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  1. I am ignorant on what GG or PP mean. I picked up three molds at the estate sale of a long range shooter. Two are Lyman. I am at work so I can’t verify the numbers but I think one was a 535 grain Postell (sp?) and another mold by a company I hadn’t heard of before that looks very close. I had looked at the PJ Creedmoor mold but I see they are no longer offered. I figured I’d see how the molds I have work before getting more.
  2. That is why I was questioning it. I also read where some were seating the bullet out so they could pack more powder in so I thought, eh, maybe that how some get even more packed in.
  3. The article I read was by Mike so I just ordered his book. Goex Olde Eynsford it is. I didn't want to buy non-USA powder anyway.
  4. The article said to load Swiss 1.5. I had another shooter recommend using Swiss 4. I guess I can see that because there would be less air space and more powder. Yet, I don't see anyone else saying that. Recommendations?
  5. I just got though reading an article about loading for long range shooting with the .45-70. The items that it appears I need are: -24" brass drop tube -Sinclair Primer Pocket Uniformer -Lyman M-die for getting precise neck expansion. -Redding Micrometer adjustable compression seating die -.030 King Veg wads I am not in any hurry to get the items as I still have to move 1700 miles so the less I buy now the less I have to move. But, do these sound right? I have a set of RCBS .45-70 dies, several Lyman molds, and a wad punch die that I'm a little fuzzy on using. The article said to "fire-form" the brass, which I assume means to load them up and shoot them. from then on I only resize the neck. Do I have that right?
  6. It's nice when someone values something you made. 35 years ago I made a new table/tray for an old high chair owned by my wife's aunt. It was a family treasure that wasn't being used and after I was done it was being used. I thought my work looked awful; they thought it was a gift from heaven. They still use it to this day. The aunt is in her mid-80s and brings it up every time she sees me. Who knew a badly carved high chair tray was going to be my legacy?
  7. I just bought a Forehand & Wadsworth .32 S&W seven-shot British Bulldog revolver. The trigger spring is something that a garage gunsmith made up so the trigger guard can screw in all the way to the frame. I checked Numrich and they don't have any in stock. Since so many companies copied the original British Bulldog I am wondering if the springs interchange? Anyone know for certain?
  8. If you don't PM him or quote him, he may not get a notice. I have noticed that on my items for sale.
  9. I stumbled on to a batch of 160 Nonte-Taylor .45 Basic brass, unused and in their boxes. In pencil is has 45 / 3 1/4". It appears this company stopped production in 1962. I assume these can be reformed for any case from .45-70 to .45-120. I can't find much about them. What type of value do they have?
  10. They are 46.5" end to end as they lay in the photo. There are two more holes for adjustment both ways. I am 5-11 and they fit me as adjusted. They are very well made.
  11. I am working on an article for a magazine and took some photos using some props I have purchased and my new set of bison chaps. I think they came out good. The pistols are Cimarron Arms 1872 Opentops matched with Slim Jim holsters by Cochise Leather in A.T. I think Dave did a great job.
  12. For sale: SPF -- Gun Belt Suspenders made by an Amish leatherworker here in Indiana. Gun Belt with .38 loops. 48" to the third hole from the end. It appears to me that a section of leather was added in the center. It looks nicely done. I would like $65 for the belt plus shipping. I will entertain offers.
  13. For Sale: 1891 Argentina Mauser Bayonet. Made in Germany. The Argentina Army insignia has been ground off, as is common. The bayonet and scabbard have matching numbers. I assume some of you BAM shooters would like this. The guy that I got this from said it was worth $250. I would like $200 plus shipping. I am open to offers.
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