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  1. Took me a while to figure it out, but now it runs great! I followed everyone's advice, lightened the magazine tube spring, and loading gate spring. But it needs a lot more to smooth out the loading process. I decided to go two-tone as well and replace some choice parts to stainless Hope this helps anyone that has the same issues as well:
  2. I have a 92 blued lever, magazine tube, and hammer if anyone still has stainless 92 parts. For 357
  3. Def not everyone's cup o tea lol All good, just having fun with a new toy and helping these companies with their awesome products =)
  4. I'll push it out to 50yd next trip. I was shooting pistol side with my buddies (20yd max), they only brought pistolas today
  5. Hey guys, thanks for the tips. This build turned out quite nice! I did have some trouble loading both 357 and 38SPL SWC and WC rounds. So I think I will work more on the loading gate tension and the cartridge guides. I read that putting a shim on the right guide will help.
  6. Anyone know what this is and if it should be a concern? thanks This was plated in hard chrome recently. I never noticed it before. Everything functions fine though.
  7. Did you swap all the springs? I think I am going to just do the mainspring, friction spring, and ejector spring.
  8. Hey gang, I just bought my first R92 in 357. It's a bit rough. Here are the mods I plan doing on it: Swapping a big lever loop. Swapping and adjusting Mainspring, carrier stop spring, friction stud spring, ejector spring, trigger return spring, magazine spring. Changing out rear and front sights. Slick job. Steel follower I have a few questions since this is my first rodeo on a lever-action: Do I need to remove the bolt, trigger/hammer assembly to swap the lever? Any tips on slicking up the action? What should I focus on and avoid? Thanks! N
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