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  1. I got this small albino white-tailed buck in 2008 while living in Indiana. I had it a friend skin it and he did an awful job and put a few cuts in it. I had it professionally tanned. It has sat in my closet rolled up since. I need the shelf space back. It fits in a USPS flat-rate box. I would like $65 shipped. I added a photo of the back showing the cuts in red. The hide is roughly 36" long, 21" wide at the front, 30" wide at the back.
  2. $35 for all shipped. SPF I take PP, Venmo, check, or MO. See my other stuff for sale and combine shipping.
  3. More Treasures. $50 shipped for all. SPF See my other ads for more treasures. I take PayPal, Venmo, checks, or money orders.
  4. More of my treasures up for sale. What you see is what you get. $50 shipped for all. I take PP, Venmo, Checks, and money orders.
  5. Still thinning my shelves. $3.00 each plus shipping. I take PayPal, Venmo, Checks from SASS members, or MO. See my other books and items for sale and I'll combine shipping.
  6. Redding shows it as a .458 diameter.
  7. I did. I have been thinning since 2012 when my wife stated that she wanted to move back home. You should have seen what I had back then... And, I had dreams of what I was going to do when I got back here. I was going to have tons of free time and do X,Y, and Z. I am lucky to have time to do A, B, and C, forget the rest of the alphabet.
  8. It pains me to type this but I just don't have time or room to resume tying flies and I can't say I enjoy getting my line tangled or "popping" a fly off by cracking the whip. I have thousands invested in a vise, tools, hooks, books, materials, etc. This literally is everything needed to get into fly tying. There is too much to haul out and photograph unless you are really serious. If you are local I also have fly rods and reels that can be added to the deal for additional funds. This stuff has been boxed up and I don't fully remember what all is in the boxes. I can meet up in Northern Pho
  9. What You See Is What You Get: -Squirrel Tail thingy -Ermine Tail thingies -Wooden box thingies -Adjustable Powder scoop -Leather cap holder -Leather medicine bag -Star necklace -Rabbit skin strips -Fake arrowheads -Christmas/Fire starter tin -Beaded rosette $50 for all of it shipped. SPF I take PayPal, Venmo, checks from SASS members, and MO
  10. WTS -- Nickel-colored spurs. - Used. $40.00 shipped USPS I take PayPal, Venmo, check from SASS members, and MO.
  11. WTS About 650 brass .38 Special brass - Mixed About 250 nickel .38 Special brass - Mixed Total: 900 cases. They have been washed with Dawn and SS pins and shine like the sun. I used to shoot .38 Special but went to Classic Cowboy and no longer use them. $75 including shipping USPS. I take PP, Venmo, check, or MO.
  12. Same here. I have to check and recheck just to make sure I don't send the wrong thing.
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