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  1. I recently acquired one of these. Put it through a test in the Tom Horn single shot category at Helldorado this year. It performed beautifully. Very accurate and really fast to load. Ended up even winning that category. A great and fun rifle.
  2. Get the 45-60. That’s what he used in the movie
  3. Those are some good looking shooting irons. Is it deja Vu, or have I seen those before? Sure do look familiar
  4. I believe he is referring to me, and calling me divinely unique might encourage me to start thinking of myself as a one of a kind special snowflake and start behaving accordingly.
  5. I hope this helps. By far the most thorough information regarding USFA that exists: http://pistolsmith.blogspot.com/2015/05/uberti-or-usfa-or-parts-gun.html
  6. I’ve been shooting gunfighter since I started five years ago and until a couple of months ago I never even owned matched pistols. Not only do I use different guns, but also different calibers sometimes. And when I’m playing Rafe Covington, I use a schofield with smokeless and an open top with BP.
  7. Thanks. That helps a lot. Well maybe after I watch them in super slomo. I never thought of pulling them from the bando like that. That would help a lot more.
  8. Wow. I can’t see the second grab, nor the shells going into the 87, and the first is partially masked. But it obviously works. Anymore videos? I’d love to see how it all works.
  9. Really? I saw one of the new mernickle ones with the elastic, but I have been using the leather one Nick makes for 5 years now and really like it. I hope it lasts forever, because I don't want to have to "train" a new one to fit me perfectly and work like mine does. The only downside for mine is that it doesn't work as well for my 87. I prefer a slide for that.
  10. You should be fine, as there will already be a rifle on the same table. And palewolf answered your second question.
  11. Can you explain to me how the .45 loops were remade to fit .357? And can they be unmade back to 45?
  12. You consider that a western? I can't call any movie a western, regardless of where and when it takes place, if there is a Glock anywhere in it
  13. Just because DD is allowed in gunfighter category, doesn’t in anyway mean it needs to be mandatory. Tell me where it says that in the rules?
  14. I wasn’t comparing them from a safety stand point, rather from a complaining point of view. Heck, folks complain about having different rifle and pistol strings calling it a P trap. And while shooting DD as a gunfighter isn’t nearly a safety issue, it does pose the same type of muscle memory issues. When I grab pistols, I always grab pistolS. Plural. Just answer me this, what other scenario forces any other shooting style to shoot outside their shooting category?
  15. Hey pot, this is kettle. You’re black roo
  16. No you didn't say for the most part. You said you had never seen it.
  17. Sounds like a plan. I'll bring my 2nd gen colt 1851's I bought from none other than bear trap and use those gunfighter out of my cavalry draw holsters. Very slow, but a whole lot of style points.
  18. That is exactly how I would shoot it. Why? Because I signed up to shoot gunfighter, so I will shoot it gunfighter no matter how much back and forth running I might have to do. I am still young enough and fleet of foot that the extra steps wouldn't sow me down any more than my shooting might. I personally hate shooting duelist unless I have tailored my loads for it, as with 35 grains of BP under a 250 grain bullet makes the recoil between shots seem a very long time. I don't notice it at all when shooting gunfighter because I am aiming and shooting with the other gun while the recoil is happening. I get what you say about comfort zone, and that is fine. What I hate is when non gunfighters chime in about something they know nothing about. I would love to see how many of them grumble if you made a two handed shooter shoot duelist, or a duelist shoot two handed. As for smokestack's stages, I haven't had the opportunity to shoot one yet, but I look forward to it. They look like a lot of fun.
  19. HAHA. Maybe I should come shoot at those places with you. They'll think twice about trying to slow me down. They'd probably spend all the next match prep time trying to figure out how to speed me up
  20. Could you not stage the pistols on the table, then come back for them after the shotgun? And as a gunfighter I would grumble. No other category is forced to shoot a stage differently than gunfighters. i don't mind split pistols at all, just as long as there is an option for me to stage pistols and continue to shoot gunfighter if I choose. If other gunfighters wish to shoot it DD, that's perfectly fine, but at no time should shooting DD be mandatory.
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