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  1. I will take it. I will send you a PM to get information on sending payment
  2. Thank you Still Hand Bill. Verles Hunting and Fishing had a pair of Vaquero’s.
  3. I am looking for new model Vaqueros
  4. I am looking to buy a pair of .357 Ruger Vaquero’s in stainless steel. I would prefer 5.5” barrels. Let me know if anyone has a pair that they would like to sell.
  5. I will take it. I will send you a message with my information
  6. Thank you all for your help. I have been going back and forth with the .38 vs. .357. I will likely order the Lyman Book for the information on the cast bullets. I have experience loading .223 rifle rounds when I was shooting service rifle. I got use to being able to look up the bullet by manufacturer and weight. It appears with cast bullets the manuals do not distinguish between the various manufactures.
  7. I am just getting started in Cowboy Action Shooting. I just got my fist set of single action pistols. With the limited availability of reloading components I am trying to figure out loads that will work with the components that I can find or had before this latest panic. Components On Hand: Cases: mixed .357 Primers: Remington Bullets: Missouri Bullet Co. Cowboy #2 125 gr. Powder: Winchester 231 I have seen people talking about Clay’s Powder and it looks like Midway has this in stock. Will this be a better option? Is this the correct Clay’s powder? I understand that people can be reluctant to post their load information. Let me know if this question is out of line.
  8. I would like to buy the rifle too and can send payment by PayPal, Venmo, or Google. I sent you a PM with my phone number
  9. I am interested in the pair. I sent you an email with my phone number to discuss the details of payment and shipping.
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