once it's filled in they provide a price, you pay it, they send a UPS shipping label via email. If the FFL hasn't signed up as one of their preferred FFLs, the wait for a label is longer because they contact th
  4. Plastic containers for BP are a recent thing. It was stored in metal cans for 150 years before that, if not longer. I know a cartridge collector and he has original brass cartridges from the beginning of their development and they have no signs of corrosion. I have a .32 RF cartridge from the 1870s and the lead looks bad. The copper/brass looks good.
  5. If it were a SASS match SASS rules should apply. If it wasn't a SASS match, then abide by whatever rules apply. My feeling is if it was produced prior to 1899 or patterned after a firearm made prior to 1899, and used in a side match, go for it. Since it is being used in a main match, I would think that would be considered a main match gun and not allowed in a SASS match. Pocket pistols may not be used as or converted to main match revolver.
  6. That's Mancos Canyon. I used to live a few miles from there. It was great deer hunting.
  7. Early 20th Century US Revolver in .32 S&W based on the original S&W design from the late 1800s. I bought this for pocket pistol matches but I already have three other pocket pistols, and now that I live here in AZ I never use them. (NCOWS used them at almost every match back in Indiana!) Five shot, break-top single-action/double-action with auto-eject. The grips have chips out of them as seen in the photos. Quarter shown for size. It is a small pistol. $185 plus shipping and FFL fees unless it's FTF here near Prescott. SPF This was made
  8. You would be well served to find a contractor that has the ability to do a heat load calculation and size the unit that way. Your unit sounds undersized for the square footing but with the efficient building materials used these days it may be properly sized. Generally speaking it's better to run a unit longer to remove the humidity. In modern variable-speed units, the unit NEVER turns off. The blower and compressor slow down to match the load. Having too large of a unit will cause the house to feel clammy, cool, and damp.
  9. Lets not forget the LORAN system. I was stationed on a LORAN base in Hawaii in 1979-1980. Ships and planes used LORAN to get a location fix.
  10. Start run capacitors are the number one cause of A/C failure. The capacitors used to last a lifetime but back in the 90s they went from huge and reliable to small and fail often. Now, they have gone to dual capacitors, one part for the fan, one part for the compressor, so if you need an OEM, it cost money. If only one side is bad, that section can be removed from the circuit and a stand alone capacitor of the same rating can be used. Any well that can get surface run off can develop iron bacteria. The iron bacteria can grow and fill the cracks and voids that water seeps from. This
  11. In related news, membership applications for the Brookfield Conservation Club are up 5,000 percent over two weeks ago! Goody said they were the friendliest group he ever had the pleasure of speaking with.
  12. SPF to SCD pending funds. Hugh Long is second in line.
  13. Just be glad I wasn't naked... I actually tried to take the photo without me in it but the angle was wrong to get all of the room in.
  14. I have seen one in use while at a match at Tombstone. The woman shooting it cleaned my clock. I tried one. It seems if you have a hard time chewing bubble gum and patting your head at the same time, shooting a lightning may not be for you.
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