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  1. Yes. Those are great videos!
  2. This was my first Trailhead, and I had a blast. I really appreciated the very warm hospitality, and I'm already looking forward to Trailhead 2020. Incidentally, Posse 5 rocked!
  3. Yul, did Tombstone Leather do that for you, or someone else?
  4. Several months ago, I saw a video of Dutch Coroner, who shoots Classic Cowboy with a Tupelo Bando. His hammered double technique was an absolute thing of beauty. I don't recall if the video was posted here on the Wire or on one of the CAS Facebook pages, but it's worth searching for.
  5. Howdy,Cotton. Please PM me with what you have in mind. WK
  6. Forearm is 12-1/4", wrist with snap closed is 8"
  7. I’ve had good results using the small charge bar to drop 3.5 grains of TB into 45 Cowboy Special cases, and the large charge bar to drop 6.2 grains of TB into 45 Colt cases. I have my Dillon 550 grounded and I keep used dryer sheets stuffed in the empty powder reservoirs when not in use.
  8. Sent my registration several weeks ago. Looking forward to my first time there.
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