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  1. Aren't brass frames a no no with conversion cylinders?
  2. I've had both, and love both. The Ruger is heavier, beefier, and is the 1858 on steroids. You can shoot 45LC and 45ACP factory on them, with the 1858 not so much, softer metal. The Ruger also feels tighter, there is less play whereas the 1858 Remmy clones can have some rattle. All in all, they are the best BP revolvers made IMO
  3. Got anymore? Looking for a 5.5" barrel and quick change assembly. thanks!

  4. Hey Jesse, I wanted to see how you liked the 1858 Remington, Kirst gated .45 Konverter, Ejector setup? I am thinking of trying it out myself. thanks

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    2. MuayThaiJJ


      It sounds like a nice setup. If you ever wanna sell it. Please let me know!

    3. MuayThaiJJ


      Hey JJ, if you're interested thought I would offer before I post - looking to trade my Ruger Old Army blued 7.5" flawless condition for 1858 Remmi with Kirst cylinder and ejector. I'm also in Norcal. thanks

    4. Jesse Judd

      Jesse Judd

      Thanks for the offer but, I'm gonna hang on to it for now.

      What club do you shoot at?

      I'm up in Ukiah.



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