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  1. Greyhound is a movie based on C S forester story about a destroyer escorting a convoy across the Atlantic starring Tom Hanks. Some if the scenes were filmed in Baton Rouge on the USS kidd. It was so loud and full of action my wife went next door and said she could still hear it!
  2. did one years ago against a pal. my knock down targets would not fall! Another joker was holding the rope! everyone had a great laugh
  3. that is a fine looking 97. you have just taken it out of the box! Irish ☘️ Pat
  4. What does everyone plan to do? I just saw that the Supreme Court ruled that Trump’s ban on bump stocks was unconstitutional. Now the ATF wants to punish gun owners and veterans with disabilities.
  5. probably 1943 was a different world from what we are used to. my friend would .410 shells dig out the fine shot put toilet paper in the hull and shoot at me
  6. I received a nice book on the B-29s in WWII. Has plenty of color pictures of nose art. One of my friends dads was a flight engineer on one in the Pacific. we were looking at the pictures and he told me his dad told him when they were training off California if they spotted whales the gunners would open up and practice shooting them. Times have changed
  7. this happened years ago. We had an older shooter trying to keep up with his young son who was very quick. The daddy was unsafe at our range and we heard he did the same type of behavior at another club in our area. They no longer shoot thank goodness.
  8. my buddy found this skull while hunting in Mississippi. We think it must be some Russian boar that were let loose years ago and are still breeding. that is bigger than thing i have seen!
  9. we had a shooter accidentally fire his pistol at the loading table as he was spinning the cylinder checking for high primers,( MDQ). I was at the end of the table at it was right in front of my belly! Another time he tried to shuck his double and sling the empty shell over his shoulder as some guys can do. Well he lost control of the shotgun and hit timer operator with the barrels. I was told he started shooting another club and has had more safety issues. Have. we ever thought about any kind of listing for people that just aren’t safe? Irish ☘️ Pat
  10. at a shoot the loading table was overcrowded. shooters were sliding guns to make for more. A loaded revolver fell off the table. The owner got a MDQ. some one else was sliding a rifle and caused the problem. Just always be careful
  11. if something happens and he doesn’t get it I will take it. Irish ☘️ Pat
  12. always as i have guns in my cars
  13. I just got a replacement heart valve from a Bovine. I could have never dreamed that would be common place
  14. it really comes down to do you like blondes or. brunettes.
  15. Merry Christmas, she is a nice Colt. What are those grips made out of ? Irish ☘️ Pat
  16. My old Colt 1917 is missing the ring off the bottom of the grips. That hole has always bothered me. Anyone got a spare? Irish ☘️ Pat
  17. people tattoo sayings on their body and then get mad when you try to read them
  18. that sight that Cowtown is using is the same that use on my 1866 SRC carbine. It is a muzzle loader rear sight sold by Track of the Wolf. Irish ☘️ Pat
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