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  1. Just one set. the ones I had on there broke..
  2. I actually like the black checkered ones as long as they’re thinner. I like the sqaured off bottom style too. But I like wood ones as well. bout the only thing I don’t is any of the bigger grips or real flashy and loud. Super Bright white faux ivory or pearl and colored shiny type grips you see on the net. Etc..
  3. Hey I have a ruger new vaquero and was doing some cleaning and the grips got knocked off the table and one chipped and one broke completely. Just wondering if anyone out there has any grips lying around that are either slim panel or “gunfighter” style?? Not a big fan of the big grips that i have/had on it. any help would be awesome thanks! Tyler Replies, pm or emails welcome. tcrews88@icloud.com
  4. ahh dang thanks anyway.. ignore my pm lol
  5. Have you sold this? I posted an add looking to trade but I’m having no luck. So I’m ready to buy ASAP. Please let me know either way thanks
  6. IMG_3019.MOV Looking to trade one of my .357 single action revolver’s with cash or something to go with if needed for a stainless vaquero in .357 1: Taylor’s uberti cattleman 2 floral engraved is new just got it a few months back shot maybe 150 rounds. 2: the pietta el Malo is about 9 months old I bought new in the box and have shot a few hundred rounds through it. email: tcrews88@icloud.com
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